Sunday, December 17, 2017

Is Net Neutrality Good Or Bad

Net Neutrality: Another Government Grab

The media has cast upon the American citizenry much ado about net neutrality. They have bloviated an equal amount of facts and fiction on the topic. This article will present a simple explanation as to why the U.S. government wanted this so badly.

If you were content with your internet in 2010, 2012, or 2014, you have nothing to worry about. Net neutrality is all about government regulations and oversight. The Feds are only good at three things; creating, collecting, and wasting taxpayer dollars.

You can explain away why the FCC regulates radio and television. AM radio was allotted certain frequencies so they don't cut into airline communications, for example. FM is a much higher frequency and is restricted to their frequencies. Otherwise, CB radios would interfere with police, fire, and abulatory communications.

The internet was never regulated until 2015 and much of the entirety of regulatory machinations had not been implemented to this day. What the Obama Administration wanted was complete control of all that is internet. And eventually hand over that control to the U.N. The U.N. does nothing for free, so the cost would cost taxpayers a pretty penny.

Unregulated Internet Advanced Without Them

Al Gore’s wonderful invention of the internet exploded in as far as technology and speed without government. How could this be? The free market is not supposed to operate more efficiently or faster than the government -- according to the government.

Look at cellular phones. Cellular technology was created in 1940. It was immediately suppressed by government and delayed cell phone advancement for 50 years. FM radio was stifulled for 30 years before the government would allow it to exist.

Net neutrality would have enabled the president --  whosoever is president at the time -- to cut deals with corporations with expectations that the corporation would return the favor. Neutrality supporters believe that the government is the benevolent savior and makes certain that everyone is treated fairly. This is Alice In Wonderland ideates.

Neutrality Is An Attack On The First Amendment

In 2010, the U.S. Court of Appeals for the District of Columbia ruled that the Federal Communications Commision does not have the power to regulate an internet provider’s network. Yet, that did not stop them from doing so in 2015.

This is a classic case of one hand of government not knowing -- or is it not caring in this case -- what another hand of government is doing. Comcast sued the FCC once the tried to control what Comcast could and could not put on their network sites.

The court ruled that the FCC did not have “express statutory authority” from the U.S. Congress to regulate the internet. Because of these court rulings, net neutrality is illegal, an attack on free speech, and government overreach.

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Thursday, October 5, 2017

Jimmy Kimmel Crocodile Tears

Hypocrisy At Its Best 

Jimmy Kimmel cries for gun control while he rests under the blanket of a security team. His team members are packing Glock pistols and he has proliferated his armed security since he began his rampage of rants - on his comedy show. Ironic, but in no way comedic.  

Who is allocating this outlandish misinformation, and why? Chuck Schumer spoon-feeds Kimmel his esoteric talking points and he gleefully spews them to his susceptible liberal audience. They gobble it up and feel quixotic about his noble quest.  

It's all about the 2018 and 2020 elections. The Democrats have been losing seats at the federal, gubernatorial, and local levels since Schumer and Pelosi took over the helm. They have lost these seats precipitously each year to the tune of over one thousand lost. 

Chuck is using the late show talking heads to indoctrinate the viewers minds with hatred and resentment toward Republicans - especially for President Donald Trump. These clowns speaking to politics is as legitimate as Michael Moore praising Weight Watchers for his physique. 

Fake Sincerity 

"The secret of success is sincerity. Once you can fake that you've got it made." - Jean Giraudoux. 

Crocodile tears flow down Kimmel's face while he conterminously pleads gun control righteousness on his soap box. Elmer Fudd would be more believable than this ersatz character. Robotic and predictable are his moral pleas for humanity.  

Kimmel stands on a holier ground than the rest of the citizenry - according to him. He knows what is best for the country. However, he shares no new propositions; but something, anything, must come to fruition. Vacuous thought, insipid ideas, and fatuous enlightenment are all he brings to the table. 

Liberal progressives like Kimmel want to eradicate all guns from the USA while he is contemporaneously protected by them. They dare not say it, but that is their inglorious goal. They can never share this sentiment insofar as they would be shunned. Instead, like an ice sculptor, they must chip away a little at a time. But they remain steadfast as they encroach their ultimate dream.  

Impoverished Urban Prisoners 

Meanwhile, they pay no mind to the horrific carnage in our inner cities. Chicago is often a go-to city for example and the media refuses to divulge the death swamp it has been for decades. Chicagoan politicians boast of their gun control policies. 2.08 murders per day, every day. Most of which are young African Americans, yet the poets in media write nothing at all.  

Since 2001, more people have been slain in the windy city than in Afghanistan.

Philadelphia, Ferguson, Detroit, Los Angeles, St Louis, and Cleveland are among the states with the highest murder rates in the country. All these cities have several things in common. They are all overwhelmingly inhabited by African Americans. Unemployment is outlandishly high and usually well over 20 percent.  

Why don’t the late-night heroes talk about these tragic deaths? They can't. If they did, they would expose a fact that these liberal gurus do not want you to know. They choose politics over saving lives. There will be no tears shed for these young murder victims.  

Most of these city dwellers live in squalor their entire life. They are corralled into small areas and there is no way out. A Planned Parenthood is always plopped in the epicenter of the slums. One last thing that is all too common; they are all run by liberal politicians and have been for a one-half century. They are all victims of Democrat leadership – or lack thereof.  

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Thursday, August 17, 2017

Are Democrats Fascists

Using Fascism To Protest Fascism  

Liberalism has no cure. The left-wing loons claim that Donald Trump and all supporters from the right are fascists. So, are Democrats fascist? Emphatically, yes.The fact is, the left has used fascism for over 150 years while blaming conservatives as culpable of it. 

From the 1860’s to the 1960’s they fought vigorously to stop civil rights. RE: African American and women's voting rights, etc. A Republican has never owned a slave. It was the Democrats that fought the Civil War to continue to enslave African Americans. They formed the KKK to continue the fight against blacks. 

The Democrat Party has become – as Rush Limbaugh had said – the largest hate group in America. The media not only promote daily attacks on Republicans, but the lie and simply make stories up. Their hatred for Trump oozes out of the mouths at every opportunity.  

The liberal Democrats killed Americans that wanted to end slavery. They will never debate, they simply try to shut down any and all opposition. They did it back then and they still practice this methodology today. 

In the 1960’s, they realized that they could not win the battle against the African Americans. Soon thereafter, they decided to coral them in the inner cities and plop a Planned Parenthood right in the middle of it to control their population. 

Democrat Fascism Today 

Under the Barack Obama Administration, the fascism spread like wildfire. From the violent Wall Street protesters to the hate group Black Lives Matter, destruction and violence was prevalent. Even when a BLM supporter killed five police officers, President Obama not only didn’t say a word, he invited them into the Oval Office.  

All the left supported BLM no matter how many lives – mostly police officers - were lost because of them. Both Hillary and Bernie backed them vigilantly. Now we see George Soros funding staged riots that always end in violence and destruction. 

When a conservative wants to speak at a college, these paid professional protesters are there to quell their freedom of speech. They infiltrated Trump rallies to cause havoc and the media blamed Trump for it. They are filled with hate and hate for America.  

Antifa Is A Hate Group 

Antifa is another fascist hate group that destroys anything or anyone in their path. These pro’s set fire to buildings and cars, attack Trump supporters, and shut down all who oppose them. On Trump’s Inauguration Day, they set trash cans on fire, destroyed buildings, and set cars ablaze. 

What did they accomplish? Nothing but wasting taxpayer dollars to rebuild, which means less available funds to help poor black folks. These same animals stormed the University Of California—Berkley, to stop Milo Yiannopoulous from speaking. 

As long as Antifa, BLM, and the Democrats continue their tactics, they will continue to lose. On Nancy Pelosi’s watch, the Democrats have lost over 1,000 seats nationwide in federal and local elections. The people are sick to death of the leftist movement and the country has spoken. 

The Media Is Fake News 

President Donald J. Trump is fighting our fight. He took a $250 million per year pay cut to save this country from becoming a socialist country. He doesn’t even accept his salary a president; he donates it to charity. 

Every day the media looks at a camera and lies. They twist his every word into something hideous and hateful. Their goal over the next the and one-half years is to sour the bellies of as many Trump supporters as possible. 

So far, Trump voters have not budged. The crooked polls will tell you different, but they all had Hillary winning and winning big. Trump will continue to fight and slam the media for us and our beautiful country. MAGA!

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