Wednesday, May 31, 2017

Kathy Griffin Apology Was Predetermined

 Liberals Gone Wild 

The not-so-funny 'comedian' choreographed a vomitous display of pure liberalism when she hoisted a bloodied decapitated head of Donald Trump. What is more despicable is the fact that her insincere apology was pre-recorded and at-the-ready for release. 

This is proof that the reaction to her gimmick was known ahead of time, which leaves her apology absolutely a sham. The failed joke-teller simply wanted to launch herself into the headlines all for the sake of cashing in. 

The tottering far-left liberals publicly disapproved of her stunt, but they were surreptitiously ecstaticThe Democrat Party has been reduced to hate-filled rhetoric and applauded violence. The alleged 'party of acceptance' only accept like minded thinking. 

 Democrat Fascism  

The loony liberals accused Donald Trump of being fascist throughout his presidential campaign and still proclaim this fallacy. They are using fascism to fight fake fascism. Freedom of speech is under fire by the liberals and they are okay with this – if there is an (R) after the victim's name.  

Conservatives are shut down at colleges with the use of violence and disruption. These same paid protesters show up at town hall meetings to heckle and shout down Republicans, but only at conservative town halls. The mainstream media makes certain that they show the violence over and over to make citizens think that it is all due to President Trump. 

The fascist media has been chanting "Russia, Russia, Russia" since November 9, 2016. The alleged reporters repeat it without a shred of evidentiary facts. Facts are no longing necessary because journalism is dead. They are TV news actors and nothing more.

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