Monday, May 30, 2016

Why Do Democrats Want Illegal Immigration

Illegal Immigrants Crossing The Mexican Border

Are Illegal Immigrants Voting

The Democrats want illegal immigration to continue. They have courted illegal immigrants with open arms for decades. Why would they encourage illegal activities so brazenly obvious? The answer is quite simple; they need to replenish their supply of Democrat voters at every opportunity.

They believe in open borders to allow a fresh stream of political supporters to enter the nation. The unrest in El Salvador, Honduras, and Guatemala has not escalated one iota, but the left say that America must let them in because of the violence in their country.

They search worldwide for desperate souls and tell the world that they want to save them from turmoil. They vociferously tell their countrymen and women that they are the quixotic party sent from God to help the less fortunate. That, bringing them to America is the right thing to do.

But, illegal immigrants cannot vote, right? No, that is not the case. Although the laws clearly indicate that they cannot vote, and that they should not be here, they do vote. In the 2012 presidential election, for instance, 13 percent of the electoral voters were of illegal immigrant status.

13 percent were the illegal voters that were found. The undiscovered illegal voters cannot be determined insofar as the federal government does not pursue a body count. If the aforementioned 13 percent had voted for Mitt Romney, he would be the president today.

The prodigious majority of illegal, and legal immigrants vote for Democrats. To attract these soon-to-be voters, government assistance is made readily accessible to both legal and illegals. This is the grandest Ponzi scheme of them all.

71.6 percent of legal immigrant households with children collect government assistance. A staggering 86.8 percent of illegal immigrant households with children collect government benefits. 31 percent of legal immigrants without children collect benefits, whereas 22.6 percent of illegals without children collect benefits.

95 Million Unemployed Americans

Immigration And Jobs

Democrats want immigration, but it is supposed to enhance the nation, but contrarily, immigrants with little education and low skills are flocking into the U.S. unfettered. Most immigrants aren't coming to America for work – there aren't many jobs to be had. They know that the bag of free stuff will be provided to them.

95 million Americans are not working today. When any immigrant wants to work and lands a job, an American remains on the list of unemployed or under-employed. The Obama Administration has made it extremely challenging for his citizenry to find a job.

Case in point; incoming immigrants are much more attractive to employers because of a little-known part of Obamacare. Businesses do not have to pay the $3,000 per employee fine for not providing them with health care insurance.

Just imagine; a company that has 10 immigrant employees would save $30,000 per year under this loophole. This acts as an incentive for companies to seek out immigrants and not hire Americans.

ISIS Wants To Slaughter Americans

Syrians Coming To America

Democrats want illegal immigration at any cost. President Obama unconstitutionally bypassed Congress once again and decided to import tens of thousands of Syrians. There is no way to know who they are or where they originally came from. It is estimated that one in ten will be ISIS terrorists or supporters of terrorism.

All refugees are immediately eligible for all federal benefits. This includes health care, monthly cash, food stamps, housing, and many more handouts. The U.S. is paying for the trip from 120-degree Syria and sending them to places like Minnesota.

America's 44th President does not care if American citizens are hurt or killed. He does not care that immigrants are placed at the front of the line for benefits. He does not care that they are treated exponentially better than our own Veterans. He does not care about adding this cost to the $19 trillion debt.

This is how the Democrats keep an endless supply of voters – and they will vote for Democrats to keep the money train coming.

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Friday, May 27, 2016

Elizabeth Warren Attack On Donald Trump

Senator Elizabeth Warren (MA_D)

Rage Rant

Can you imagine a person so aberrant and heartless that they would capitalize on poor American families? That, this person would wring their hands together while they are purchasing houses that had fallen subject to foreclosure. To buy houses that were formerly filled with hard working Americans. To buy these homes at dirt-cheap prices and flip them for a profit. Well, meet Senator Elizabeth Warren (MA-D).

A few weeks ago, Senator Elizabeth Warren (MA-D) took it upon herself, or Hillary Clinton asked her, to take off the gloves and attack Donald Trump.

She went after him by saying, “The rest of us were horrified by what happened during the 2008 financial crisis, by what happened to millions of families... but Donald Trump was drooling over the idea of a housing meltdown because it meant he could buy up more property on the cheap.”

Flipping Fiasco

The problem with Elizabeth Warren's attack on Donald Trump is that she did this verbatim many times over the last three decades. In 1993, Warren obtained a foreclosed property for $61,000. She remodeled the home and sold it 18-months later for a fortuitous $95,000. She repeated this paradigm over and over again.

Again in 1993, she purchased a home for $30,000 from a little old lady named Mary Francis Hickman. He granddaughter felt that the home was worth exorbitantly more and she was perplexed by the sale.

She said, “So, I don't know why... Maybe she just wanted out from underneath it. But to sell it for such a low number – I don't know. Maybe she got bad advice, maybe she was just tired.”

The new owner of the home was none other than flippin' Elizabeth Warren. She quixotically claims that she looks out for the little guy and staunchly protects them from being swindled by big banks. She flipped this house and sold it for $145,000. The stench of hypocrisy resonates throughout 
Warren's attack on Trump.

More Hypocrisy From Elizabeth Warren

Sometimes, she did not have time for flipping so she loaned money to her brother and he would flip the foreclosed home. In 2000, she did this and charged him 9.5% on the loan. Three months later, he sold the home and made approximately a 10-percent profit – after Warrens cut, of course.

In most of her home-flipping endeavors, loans were provided to her brother for flipping purposes. So, she was actually emulating the role of a bank. Yes, she touts how evil and disgusting banks are but she profited while emulating a bank. Yet, Warren's attack on Trump flipping properties continues.

There is nothing wrong with buying low and selling high, that is what business is all about. However, when you criticize the most successful real estate mogul in the country for doing this, you had better have clean hands in doing so – she does not.

The Elizabeth Warren attack on Donald Trump has taken to Twitter. The MA Senator attacks The Donald for doing exactly what she and her brother have done repeatedly. This is the epitome of hypocrisy. There cannot be a better example of the word in the English language.

Warren's Bid For VP

Warren's career was built on a lie. She claimed that she was a “minority” on her Harvard University application. Her being a woman – allegedly – and an Indian, she was a double-whammy for the politically correct entity. She has never proven that she is Native American, nor will she take a blood test to disprove the allegations.

It is blatantly obvious that the Elizabeth Warren attack on Donald Trump is an audition for Hillary Clinton's running mate. She is trying to show how tough she is and how she can go toe-to-toe with Donald Trump. But alas, she and her Democrat comrades cannot see that American voters loathe the establishment politicians.

This Democrat duo would continue the Obama destruction and seal up the Supreme Court as Liberal for decades to come. A worse scenario cannot be conjured. Except, the rumored Joe Biden/Elizabeth Warren ticket if Hillary is indicted. 

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Sunday, May 22, 2016

Bill Clinton's War On Women

President Bill Clinton

Bill Clinton's Presidency

Anyone who was an adult during Bill Clinton's tenure as President in the 1990's knows all about his shenanigans with women. He has the morals of an alley cat in heat. An ally cat on Viagra, and it lasted more than four hours - more like four decades. Hillary knew this all along, and she knew long before he was the governor of Arkansas.

The vast majority of Millennials do not know about Bubba's promiscuous tendencies. Let's face it, he had an addiction to sex and any woman in his sight was in imminent danger. Everyone around him, especially his wife, kept his harem under wraps. The Clinton's war on women knows no borders.

They were bought or threatened to keep quiet or they would suffer severe consequences. When the news broke about Monica Lewinsky, a slew of women spoke up with similar stories. Mrs. Clinton played the victim – woe is me – but she was part of the abuse.

When young Monica graduated from Lewis & Clark College in 1995, she was hired as an intern for The White House. Soon thereafter, Bubba did what Bubba does – pounce on his prey. She confided to her friend and coworker, Linda Trip, with her relationship with Bill. Linda would later be a witness when Bill was in the impeachment process.

Bill Clinton Impeached

The Impeachment

Bill Clinton was impeached, you ask. Yes, and the youngsters have no idea how close he was to resigning. Monica was gagged by the Clinton machine, but former friend Linda Trip had secretly recorded Monica's conversations with her and she turned them in as evidence.

This was just one of countless excursions that will be discussed here. In 1992, Bill Clinton's war on women included actress/model Gennifer Flowers. She admitted that she and Bill had an affair that began a decade prior. President Clinton denied the allegation, but when he was placed under oath, he confessed to his illicit liaison.

Paula Jones surfaced as another victim of Bill Clinton's insatiable drive to conquer women. She too was put through the ringer by the Clinton's war on women and by the biased left-wing mainstream media. She sued Bill and the case was dismissed. However, on an appeal, the case would be tried.

In order to avoid going under oath and admitting his scurrilous behavior again, he paid Paula $850.000 to drop the case. At the same time, Kathleen Whiley accused Bill of sexual misconduct. She accused Clinton of groping her in a hallway in 1993.

But, Clinton's war on women doesn't stop here. Former Clinton supporter, Juanita Broaddrick, appeared on Dateline NBC in 1999. She accused the president of raping her in a hotel room in the 1970's. She said that he met her in the hotel lobby, but asked to go up to her room to avoid the press. As soon as the door was locked, Bill allegedly attacked her and injured her lip during the Neanderthal-like rape.

Danny With  Mom

Countless Victims

In 1998, the media reported that former Miss Arkansas and Miss America Elizabeth Ward Gracen was raped by Bill Clinton. She responded by telling the media that she and Bill had an affair in 1982. She later apologized to Hillary publicly.

Dolly Kyle Browning had an affair with Bubba and wrote a semi-autobiography novel which told the tale. She was threatened by the Clinton's and they did everything they could to stop the publication – they failed. Dolly stated that Bill said “we will destroy you” if she spoke with the media.

Sally Perdue was a former Miss Arkansas who claimed to have a four-month affair with Bill in 1983. She said that she had been told not to speak about the affair. And, according to Sally, a Clinton employee threatened her. She said, “they knew that I went jogging by myself and he couldn't guaranty what would happen to my pretty little legs.”

Self-described rock-and-roll groupie, Connie Hamzy, said that back in 1984, a police officer approached her with a proposition on behalf of big Bill Clinton. This allegedly occurred while she was sunbathing at a hotel pool in Little Rock, Arkansas.

Ex-prostitute, Bobbie Ann Williams, stated that Bill Clinton fathered her child while he was governor of Arkansas. Bobbie and several of her family members have passed lie detector tests repeatedly. It is obvious that Danny, the illegitimate son, was fathered by a white man. Also, there is a curious likeness of the two men.

The next victim in Bill Clinton's war on women is another former Miss Arkansas. Lecola Sullivan was a news anchor in Arkansas who claims to have had a torrid affair with Bill. A Clinton aide during his governorship, Susie Whitacre, also claimed to have had a “sexual relationship” with Bill.

On more than ten occasions, Bill Clinton's name appeared on Jeffery Epstein's flight manifest for his private jet. The Boeing 747 took the president to “Orgy Island” where young teens were held as sex slaves. Epstein was convicted for soliciting underage teenage prostitutes.

There are dozens of more young ladies that were used and abused by President Clinton's war on women. How can Hillary Clinton run her campaign based on women's rights and her war on women slogan? Her husband is a sexual predator who makes Bill Cosby appear to be a light-weight.

HillaryDiane Rodham Clinton

Hillary's War On Women

Hillary's female staffers for her foundation make 38% less money for the same work a man does. Is this not a war on women? Yet, she has based her campaign on fighting against the false narrative of the unfair treatment of women.

She proudly proclaims that she has been fighting for women her entire life and she will continue to fight. If this is true, wouldn't that mean that she has failed her life mission and will continue to fail? Why else would she have to continue her fight?

She should first look at her husband. Bill Clinton's war on women has left hundreds, if not thousands, of female victims in his wake. He used them to satisfy his perverse wants and needs and disposed of them when he was done.


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Wednesday, May 18, 2016

Iran Nuclear Deal Facts Revealed

SOS John Kerry

Was The Iran Nuclear Deal In Writing?

Just as monetary sanctions had all but paralyzed Iran’s financial support of terrorism, John Kerry wrapped up his 2-year meandering quest for an Iran nuclear deal in October of 2015. However, the Iranian regime had signed no deal, but that did not stop the Obama Administration's celebratory syllogism.

Iran was depleted of natural uranium and $150 billion of their money was frozen. They had little money to support their terrorist affiliates, which saved lives. The Obama Administration was hell-bent on making this deal, any deal, at any cost.

Recently, President Obama's Deputy National Security Adviser, Ben Rhodes, scoffed at the media insofar as how easily they were fooled on the Iran nuclear deal. The New York Times took umbrage to his ridicule and fired back with a scathing article. Rhodes, 38, was an aspiring novelist before he landed the job as guru foreign policy adviser.

In the Ben Rhodes profile, his role in the Iran nuclear deal was revealed. But the controversy was his admitting that he created an “echo chamber” to promote fallacies of the deal. He went on to say that the Obama Administration hand-picked experts to talk up the deal and feed it to media outlets and social media.

Rhodes was quoted as saying, “We created an echo-chamber... They were saying things that validated what we had given them to say.”

Congress invited Rhodes to testify and answer to the self-admitted fabrication of facts. He snubbed his nose at them undoubtedly at the request of the President. The most nontransparent administration ever is hiding more than just the machinations with the media.
Flag Of Iran

Iran Rewarded For Bad Behavior

As Benjamin Netanyahu proclaimed, this impetuous Iran nuclear deal not only paves a path to nuclear weapons, it guarantees it. Iran can attain them either by not honoring the deal, and they have never honored any deal, agreement, or U.N. Resolution, or alternatively, they can obtain them by waiting out the expiration of the agreement. At that point, Iran is beholden to no one and will be free to create nuclear weapons at will.

The day it was announced as an agreed-to deal, the Ayatollah was chanting in the streets with his compatriots, “Death to America, death to Israel”. Iran is the number one state sponsor of Radical Islamic terrorism. They are also responsible for approximately 20-percent of all American deaths in Iraq.

They will receive billions of dollars to continue funding Hamas, Syrian terrorists, terrorism in Yemen, and terrorism throughout the globe. Eliminating Israel is scripted in the Zionist country’s constitution. The ultimate goal, of course, is the demise of the United States of America. They deem America as the “Great Satan”.

Russia will provide four S-300 surface-to-air missile systems for the Iranians, which would stop any attack. These missiles are banned to Iranians for eight years – according to the Iran nuclear deal. Yet, the sale of these missiles to Iran is being negotiated today. This would mean that Israel could only stand idle and observe as Iran encroaches closer to a nuclear warhead.

Iranian requirements are next to nothing. In return, they immediately received $150 billion to fund terrorism – which they are not required to end. When Secretary of State (SOS) John Kerry was asked if Iran might use the funds to kill Americans, he said, “It is possible.” It is inevitable. Giving the enemy billions of dollars is aiding the enemy and it will cost lives.

Not surprisingly, then Senator John Kerry contacted Iran in 2010 and told them that they deserve, and have a right to nuclear centrifuges and uranium enrichment. Of course, he and his boss do not have to live just 900 miles from Iran such as Israel does. Iran’s missiles can accurately strike from further distances.
Iran Missiles

Iran Hostages, IAEA, And Inspections

Jason Reznian, Amir Hekmati, Saeed Abedini, and Robert Levinson are the four Americans that were held in barbaric Iranian prisons. When asked if they were mentioned in the negotiations, Kerry’s answer was no. In his inimitable fashion, he used dozens of words to answer ‘no’.

All other sanctions will end. They will purchase and sell ballistic missiles and conventional arms as they please. The White House (WH) stated that this Iran nuclear deal was needed because sanctions were not working. However, they also stated that if Iran cheats, the sanctions would be set back into place. But, why? The WH stated that they were not working.

Americans cannot inspect anything, nor will the International Atomic Energy Agency (IAEA) have access. Iran will perform its own inspections and gather its own samples. Then, they will be sent to the inspectors. This is tantamount to entrusting Beelzebub in the honor system.

If that isn’t unscrupulous enough; if they are suspected of cheating, physical entry of the country must be voted upon and agreed to by all five countries involved in the negotiations. At that time, Iran will have a minimum of 24 days to prepare for the inspection.

Iran has permission to continue enriching uranium, and they can develop new centrifuges. Before the deal, Iran was supposed to eliminate the Arak heavy water reactor – they did not. This Iran nuclear deal violates six United Nation resolutions.

SOS John Kerry acknowledged that there were at least two side-deals between Iran and the IAEA. He also acknowledged that he has no idea what is in the side-deals. It is difficult to believe that he was not informed of the details.

Americans Disapprove The Iran Nuclear Deal

The litany of this unprecedented Iran nuclear deal is falling on deaf ears. Just 30% of Americans agree with this illusory bargain with the enemy, yet President Obama and Kerry vociferously chastise anyone who opposes them. It was no surprise that the American prisoners were released long after the agreement.

This was a pointed ploy to manipulate Congress and the public. Sadly, it also means that it was part of the plan all along. Meanwhile, the four prisoners and their families continued to suffer longer than they should have.

The fact that prominent Democrat Senator Chuck Schumer (NY-D) declared his opposition was telling. It meant that the Democrat senators had enough support to stop any override of the expected VETO. Thus, Schumer’s vote was inconsequential and they cut him loose. Soon thereafter, it was announced that, in fact, the Senate had the 34 votes needed.

Worst Deal Of All Time

Having said all this; the Iran nuclear deal is a done deal – Congress cannot stop it. They foolishly let this go through unlabeled a treaty, and it is a treaty. Treaties can only be created and enacted by Congress. The IAEA will implement the agreement with, or without America’s approval.

Iranian President Hasan Rouhani said this soon after the agreement, “We will buy, sell and develop any weapons we need and we will not ask for permission or abide by any resolution for that. We can negotiate with other countries only when we are powerful. If a country does not have power and independence, it cannot seek real peace.”

The word “deal” is defined as; “an agreement entered into by two or more parties for their mutual benefit, especially in a business or political context”. Iran hit the jackpot, America gets nothing – this is not a deal, it is an imponderable debacle.

No uranium enrichment, no ballistic missiles, anytime/anywhere inspections, no centrifuges, no new facilities, and the reduction of facilities were the talking points of the Iran nuclear deal Americans were fed. Not one of these claims will come to fruition. This is a done deal and the Democrats, especially Kerry and the President, own this – may God help Israel, may God help us all. 

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Monday, May 16, 2016

Obama's Gun Control Executive Orders

President Barack Obama

Unconstitutional Executive Order

In his full legacy mode, America's Commander in Chief is poised to dictate law once again. In his lame-duck year, Obama's gun control aspirations are the target he has set his sights on. The White House announced that they are wrapping up their assault on the Second Amendment and it should be declared soon.

Our 44th President was a Constitutional Lawyer who now – or maybe always – detests the law of the land and continues to rip the Constitution to shreds. Everyone knows that only Congress can create and pass laws, but this pesky fact does not impede him from running a totalitarian dictatorship.

Politico stated this pertaining to Obama's gun control push, “The White House is putting finishing touches on several measures in an effort to make progress on curbing gun violence, an issue the president and close aids have found frustratingly intractable, before the race to replace him enters prime time.”

They went on to say, “According to gun industry insiders and others familiar with the proposals, the change includes requiring an expanded number of small-scale gun sellers to be licensed – and therefore conduct background checks – whenever selling a weapon. This wouldn't close the so-called gun show loophole, though it has the potential to narrow it.”

Obama Shredding The Constitution 

Liberal Progressivism

His newest executive order will change the definition of the word “dealer”. Obama's gun control overreach has come under heavy scrutiny and it also has legal hurdles to clear. Declaring laws in light of ideological beliefs is not a presidential right.

Under this Machiavellian executive order, private gun sellers would necessarily be mandated to acquire a Federal Firearms License, which means they would have to conduct background checks just as larger gun dealers. This would apply to a banker that sells one gun.

Like most Liberal Progressives, President Obama and Hillary Clinton believe that machines – guns – are culpable for all shootings. The guns were presented with this accusation, but they had no comment.
Another part of Obama's gun control is so-called “smart guns”. This would require the gun owner to use his or her fingerprint to unlock the gun. So, if a burglar broke into a gun owner's home, they would first have to unlock the gun cabinet. Today, guns are mandated to be locked up and unloaded.
Then, the victim would have to load the gun in order to use it to protect themselves. Now, if Obama gets his way, they would have to turn on the electronic smart gun and sign in with their fingerprint. Hopefully, the criminal will wait until the homeowner is ready to protect them self.


The National Rifle Association

The NRA is not necessarily against this smart gun technology, but they are concerned with the potential mandate. And, the government can locate and track down every cell phone in the country. One would assume that the smart gun can also be traced.
Hillary Clinton is locked and loaded to pile on Obama's gun control. Out on the campaign trail, she has vowed that she will issue an executive order that would hold gun dealers and gun manufacturers liable for gun violence.
This is the most ridiculous notion the left has ever conjured, and there are plenty to choose from. Given this scenario, the gun maker could face jail time because a murderer killed someone with a gun. Will Ford Motors be liable for a lunatic using his car to kill someone?
More Americans are killed by a hammer each year than there are killings via gun murders. If Ace Hardware sold a gun to a murderer, one can only assume that Ace was an accessory to murder, and the salesman may be charged with a crime.

Common sense gun law ideas do exist, but Obama's gun control ideas are implicitly nonsensical. Online gun sales and guns sold at Flea Markets should undergo background checks. However, most mass shootings are committed by folks that have obtained a gun illegally. There will never be a gun law that can stop this.

Gun-Free Zones Attract Guns

Gun-free Zones attract Guns

A gun-free America is the grand Xanadu for the Liberal Progressives. They claim that this would end mass shootings in this country. However, 92% of all mass shootings occur in gun-free zones. There is 99 guns for every 100 Americans in this nation. How on Earth could they collect them, and more importantly, how would they pay for it? 

Another great idea is to follow suit with the town of Sandy Hook, Connecticut. After the egregious mass killing of school children in their classroom, they decided to have armed guards at every school. Gun-free zones are a desirous venue for the cowards that kill innocent Americans.

In the bonus round of Obama's gun control, he intends to tighten the noose on compatriots who have lost their weapon and guns that have been stolen. Looking past all these uproariously unlawful actions, the government simply wants to know everyone that possess a gun and where they live. The stage will be set for the ultimate liberal coup de gras – disarming the United States citizenry.

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