Tuesday, June 28, 2016

Benghazi Report Released

Benghazi attack, Libya

56 Days Before The Election

In an explosive Benghazi report released today headed by Representative Trey Gowdy (R-SC) Tuesday, Hillary Clinton's fingerprints were placed all over the Benghazi slaughter. Libya was mishandled and lied about before, during, and after the Islamic terrorist onslaught. Secretary of State Hillary Clinton was warned in January of 2012 that the Americans in Libya were going to die. She had been warned again in June of 2012. Security agent number 10 – according to the report – told her and Stevens that he was on a suicide mission and he will not make it out of Libya alive. Sadly, 10 was correct.

The decedent Ambassador Christopher Stevens, Information officer Sean Smith, Former Navy Seals Glen Doherty and Tyrone Woods, were all doomed from the get-go. There were no American security agents at the annex, consulate, or at the Embassy. They were relying on Libyan militant rebels to protect them and they fled the scene when the attack ensued. Also learned in the released report was that although an order to deploy by the Secretary of Defense was given, no American military boots left the ground. A stand-down was in full effect.

To this day, no one knows why Ambassador Stevens was in the rogue country in the first place. Why were any Americans anywhere when they could not be rescued? There had been 230 terrorist occasions leading up that horrific night. All the other nations were evacuated insofar as the danger level was increasing exponentially each passing day. The reason Stevens and the three dozen or so others were not removed is quite compelling. It was all about politics and the ideology of Hillary Clinton and Barack Hussein Obama.

Muammar Qaddafi

Libya Was Supposed To Be The Model

Libya was supposed to be the Xanadu of all that is foreign policy. They wanted so badly to declare it a success without boots on the ground and snub their noses at conservatives. Of course, under Hillary's advice, America bombed Libya for eight months and blew them to oblivion. Today, Libya is a vast wasteland with little government and ISIS, along with Al Qaeda, have infiltrated the land. Another vacuum left, you say? It seems to be a pattern from which no lessons are learned.

Back to the night of the attack. The Benghazi report released today suggested that they knew it was coming, which would explain Hillary's conciliatory speech just hours before the attack. In the situation room with Hillary and State leaders, there was much discussion – if soldiers were deployed – over whether or not our military should wear plain clothes to avoid offending the Muslim population. By all accounts, President Obama was catching his Z's during the battle. Also, five of the 10 action items discussed was about the video. This exposes the fact that they had researched this previously and had this talking point ready to go.

The video excuse was crafted by the Obama Administration in Washington. No one had ever seen or heard of this video and especially not in Libya. Hillary sent emails to her daughter and to foreign leaders informing them that the attack was a well-constructed terrorist plot. Yet, she and Obama continued to lie to their compatriots for two weeks. Ambassador Susan Rice was sent out to all five major Sunday morning talks shows and spread the word of the video. She was later promoted. Hillary should have been the bearer of this news, but she knew it was a lie that would haunt her in her presidential run.

Obama Hindered Information

It took Trey Gowdy and his associates two years to complete the report because the Obama Administration inhibited them at every opportunity. The old Clinton method of dragging scandals out as long as possible gives the left the chance to declare that it is old news now. In the end, just one terrorist was arrested – after two interviews with CNN. Also, the creator of the video was arrested and jailed, never to be seen again.

Another astounding detail was exposed in the Benghazi report released today. The security force that helped the American personnel evacuate the annex was the Libyan Military Intelligence, which consists of military that served under the Qaddafi evil empire. This was stunning, the very same military that the U.S. had all but destroyed in the bombings came to the rescue. Not surprisingly; the CIA did not know that this group existed. If they had not helped, the body count would have been much higher.

The Democrats also released a report after interviewing zero witnesses. It was over 300 pages of attacks on the Republican Party. Oddly, Donald Trump was mentioned 23 times from an incident that occurred over four years ago. A message to the media was expediently sent.

What difference, at this point, does it make?” – Hillary inquired as she testified to Congress. Husband Bill said that he admired her for taking the fire from Congress for 11 hours that day. He went on to say that not many people could endure that. Well, sir, Americans were under heavy attack in Libya that dreadful night for 13 hours. To them, it makes all the difference in the world. For the first time ever, we left Americans behind so that President Obama could keep his job.

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Thursday, June 23, 2016

Democrats Sit In For Gun Control – The Big Lie

It's Not About Guns, It's All About Hillary

Democrats Sit In For Gun Control - The Big Lie

In the first two years of Barack Obama's presidency, Democrats had the White House and the majority of the Senate and Congress. There were four mass shootings in his first year. The Democrat Party could have passed any comprehensive gun law they chose, but they did not consider it. Gun control didn't become an issue until Republicans took the majority in the House and Senate. Then, it became a punctilious political football.

The left threw a hissy fit and they looked like children. They want a vote on useless bills that have already been shot down in the Senate. The alleged Democrat sit-in for gun control to filibuster Congress in an attempt to force the right to pass gun laws that have nothing to do with the Orlando Islamic terrorist attack. They wanted to appear valiant and quixotic, but the looked like spoiled brats. If all the proposals were passed into law, it would not have thwarted the shooting. It wouldn't have stopped the Connecticut shooting, nor would it have stopped the San Bernardino shooting.

Democrats never let a decent tragedy go to waste. They know these laws won't stop mass shootings. They refuse to acknowledge that this was a terrorist attack by a radical Muslim – again. This is the 13th Islamic terrorist attack on American soil during Obama's tenure. The left are simply trying to play on the emotions of Americans and distract them from the truth. They know labeling it an Islamic terrorist attack would boost Trump and hinder Hillary's chances of winning.

Hillary met with Democrat leaders shortly before the sit-in went into effect. It appears the elaborate plan was designed by the 900-member Clinton campaign machine. The Clintons have a playbook for every scenario and the Democrat sit-in for gun control was launched. They were probably impatiently waiting for the next mass shooting so they could unleash their nasty scheme. The bills were dead a long time ago, but there they sat snapping selfies and chowing down donuts and chips. They accomplished nothing and left with their staunch chins held high. 

Inner City Chicago

Black Lives Don't Matter

If the Democrats truly cared about gun control and killings, they would address the deplorable conditions in democrat-run cities like Chicago, Baltimore, Detroit, Philadelphia, Ferguson Missouri, and several more. These cities have been under Democrat rule for decades and there are shootings nearly every night. No one mentions it. No one is trying to save these young men from themselves. They simply do not care. These black lives do not matter.

This terrorist was not on a no-fly list. He was not on a watch list and he passed a background check. The reason the FBI did not have him in their sights is because the Obama Administration warned the Feds that they cannot profile Muslims, period. They can't “watch” them and they can't look at their social media sites.

As long as the FBI is restricted by this administration, American lives are at grave risk. They let the Boston Bombers slip through the cracks because they had no choice. This attack could have easily been prevented. Most likely, the San Bernardino and Orlando shootings would have been stopped if they could watch a suspected Islamic terrorist for longer periods of time.

ISIS Expands To Many Countries

ISIS Is On The Rise

Right now there are ISIS and/or lone wolf investigations in all 50 states. Sadly, most of them will end with no actions taken. Democrats refuse to say this was an Islamic Extremist terrorist attack inspired by ISIS, even though the shooter vehemently said so several times. He spoke of his commitment to Allah and Abu Bakr al-Bagdadi – the leader of ISIS.

This is all about Hillary Clinton and the 2016 presidential election and nothing more. The left will continue to put Americans lives in danger as long as suspected Muslims cannot be monitored. They will continue to bring in Syrians even when knowing that ten percent of them will be ISIS-inspired terrorists. ISIS has said this to the world and this administration does not care.

Barack Hussein Obama does not care that they will receive millions of dollars in benefits to feed and house them. He doesn't care that he is allowing Americans to be killed by Islamic Extremist terrorists. He is willing to risk your life for these future Democrat voters. So, if you are going to blame anyone, or even blame an inanimate object such as a gun, you had better blame the president of the United States first.

Quotes from President Barack Hussein Obama

The future must not belong to those who slander the Prophet of Islam.”

The sweetest sound I know is the Muslim call to prayer.”

Islam has always been part of America.”

Islam has a proud tradition of tolerance.”

Islam is not part of the problem in combating violent extremism – it is an important part of promoting peace.”

We will convey our deep appreciation for the Islamic faith, which has done so much over the centuries to shape the world – including in my own country.”

These rituals remind us of the principles that we hold in common, and Islam's role in advancing justice, progress, tolerance, and the dignity of all human beings.”

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Wednesday, June 22, 2016

Clinton Foundation Corruption

How Are The Clinton's Rich

Hillary Clinton claimed that when she and Bill left the White House, they were dead broke. Fast-forward 18 years, they are now worth at least $150 million. Except for Hillary's modest-paying job as a New York Senator and her four years as Secretary of State (SOS), neither of the Clinton duo have held a job.

So, how did they become extravagantly rich? The answer is long-worded and quite complicated. However, the most suspicious sector is the shenanigans in the Clinton Foundation corruption. It has been discovered that just six percent of donations received actually go to help charities – not so philanthropic.

In 2013, according to Clinton Foundation tax records, just $9 million of $140 million collected went to help the needy. $30 million was spent on payroll for her enormous staff. $9.2 million was spent on conferences, $8 million on fund-raising, and $8.5 million on traveling and hotel accommodations.

The Corruption Exposed

Gerri Willis of the Fox Business Network had this to say, “Coming from Charity Navigator (a charity watchdog) they said, 'the Clinton Foundation does not meet their criteria. Does not meet their criteria as an organization that does charitable work.”

Wall Street financial analyst, Charles Ortel, combed through financial books and discovered Clinton Foundation corruption. He concluded, “A substantial portion of Clinton Foundation activities is certainly not 'charitable' or 'tax exempt' in the accepted legal sense, so I wonder why state, federal, and foreign regulators have allowed the Clinton Foundation to continue operating as it has done, illegally, for so long.” He went on to say that the Clinton Foundation was nothing more than their personal slush fund.

Even though Hillary promised Barack Obama that she would not take donations from foreign countries during her tenure as SOS, the money poured in from some of the most rogue countries on Earth. The media vastly ignored their Machiavellian paradigm.

Hillary's foundation took money from Qatar, Kuwait, and Saudi Arabia to the tune of over $100 million. The Saudi's are the world's leader of child executions. These countries are anti-women and anti-LGBT. If you were to commit the crime of being gay in these countries, you can face fines, prison time in labor camps, or even sentenced to death.

Women cannot drive, they cannot vote, and they can't be seen in public without their husband. There is no such thing as marital rape. In a non-marital rape charge, four credible men must testify as witnesses or there will be no charges.

The Clinton Foundation corruption reaches far and wide. The following list is just a handful of countries that have paid the Clinton's. They all run strict dictatorships just as the aforementioned countries already mentioned.

Foreign Countries Paid The Clinton's Millions

* Algeria: $500,000
* Brunei: $5 million
* Kuwait: $10 million
* Sultanate of Soman: $5 million
* Qatar: $5.8 million
* Saudi Arabia: $50 million
* United Arab of Emerates: $11.5 million
* Moroco-owned OCP: $5 million

In addition to the Clinton Foundation receiving donations, both Clinton's were paid outrageous fees to speak in these countries. The foundation would pay for the travel and lodging fees and they were paid up to $750,000 for talking.

So, why would these countries give so much to an American charity? The answer is twofold. Hillary would keep quiet with her global fight for women's rights. And, this was a quid pro quo deal. Political favors are expected when a Clinton is paid.

They also are the recipient of millions of dollars from Wall Street, big banks, and large corporations – the very entities she claims to hate. The monies paid are for Hillary to look the other way while these folks conduct shady business.

**Bonus: Hillary gave Russia 20 percent of America's uranium supply. For her generosity, $2.35 million flowed to the Clinton Foundation and Bill was paid $500,000 for a speech in Moscow. The Clinton's are bought and paid for and don't expect anything less if she were to live in the White House.

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Wednesday, June 15, 2016

Obama's Speech On The Orlando Shooting

Obama Attacks The GOP

Obama's Speech On The Orlando Shooting

Just 12 hours after the worst terrorist massacre since 9/11/01 in Orlando, Florida, the jackanapes Barack Hussein Obama addressed the nation allegedly to unite his countrymen and women and tend to the healing process. Instead, he uncorked an atrabilious excoriation of Republicans, especially Donald Trump.

And, just as the aftermath of any mass shooting, he never lets a perfectly good tragedy go to waste. He served up a tall glass of 'shame on you' to lawful gun owners. He was embarrassed by Trump into using the term “Radical Islamic” as he conterminously mocked the importance of labeling America's enemy correctly.

Obama Slams Trump, Appeases To Muslims

Obama Lashes Out At Republicans

The furious anger in Obama's speech on the Orlando shooting was aimed directly at the GOP and greatly outweighed the anger toward the Islamic killer – if there was any anger at all. He was so heated, you could almost see flames flare from his nostrils and the combustion smoke blasting from his ears. 

This was a painful sight to see. He went on to proclaim that calling these terrorists 'Radical Islamic' does not help the strategy to contain ISIL. What strategy? What is ISIL? ISIS has never referred to themselves as ISIL. Just as the video tape was invented in Washington in the Benghazi slaughtering, so was the term ISIL.

In his diatribe, the 44th U.S. President said, “What exactly would using this label accomplish? What exactly would it change?... Calling a threat by a different name does not make it go away.”

This is true, but doing practically nothing is not a strategy. He didn't actually use the phrase in context, he merely pointed out the label in question. 

Obama's speech did not strengthen the solidarity of the nation, nor did it lay out any plans to stop these crazed Muslims from killing his innocent compatriots. However, he does not believe his country is innocent. He believes that the world's problems are America's fault.

What appears to be simple is rarely simple. It sounds like a no-brainer when folks say, “If you are on the terrorist watch list, you shouldn't have a gun.” Again, this sounds like common sense, except the government is involved. They could say that anyone, or everyone, is a terrorist and take everyone's gun. Government always asks for an inch and they take a mile.

America Set The World On Fire

The World Is On Fire

He is partly correct. Over the last half-fortnight, his administration has set the globe on fire. Look at Egypt, Syria, Yemen, Libya, Russia, Iran, Iraq, Afghanistan, and countless other feckless failures. They imploded and President Obama was the gasoline that ignited the inferno. 

America needs to learn that attempting to change rogue countries into a democracy is impossible. 
The mindsets of these world leaders are decades behind the Western way of thinking. While they use cell phones and computers, their barbaric mannerisms have not, and will not change.

They all hate the U.S. because it is a free country. They want to slaughter anyone that does not live by the Caliphate. Americans have the audacity to allow women to drive automobiles and vote. Lesbians and gays are accepted. Freedom of speech is enjoyed by all that live inside the U.S. borders.

Obama's speech on the Orlando shooting appeased Radical Muslims. To date, tens of thousands of human beings have been killed as America watches. Our Observer in Chief has no intention of stopping ISIS. Another six months of killings will pass until President Donald Trump wipes ISIS of the face of the Earth. If for some God forsaken reason, Hillary Clinton is elected, you can expect more of the same as the last seven years.

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Sunday, June 12, 2016

Hillary Clinton's Foreign Policy Failures

SOS Hillary Clinton

Hillary Clinton's foreign policy failures during her tenure as Secretary of State (SOS) from 2009 to 2016 presented many opportunities for America to better the world. She worked diligently to get nearly every one of those opportunities exactly wrong.

She told the world how proud she was for flying nearly one million miles during her globe-trekking term. If she was ordered to makes things worse on purpose, she could not have done a better job at being a monumental failure.

The Russian Reset Debacle

Tensions grew between the U.S. and Russia when they invaded Georgia in 2008. President George W. Bush sent warships to help Georgia stabilized the Black Sea. He also assisted them with the transfer of Georgian troops to head home from Iraq to prepare for the worst.

Her very first task was to meet with Russian Foreign Minister Sergi Lavrov in Geneva in March of 2009. The ate like ravenous raccoon's, drank like Kennedys on Saint Patrick's Day, and then got their vogue on with the infamous 'reset' button. The problem, the word "reset" was misspelled and translated to 'overcharge'. Apparently, she did not have a Russian spell-check app.

Six months after their rendezvous, America announced that the missile defense system that was planned to be assembled in Eastern Europe, Poland, and the Czech Republic, was canceled. This shield would have lulled Russia's aggression and Crimea would probably be home to Ukraine today.

Four Americans Slaughtered In Benghazi, Libya

Benghazi, Libya

Clinton's foreign policy failures know no boundaries. The former SOS's self-effacement tour continued with the preventable slaughter of four Americans in Benghazi, Libya, was her greatest failure. Her so called 'friend', Ambassador Christopher Stevens had warned her of poor security and the rise of tensions on at least three occasions. Not only did his requests fall on deaf ears, his security was lessened.

September 11, 2012, was the date in history of the ominous attack on the American Consulate in Benghazi. To date; not only was Hillary not held accountable, not one of her staffers have been disciplined.

She cleared them from all culpability, and her successor – John Kerry – cleared her of any wrongdoing. In fact, he proclaimed that there were no errors made in the security decisions. It is highly probable the four decedent Americans would contradict this finding.

She told her countrymen and women that this was “A spontaneous reaction to an anti-Muslim video” was the talking point implicitly behest to Americans for two weeks. President Obama echoed this blatant lie and sent his U.S. Ambassador to the United Nations to repeat this on every major Sunday talk show.

While testifying to Congress, she interrupted Senator Johnson and said this in a fit of rage, “With all due respect, the fact is we had 4 dead Americans. Was it because of a protest or was it because of guys out for a walk one night who decided they'd go kill some Americans? What difference at this point does it make? It is our job to figure out what happened and do everything we can to prevent it from ever happening again, Senator.”

Well, Mrs. Clinton, for the decedent U.S. Ambassador Christopher Stevens, U.S. Foreign Service Information Management Officer Sean Smith, and CIA contractors and former military men Tyrone S. Woods and Glen Doherty, it does make a difference. Learning why four American heroes died on foreign lands makes all the difference in the world.

The Withdrawal From Iraq

As a Senator for New York, she voted for the war in Iraq. This was emphatically the worst foreign policy mistake in the last four decades. This cost Iraq their nation and thousands of American lives were lost.

Hillary then boasted how she and President Obama ended the war in Iraq and withdrew all American troops out of the rogue country. They both claim that they could not come to a Status of Forces Agreement, so they had to leave.

This claim was blasphemous. The U.S. invaded Iraq, occupied Iraq with upwards of 50,000 troops, and ousted the nation's leader without permission. Nevertheless, America cut-and-run, which allowed ISIS to claim one-third of the country while slaughtering any women, children, and men that did not support them.
ISIS was not created because of the Iraq war. They were established in 1998 and they remained harmless until they saw the vacuous land of Iraq. The U.S. watched ISIS cross the desert into Iraq via satellite. The observer in chief did nothing.
Hillary Clinton's Foreign Policy Failures
When Hillary was asked to comment on her greatest accomplishment as SOS, she replied, My accomplishments as Secretary of State? Well, I’m glad you asked! My proudest accomplishment in which I take the most pride, mostly because of the opposition it faced early on, you know… the remnants of prior situations and mindsets that were too narrowly focused in a manner whereby they may have overlooked the bigger picture and we didn’t do that and I’m proud of that. Very proud. I would say that’s a major accomplishment.”
Her foreign policy failures includes the Arab Spring, Syria, India, Pakistan, Iran, the “pivot in Asia, failure to recognize China's horrific human rights problem, she erased 30,000 emails that she had hidden from The Freedom of Information Act, and the Middle East all played out at the hands of Hillary Clinton. Now, the U.S. and Israel have the worst relationship than ever before. Should anyone expect any different from her as Commander in Chief? No. It will be four more years of Barack Obama.

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Sunday, June 5, 2016

Global Warming Or Climate Change

Global Warming 1973 To 2006

Ice Age Vs Global Warming

Climatologists extemporaneously claimed that global temperatures were precipitously dropping at a record-setting rate back in the 1970's. They also claimed that aerosol and chlorofluorocarbons (found in Freon and canned hair spray) were culpable. They asserted that this combination of scenarios would probably cause another Ice Age.
In the same time period, however, scientists were claiming that Greenhouse Gases would cause Global Warming in the coming decades. This was during the time when California was covered by a hovering blanket of smog and industrial pollution was under the microscope of scrutiny.

Global Warming In The 1980’s

In the 1980's, Global Warming, or the dangers of CO2 emissions was found in few headlines. Scientific studies were conducted, but the public knew very little about it. Many sources, such as volcanic activity, aerosol propellants, nuclear testing, space exploration, and several other scenarios were labeled a threat to the world. Emissions from gasoline and oil engines, coal-burning electric plants, and industrial plants were the main culprits.
This was the Genesis of computers and programs were designed specifically to keep track of global temperatures and weather trends. It did not take long for the prediction that the global temperature average would rise several degrees by the turn of the 21st century – this was incorrect.
Global Warming Stopped

Global Warming Ended In 1998

Global warming rhetoric heated up in this decade and 117 climate predictions were released. 114 of them were vastly incorrect and only three were close to the actual recordings. The general consensus was that the average global temperature would rise 2 degrees Centigrade by 2010 - this did not happen. In fact, it remained the same from 1998 to 2016.
The temperature rose just 0.7 degrees from 1989 to 1998, if the measuring process was accurate. There is no scientific link between human activity and this infinitesimal rise. There is also no scientific proof that CO2 caused it. If there was evidence of the aforementioned, the temperature would have continued to rise.
Since 1998, the temperature has been steady and not rising one iota. This notion has baffled the environmentalists and Green scientists. They have since said that the globe is on a hiatus and the warming will continue again.

The Millennium

The year 2000 came and went without the predicted “Y2K” computer crashes that had been so widely predicted. Many Global Warming predictions were draught in the new millennium. After Al Gore’s crushing defeat in the 2000 presidential election, he set his sights on Global Warming – and he raked in over $100 million.
In 2007, 2008, and 2009, the former Vice President Gore predicted the Polar ice caps would vanish by the year 2013. He vehemently proclaimed that “man-made Global Warming” would melt them down and the oceans will flood the Earth. The inconvenient truth to this prediction is that the caps have doubled in size and the water level has lessened.

Post 2010

The Intergovernmental Panel on Climate Change’s (IPCC) made bold predictions in 2010. This group of scientists is from many countries and they are paid to find results that support Global Warming. If they do not find it, their services are no longer needed. These are the very same countries that pointedly declared that there were Weapons of Mass Destruction in Iraq preceding the war.
The Predictions:
1 – “Most aspects of Climate Change will persist for many centuries even if emissions of CO2 are stopped.”
2 – “It is very likely that the Arctic Sea ice cover will continue to shrink and thin and that Northern Hemisphere spring snow will decrease during the 21st century.”
3 – “Global glacier volume will further decrease.”
4 – ”Global surface temperature from the end of the 21st century is likely to exceed 1.5 degrees centigrade… and more likely 2 degrees.”
5 – “The contrast in precipitation between wet and dry regions and between wet and dry seasons will increase.”
This was the most aggressive approach to date. These optics were developed to terrify the citizenry into conformity. Emotion is the greatest tool in all political realms. Of course, none of them has come to fruition so far. They always predict decades ahead so they can never be held culpable.
Global Warming Failed Predictions

Failed Predictions On Climate Change And Global Warming

The first species that has gone extinct because of Climate Change was the Aldabra banded snail. They were declared extinct in 2007 but the pesky critters were discovered, or rediscovered, in August of 2014. There they were, swimming in the Indian Ocean near the island of Seychelles carefree and unfettered. Their demise was unbeknownst to them.
In the heat of summer in 2012, the National Oceanic and Atmospheric Administration (NOAA) declared that this was the hottest summer on record in the United States of America. The previous hottest day was recorded in 1936.
Soon thereafter, it was discovered that the temperature was changed for 1936 to give the appearance of 2012 as being the hottest. Without explanation, the NOAA has reinstated 1936 as the hottest summer in the USA.
The winter of 2009-2010 was the coldest winter on record in the last 35 years. The winter of 2012-2013 is the second coldest winter during this interim. The summers have been quite mild on average this century.
In 2013, an Antarctic expedition vessel was trapped in sea ice 100 miles offshore in 10-foot thick ice – the same ice that was predicted to be gone. Three icebreakers failed to reach the ship to rescue them and they too became stuck. 

Ironically, the first ship was full of scientists looking for evidence of Global Warming. They were comparing information from last century to the 2013 information – there was no sea ice there 100 years ago.
Several rowboats, canoes, Yachts, and sailboats also were stuck in the Arctic Sea ice in the summer of 2012. They were all under the impression that their voyage through the Northwest Passage would be ice-free.
Secretary of State John Kerry, along with Al Gore, predicted that the entire Arctic region would have no ice. In fact, the antithesis to their predictions developed – the ice has doubled to the 2nd highest sea ice level on record.

Trade Winds

New research by the National Academy of Sciences (NAS) stated that the previous warming was due to changes in atmospheric circulation. In other words; it was the wind. The simplicity of wind can vastly affect global temperatures.
Wind patterns change constantly and seldom stays the same for very long. The wind can pound heat into the ocean and it can also pick up coolness from the water. The NAS admits that this new finding alters the fundamentals of global warming information.
The National and Atmospheric Administration says that this study will greatly effect trending temperature interpretations at a global level. Simply put; this is a game changer for future assessments and predictions. Then came a big change. Goodbye to Global Warming, hello to Climate Change.

In Closing

Apparently, if it rains too much, rains not enough, or a hurricane comes by, or it is a sunny day, it is all due to Climate Change. With this perfect scenario, any condition can be allotted to Global Warming or Climate Change. This intentionally vague name is the one-size fits all approach.
President Obama and Green enthusiasts tout that it is real and the debate is over. When Democrats acclaim that the debate is over -- it means they are losing the argument. Never debate, just demand. This debate is far from over and it will be heatedly discussed for decades to come.
The temperature recordings used to declare Global Warming or Climate Change goes back a little over 100 years. Considering that the Earth is 4.54 billion years old, this is an infinitesimal amount of time to deduce any such conclusions.

A cleaner Earth is desirable by most conscientious folks. However, even if we got CO2 emissions to zero, Russia, China, and Egypt, who are the biggest pollution offenders, will not join in this cause. It simply costs exorbitantly too much, and coal and oil are plentiful. If the alarmists are correct, we are doomed no matter what the U.S. does.
I am not a Global Warming or Climate Change opponent, nor am I a proponent. I could not feel more indifferent on the matter. It has never been scientifically proved, that, A) Global Warming exists and that it is caused by humans, or, B) Climate Change, whatsoever this word means, is a deleterious condition caused by the human race.

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