Thursday, October 5, 2017

Jimmy Kimmel Crocodile Tears

Hypocrisy At Its Best 

Jimmy Kimmel cries for gun control while he rests under the blanket of a security team. His team members are packing Glock pistols and he has proliferated his armed security since he began his rampage of rants - on his comedy show. Ironic, but in no way comedic.  

Who is allocating this outlandish misinformation, and why? Chuck Schumer spoon-feeds Kimmel his esoteric talking points and he gleefully spews them to his susceptible liberal audience. They gobble it up and feel quixotic about his noble quest.  

It's all about the 2018 and 2020 elections. The Democrats have been losing seats at the federal, gubernatorial, and local levels since Schumer and Pelosi took over the helm. They have lost these seats precipitously each year to the tune of over one thousand lost. 

Chuck is using the late show talking heads to indoctrinate the viewers minds with hatred and resentment toward Republicans - especially for President Donald Trump. These clowns speaking to politics is as legitimate as Michael Moore praising Weight Watchers for his physique. 

Fake Sincerity 

"The secret of success is sincerity. Once you can fake that you've got it made." - Jean Giraudoux. 

Crocodile tears flow down Kimmel's face while he conterminously pleads gun control righteousness on his soap box. Elmer Fudd would be more believable than this ersatz character. Robotic and predictable are his moral pleas for humanity.  

Kimmel stands on a holier ground than the rest of the citizenry - according to him. He knows what is best for the country. However, he shares no new propositions; but something, anything, must come to fruition. Vacuous thought, insipid ideas, and fatuous enlightenment are all he brings to the table. 

Liberal progressives like Kimmel want to eradicate all guns from the USA while he is contemporaneously protected by them. They dare not say it, but that is their inglorious goal. They can never share this sentiment insofar as they would be shunned. Instead, like an ice sculptor, they must chip away a little at a time. But they remain steadfast as they encroach their ultimate dream.  

Impoverished Urban Prisoners 

Meanwhile, they pay no mind to the horrific carnage in our inner cities. Chicago is often a go-to city for example and the media refuses to divulge the death swamp it has been for decades. Chicagoan politicians boast of their gun control policies. 2.08 murders per day, every day. Most of which are young African Americans, yet the poets in media write nothing at all.  

Since 2001, more people have been slain in the windy city than in Afghanistan.

Philadelphia, Ferguson, Detroit, Los Angeles, St Louis, and Cleveland are among the states with the highest murder rates in the country. All these cities have several things in common. They are all overwhelmingly inhabited by African Americans. Unemployment is outlandishly high and usually well over 20 percent.  

Why don’t the late-night heroes talk about these tragic deaths? They can't. If they did, they would expose a fact that these liberal gurus do not want you to know. They choose politics over saving lives. There will be no tears shed for these young murder victims.  

Most of these city dwellers live in squalor their entire life. They are corralled into small areas and there is no way out. A Planned Parenthood is always plopped in the epicenter of the slums. One last thing that is all too common; they are all run by liberal politicians and have been for a one-half century. They are all victims of Democrat leadership – or lack thereof.  

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Tuesday, September 19, 2017

Iqbal Masih: The Hero, The Legend, And The Truth

 In The Beginning  

A family living in squalor struggled to put food on the table. The dad suffered from anguish over his failure to provide. As a result - like most cowards - he fled the family to seek a new life. Deep in debt, mom was forced to send her son, Iqbal Masih, to work in order to pay off her financial obligations. 

It was around 1987 when the young man began his new role in life. This may sound as if it was a quixotic venture, but the young man was just four years old at the time. In his new job, he worked 14-hour days, six days a week. 

Often beaten and abused, young Iqbal remained irrepressible. His bosses would fine and punish him for moving slowly or for imperfect performances. After years had passed, it became clear to him that the debt would never be paid in full and that he was there for life. 

A Short-Lived Taste Of Freedom 

At the age of 10, Iqmal escaped the labor camp and went to the local police for help. Although labor camps were outlawed years prior, corruption kept the practice in place. Unfortunately for the boy, the police officer was more interested in collecting the reward for the return of the wayward boy than he was for his safety. 

The young lad's body endured malnutrition and he was mercilessly tortured for the attempted escape. After suffering through another two years of slavery, the 12-year-old escaped again. This time he was successful. 

Soon thereafter, Iqmal attended a Freedom Day celebration and during a speech he learned that forced labor was a crime and all family debts were canceled years ago. He now knew his destiny. He would become a key player in exposing child labor to all of his countrymen and the world. 

Coming Home 

Against solemn advice, the altruistic young boy returned to his home country after delivering many speeches across the globe – including in the United States. He knew the potential danger of returning, but the vigilant 12-year-old boy had no fear. 

Iqmal Masih was shot and killed in the street by a government hired gun soon after his return. His name and message became even louder as a martyr. He did not live to see the age of 13, but he probably saved millions of lives and accomplished more than most men do in a lifetime. 

Iqbal Masih was Born in Muridke, Pakistan in 1983, assassinated April 16, 1995 

“Children should have pens in their hands not tools” - Iqbal Masih. 

“I would like to do what Abraham Lincoln did… I would like to do it in Pakistan” - Iqbal Masih. 

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