Friday, February 24, 2017

CNN Is Fake News

CNN Lied About White House Request To FBI

CNN News Headline: "FBI Refused White House Request To Knock Down Trump-Russia Stories" Here is a link to their marvelous fabrication. 

This is not ambiguous, it is a flat out lie. Reince Priebus did not contact the FBI to request an announcement. This would be out of order and a fireable offense. Secondly, the FBI contacted Reince, to tell him, 'wink wink' - by the way, we know the media stories about ties between Trump and Russia are incredulous.

CNN is fake news and they blatantly lied to make the Trump Administration appear as incredulous, dubious, and not worthy. The Liberal Progressives will do and say anything to help their beloved Democrats at any cost. The same Democrats that leave destruction and misery whenever they are in power. 

What is interesting, is how did CNN get a hold of this information? Priebus did have a conversation with Andrew McCabe (Deputy Director to the White House) on the matter, but no one else. So, either McCabe is the leak, or there is a leak in the FBI -- or both. 

CNN Is Fake News 

The headline should have been something like this: FBI Clears Trump From Any Contact With Russia.

However, CNN would have simply ignored this sort of news insofar as it may exonerate Trump. CNN is fake news and they continue to pump out garbage even when much of the country knows they are fake news. 

A massive rebuke of MSNBC and CNN has erupted since the election. While FOX NEWS has spiked to an average of three million viewers, this duo of habitual liars are carrying an average audience of 959,000 and 960,000 respectively. 

Knowing full well that the ratings are tanking for carrying the false narrative that Hillary would win in a landslide, why would they continue to lie? They do it for the greater good. They must paint Trump's election as an anomaly and that he is an illegitimate president. 

Will Fake News Continue

Emphatically yes. The mainstream media along with Obama's underground tactics from his Organization for Action will grind away every single day for the next four years. Their main goal is to bash Trump for everything and anything, even if it is false. 

The filthy hatred they wade through day after day is sickening. This story is a perfect example of how they pick and choose facts and spin them into a weft of falsehoods. CNN is fake news and they lead all the other fake news providers to push their version of the lie. 

The real story here is that the FBI has debunked the story of any Trump ties to Russia. That the CNN and MSNBC narrative in regards to Russia is false. They will both ignore this truth and continue the Russia falsehood because they believe Americans are too dumb to know what is right and what is wrong. As a matter of fact, they count on it. 

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Thursday, February 23, 2017

Town Hall Protests Are Fake

YouTube video for town hall resistance guide

Alt-Left Media Bias  

The deranged Alt-Left media has been exposed as cheerleaders for their beloved Liberal Progressives. Liberalism and/or socialism has never worked, ever. Yet the left labors tirelessly to shove it down the throats of the American citizenry. 

This is why the Democrats have lost well over 1,000 seats under the tyranny of Barack Obama, Harry Reid, and Nancy Pelosi. Their far-left Liberal Progressivism cost them nine Senate seats, 62 Congressional seats, 12 governorships (R-33), and 958 legislative seats, 

So, what is their plan? They have decided to push even further left and turn to Alinskyite thuggery. Hillary Clinton paid antagonists to infiltrate the Trump rallies and it backfired on her. The same will happen to the Democrats under their new strategy. Much of the country knows that the town hall protests are fake and they are sick of it. 

Fake News, Fake Anger, Fake Town Hall Protest

Now, the "Organization for Action" (OFA) - headed up by Barack Obama - and "Indivisible" groups are paying anarchists to invade Republican town hall meetings. There is no doubt that multi-billionaire George Soros has his hand in this cookie jar. 

On the OFA site, the viewer can type in their area code and get locations of surrounding events. There are training courses available and signs for every occasion for sale. The site also tells their disciples to find videos that shed a bad light on Republicans and share them on social media. 

On the site, it says, "The goal is to make Republicans, even in safe districts, second-guess their support for the Trump agenda, and to prime the ground for the 2018 midterms when Democrats retake power." 

Fake Protesters Posing As Angry Republicans 

Oftentimes, the angry fake protesters are not from the district they were sent to disrupt. They are bussed and sometimes flown in to conduct their chaos. Most Americans know this is happening, but the left just continue the disruption. 

FreedomWorks – an affiliate born from the Tea Party – are on the case. They have begun to organize and they are ready to get their 6 million members to fight back. They plan on seeing "more grassroots hand-to-hand combat than Washington has ever seen." 

They cannot go full-out on Obamacare repeal because they have not seen the plan. In order to fight for a cause, they need to know exactly what they are fighting for. Mid-March is the likely time that the plan will be revealed and that is when the sparks will fly. 

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Wednesday, February 22, 2017

Americans Killed By Illegal Immigrants

Avoidable Deaths Were Not Avoided 

More than 100 illegal immigrants that were captured and released by the Obama Administration. This resulted in 121 Americans killed by illegal immigrants. Not only did they enter the U.S. illegally, but they had also committed a second crime. Thousands of illegals were sprung by the haphazard catch-and-release program, which America's 44th president quixotically initiated. 

There is an average of 10 Americans killed by illegal immigrants every day by an illegal immigrant driver – most of which were driving while intoxicated incidents. The mainstream media ardently refuses to elucidate on anything negative about illegal immigrants. This is why most Americans are oblivious to the problem and it is not a kitchen table issue.

There are approximately 12 million illegal aliens in the U.S. today. This reflects less than three percent of the country. Yet, over 90 percent of alien prisoners are illegal immigrants who have committed a felonious crime – in addition to entering the country illegally. 

The Numbers Are Staggering 

From 2008 to 2014, the percentage of Floridian Americans killed by illegal immigrants was 40%. In New York during that same timeline, 34 percent of murders were committed by illegals. In Arizona, that number is 18 percent. The list goes on incessantly 

In the five states of California, Texas, Arizona, New York, and Florida, illegal aliens represent 5.6 percent of the population. However, they have committed an average of 38 percent of murders in those states. This equates to illegals committing 7,085 murders out of a total of 18,643 murders.  

These numbers were from the U.S. Census Estimate for those years. The actual numbers are probably double what they revealed because their Commander In Chief has a marvelous grasp on Chicagoan methodology. 

More Stats 

In this same period of time, the Texas Department of Public Safety reported that 35 percent of all murders were committed by illegal immigrants, with an average of 475 per years. That is more than one Texan killed by illegal immigrants every day. 

13.6 percent of all sentenced for committing a crime were illegal aliens. 12 percent of all murders and 15 percent of all drug trafficking sentences are to illegal immigrants. 50 percent of all crimes were committed in the vicinity of the Mexican border. 

These numbers are available in every state, but few know of them because of the media blackout. The Democrats and their loyal news outlets would rather let Americans continue to die in the stead of informing the citizenry of this onslaught. 

Under the Obama Administration, approximately 33 percent of all illegal immigrants that had committed a crime were released by ICE. An American would have been incarcerated and face charges. Not the illegals. This makes no sense, you say.  

You see, the Democrats believe that these illegals will vote someday and 70 percent of immigrants vote for the Democrat Party. Now it should make perfect sense. There have been thousands of Americans killed by illegal immigrants and the Democrat are okay with that. That is the left, this is your Liberal Progressives.

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