Monday, May 22, 2017

Kim Dotcom To Debunk Russian Hacking Chicanery

The Russian Hacking Theory 

World-renowned hacker Kim Dotcom claimed that he will end the fraudulent 'Russian Collusion' consensus that the left and the media have been serving up since November 8, 2016. The left had to find a reason for Hillary's colossal loss, insofar as it could not possibly be Hillary's fault. 

To the fabulist left, Hillary's loss could not be that she ran the worst campaign in recent history. No way was it because she did not campaign in her "blue wall" states. She didn't give many interviews, nor did she hold press conferences. 

Everyone thought that she had the election in-the-bag and she simply had to get her name on the ballot to win. They thought Trump was a joke and no sane person would vote for him. In fact, they wanted Trump to run against her because that would mean a landslide win for Hillary – exactly wrong. 

Seth Rich Hacked DNC 

Former DNC staffer, Seth Rich, was murdered at approximately 4:00 AM just days after the DNC hacking was released via WikiLeaks. Julian Assange has stated publicly that Russia did not provide him with the infamous DNC emails. 

In fact, he has said numerous times that is was not a state (country) that he received them from Mind you, Julian Assange has never been proven wrong in the 11-year existence of WikiLeaks. He all but proclaimed that Rich's murder was because he was outed as the hacker. 

Seth's untimely death was declared a botched robbery. However, the robber(s) forgot to rob him. He had a wallet and a cell phone on his person. You would have to be a really bad robber if you remember the killing part and forget the robbing part. 

Russian Hacking Debunked Tomorrow 

Private investigator Rod Wheeler proclaimed on Fox5 in D.C. that there is proof on Seth's computer that he was the culprit who released the emails. Whosoever has the computer – either the FBI or D.C. police – will not release it. 

Tomorrow, 5/23/2017, Kim stated that he will provide the proof of Seth's handiwork. This notion has set the Democrats and the media in full panic mode. This information will set their narrative of Russian hacking in a grave – along with the credibility of either.  

They will be served up on a platter as the sniveling liars that they truly are. It will cost them seats in the 2018 mid-terms and in the 2020 presidential election. This may cast the Democrats as the party of insignificance for decades to come. This would be their just desserts.

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