Monday, July 17, 2017

The Media Cannot Hurt Trump

Media Snowflakes Don't Get It 

As all valiant Trump supporters know, the mainstream media has just one inglorious goal – annihilate Trump at all cost. The Democrats follow their narrative like drunken sheep and they have become frustrated insofar as they can't lay a glove on him.  

His faithful base cannot be swayed to alienate him no matter what lie they come up with. It has been nine inane months of Russia, collusion, personal attacks, and impeachment. The problem is the fact that there has been zero evidence of anything Russia. Nothing. 

Yet, the Clown News Network repeats it over and over again. Trump punches back and they have lost millions of viewers and they do not care. Casper the Friendly Ghost on Nickelodeon is getting higher ratings than hate-filled CNN. They have earned the award of shameful news reporting 

Trump Punches Harder 

Donald J. Trump is the only Republican that not only defends himself, but he punches back twice as hard. The media has never experience this before because the coward Republicans are afraid of the backlash. So, they just sit there and take it. 

Rush Limbaugh: "There's no other Republican White House that would ever deal with this like this... This is earth-shattering, it's precedent-setting." 

Trump has to fight the Democrats, the media, and many Republicans. They need him to fail so no other outsider will run for president. They have failed and Trump is winning. While they cry outrage over his last Tweet, he is getting his job done. 

Trump punches back and throws the media a hunk of red meat, they attack and devour, and he goes to work on his agenda. So far, they have not figured this out and Trump is laughing out loud at them. He continues to outsmart them and the meltdowns continue. 

Grab your popcorn, it won't be long before he does it again.

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Wednesday, July 5, 2017

Is Trump The End Of CNN

He Sets Them Up, He Knocks Them Down 

The mainstream media, especially CNN – or FNN – has been plumb dog crazy since they learned the earth-shattering news that queen Hillary had lost the election. On November 9, 2016, Chuck Schumer and his gang of bandits began pushing the false narrative that Russia won it for Trump. 

Donald Trump is antagonizing the political talking heads into blowing up and making appear as  total fools. He sends out a tweet with full intentions of irritating them and they fall for it every time. They have their hissy fits and call him horrible names. This is the liberal way. 

Trump knows it's coming and probably laughs out loud when he gets the reaction he planned on. They are so full of rage and hatred that they cannot see the pattern. You may be witnessing the end of CNN and you can credit President Trump for it. 

CNN Ratings Plummet 

 Every day they recited the Russia talking point until it was debunked recently. Then, they moved on to obstruction. Now, the dimwits at CNN and MSNBC pound Trump with anything they can dream up and spew it out to their pathetic audience.  

CNN has reduced themselves to a garbage source of news. They are not reporters, they are not journalists, they are news actors who cannot speak the truth. Their mission is life is one thing and one thing only – destroy Trump at all costs. This is why the end of CNN is inevitable 

Rush Limbaugh explains the Trump/media scenario here: "Have you ever had a cat, pet cat, and got one of these red laser pointers. You point it at the floor, and the cat tries to catch it. You point it up against the sofa, cat runs into the sofa. You point it against the wall, cat runs into the wall." 

5:00 PM to 10:00 PM averages 

Fox14-plus million 

CNN: 2.5-plus million 
MSNBC: 9-plus million

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Monday, June 26, 2017

$15 Minimum Wage Kills Jobs

Seattle Income Falls 

As conservative pundits and economics 101 dictated, the minimum wage hike killed jobs and income for poor folks. The average minimum wage earner in Seattle dropped by $124 per month in 2016. The quixotic liberals failed to understand that labor cost percentages for businesses cannot and do not rise. The only way to survive is to eliminate employees and/or replace them with machines. 

McDonald's did both. Over 2,500 of their restaurants now greet customers with a touch screen ordering device. Customers can also order via an app. Machines do not need healthcare, they never call in sick, and they do not receive a paycheck. Since 2015, the number of minimum wage earners in Seattle has dropped by 10 percent. 

The political elites were warned of these repercussions but they chose to ignore the pleas. They crossed their fingers and attempted to wish them away. They expected these hated companies to take the loss and get over it. That is not how businesses operate.  

Their biggest claim was that they were going to end poverty. In the end, they have worsened it. People have to decide if they are going to pay the light bill or eat that night. Children get less nutrition than before and unemployment has risen. Nice job, Seattle. 

Minimum Wage Is For Entry Level Employees 

If you work at McDonald's and you are raising a family, you are doing it exactly wrong. Minimum wage is for kids in school or extra income for senior citizens. These low-paying jobs are supposed to motivate younger folks to get a better job. The managers do earn a decent living, but all the others do not and will not. 

Of course, this will only worsen when the minimum wage rises from $13  to $15 per hour next year. 10-percent of minimum wage jobs have already been eliminated. One would think that the political leaders would take notice – but they did not. 

Machinations of raising the minimum wage to $25 are already in the works. This idea has hurt the poor and minorities the most – the group they love so much. Restaurants and small business all over Seattle have shut down and left town. This means less money and less work for their most beloved voters. 

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