Monday, June 5, 2017

Europe's Green Energy Policy Kills 40,000

Unaffordable Energy Crisis 

Renewable energy tariffs have propelled fuel and electricity costs exponentially higher in Europe each passing year. The result was that an estimated 40,000 Europeans perished in 2014 because they could not afford energy for heat or hot water. In the last eight years, energy costs have risen an astounding 42 percent and green energy is culpable. 

It is estimated that 10 percent of Europeans are living in 'energy poverty' and these are the folks who are freezing to death. Electricity and heat have become luxuries for the poor. The media and the politicians turn their self-righteous heads all in the name of fake Climate Change and green energy.

The true number of deaths will undoubtedly be closer to 500,000 each year. Why? Take Germany; after the Fukushima nuclear disaster, Germany shut down all their nuclear power plants and went back to coal. Coal demands higher tariffs which render energy unaffordable for the impoverished.

China is in the midst of building more than 1,100 coal burning power plants. Russia has set its sights on building the largest coal plant on Earth. Both countries have signed the fake Paris Creed Agreement because they do not have to abide by it. 

Zero Dollars From These Three Countries

Green Energy: The Money  

The German government portrays a flourishing economy to the rest of the earthlings. However, it is crumbling right before their eyes. Due to the Green energy regulations and higher costs, corporations are falling deeper into debt and small companies are folding tent. 

The Paris Climate Accord was set to cost America $3 trillion and an estimated 6.5 million jobs would have been lost. That is a not only a bad deal it was a U.S. paid slush fund for the United Nations while other countries make up their own rules and pay nothing. 

This deal was a fallacy said to save us all from bursting into flames. Their goal is to, maybe, possibly, shave 0.2 degrees off the average global temperature by the year 2100. No one reading this will live to see that day so they can claim it without facing facts to the contrary. Imagine, they think humans can control the weather when they can't predict it four days from now.

Trump's Exit Rattles White House, Family 

President Trump did what he promised to do once again. He campaigned on saving money, jobs, and our sovereignty and he delivered. His staff and family were torn over this, but as usual, he did it his way. Trump 1, green energy 0.

Secretary of State Rex Tillerson, Secretary of Energy Rick Perry, son-in-law Jared Kushner, and daughter Ivanka Trump wanted The Donald to stay in the Paris Climate Agreement. EPA Director Scott Pruitt and chief strategist Steve Bannon want to pull out. 

The left went nuts when the U.S. exited the fake non-binding, voluntary agreement that was never processed through Congress, as all treaties are supposed to. Trump left the ball in the world's hands when he said he would negotiate a new deal.  

France and Germany have already said that they will not negotiate. To this duo of do-gooders – good riddance.  

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