Tuesday, March 29, 2016

Obama Economy Worst Since Jimmy Carter

95 million Americans are not working today. This represents a workforce participation rate of a deplorable 62.6% – the worst since the Carter Administration. In 2009, this rate was at 65.7%. The the number of unemployed women over 18 has risen exponentially, 7 million less women are working today. Due to the unscrupulous methodology of calculating the unemployment rate, today it stands at 4.9%.

Americans that have surrendered their effort to find work are not considered unemployed. Also not counted are folks that want a full-time job, but had to settle for a part-time job. Persons that have lost their job and are collecting any sort of government assistance are not counted as unemployed.

When unemployment benefits have been exhausted, these folks are no longer considered unemployed. When these groups are counted, the true unemployment rate is 10.3%. However, approximately 30% of adults does not work.

Approximately 75% of all jobs lost since 2009 were full-time jobs. Conversely, approximately 75% of all newly employed Americans were hired as part-time.

Government Assistance:

1 – In 2009, there were 23 million Food Stamp recipients. Today there are 50 million recipients.

2 – 21.3% of Americans are receiving some sort of government assistance.

3 – 51% of immigrants – legal and illegal – receive Welfare and/or Food Stamp benefits.

4 – The number of illegal immigrants collecting government benefits is incalculable. The states that approve these benefits do not make the numbers known to the public.

5 – Since the “Red lines” debacle with Syria, upwards of 300,000 Syrian “refugees” have been imported the United States. They have been flown in on the taxpayers’ dime. By default, they are labeled refugees and they are immediately eligible for all government benefits.

6 – While 95 million Americans are not working, 5.5 million work permits have been issued to foreigners that came to America via student visa, or as a tourist.

7 – Counting the illegals that have crossed the unguarded border, and the work permitted foreigners, over 10 million people have been added to the population. However, none of them are counted in any unemployment calculation.

Median Income:

The average American median income has dropped precipitously each year since 2009. It has fallen from $55,000 per year to $50,000. The median work week has fallen to 33 hours per week.

National Debt:

America's first 43 presidents racked up an astounding $9 Trillion debt. Our 44th President has more than doubled that amount to $19,006,830,990,765 according to the FY2016 Federal Budget.

If it took you two minutes to read this, the debt rose $6 million in that time.

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Monday, March 28, 2016

ISIS VS ISIL: Is There A Difference?

ISIS VS ISIL: Facts And Fallacies

ISIS, or as President Obama refers to them, ISIL, was established in 1998 during the Clinton Administration. These now infamous terrorists were insignificant from that time through the Bush Administration and remained insignificant until 2012.
When America cut and run from Iraq, the vacuum left was soon filled by a growing ISIS. The left-wing pundits will tell you that a Status of Forces Agreement could not be reached with the Iraqi government and the U.S. was kicked out. This notion is not only false, but it is uniquely ridiculous.
The U.S. Invaded Iraq without permission, removed a dictator without permission, and defeated Al Qeada without permission. President Obama declared the war was over and that the 40,000 soldiers were leaving the country by New Years Eve 2011 – and so they left.
The Islamic State of Iraq and Syria (ISIS) changed their name to Islamic State (IS) over one year ago. At no time were they ever called ISIL, which stands for the Islamic State of Iraq and Levant. The Obama Administration created the term ISIL for two reasons.
One, the Levant is the entire region, which includes Israel. The phrase ISIL is a surreptitious poke in the eye to the Jewish state, to which Obama is no great fan. He believes Israel should return to its 1967 borders. That would equate to Israel being just nine miles wide and would render the nation indefensible.
Two, calling them ISIL removes the S, which stands for Syria. After Obama's “red lines” debacle, he wants the world, and history books to forget about Syria. To date, 500,000 lives have been lost in the Syrian civil war and America could have stopped the killing – but did not.
No one else on Earth calls them ISIL, yet most Americans accept the controversy. One must ask the question; why does America's 44th president carry such disdain for Israel while conterminously ingratiating Muslim terrorist states. There are many theorems, but the fact is disconcerting whatsoever the reasoning.
The term ISIL is spoken to address the Middle East leaders – mostly Iran. Iran is the number one supporter of terrorism on Earth. President Obama has befriended Iran despite their culpability for numerous American deaths – including well over 1,000 soldiers.
In the last 30 days, how many terrorist attacks do you think there were? How does 147 grab you? The attacks were in 25 different countries and 1,165 people have perished. 3,221 were injured. This happened in the U.S., Canada, Belgium, Scotland, the Philippines, Thailand, and Russia, just to name a few. Since 9/11/01, there has been over 28,000 attacks globally.
If the “coalition” of 63 countries actually existed, that would mean that 63 nations are losing the war on terror. The fact is, America is the one of just a few that is doing anything militaristic. The world will not follow unless the U.S. Leads – and that will not happen under the Obama administration.
The New York times has been studying the profiles of terrorist and released this finding. “Their backgrounds are so diverse that they defy a single profile.” The NYT cannot think of one thing in common with all of the terrorists.
There are at least three. They are almost always men, almost always between the age of 18 and 35, and they are always Muslims. The aforementioned description is exactly the description of the Syrian refugees that the Obama Administration is pumping into America today.

With a disconnected president and a corrupt media protecting him, ISIS will continue to grow no matter how many Americans are killed. Principals and ideology are more important to our 44th president than it is to protect you.
In the last five years, terrorist killings are up 800%, what in God's name are we waiting for. 
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Donald Trump: Rage Against The Machine

Republican establishment politicians are stumped on Trump, insofar as how to go about ousting the former reality TV star and billionaire. The punctilious message they are conveying to the GOP voter is, “You need to think correctly.”

The elite anti-Trump enthusiasts met on the secluded Sea Island off the coast of Georgia with billionaire Facebook investor Sean Parker, also Tesla Motors CEO Elon Musk, a co-founder of Google Larry Page, and Apple's CEO Tim Cook, among others. This gang of multi-billionaire's and special interest groups must stop Trump because he will not play by the esoteric establishment rules.

Also in attendance in this surreptitious rendezvous was Senate Majority Leader Mitch McConnell, Senator and journalist for the NY Times Tom Cotton, Republican strategist Karl Rove, and Speaker Paul Ryan, just to name a few. The panic-stricken think-tankers are considering changing the rules of how the GOP candidate is chosen.

If the Washington Machine's machinations come to fruition, the rage against the machine will spread like wildfire. The people have spoken, and they had better listen. The outrage with the business-as-usual politicians are to blame for Trump's success.

The Donald cannot be bought or influenced by anyone – and they don't like it. This means that billions of dollars will sit dormant and none of them can gobble it up. Republicans, Democrats, Fox News, CNN, and much of the mainstream media want Trump dumped.

The genius thinking of Karl Rove is that Mr. Trump does not appear “presidential” and that, “Children cannot look up to him.” Why then, Mr. Rove, has he won 15 states – and most of them were won “bigly.” Mr. Rove was dead wrong in 2012, and wrong 'bigly', which leaves his opinions vacuous of any consideration.

Governor John Kasich and Senator Marco Rubio continue to wade in the waters of nothingness. They share the third and fourth place finish in just about every race and claim they are on the verge of something big. Ted Cruz has bagged just eight states, yet vociferously touts that he can beat Trump.

The fact is; no one can derail the Trump train. They remain in the race in attempt to gobble up enough delegates to stop the front-runner from reaching the holy grail of 1237 delegates. This number would clinch the republican representative in the presidential race.

Super PACs have spent upwards of $25 million on anti-Trump ads to encourage the Floridian voters to vote for anyone but The Donald. Millions more were spent by the aforementioned billionaire kings of media and social media. This authoritarianism is what the GOP has been rendered down to. They enter politics with little money and retire as millionaires.

Their plan is acquiescent to the shenanigans of communists Karl Marx, Saul Alinsky, and Vladimir Lenin. The GOP elites know what is best for you. The consensus is; you had better change your way of thinking or you will meet your demise.

Friday night, the Sorosian rent-a-riot professional protesters invaded Chicago to utilize the powers of free speech to stop the free speech of Donald Trump and the 25-thousand attendees. The violence, bigotry and anathema of these troglodytes will only elevate Donald Trump's popularity. There is no doubt that this exhibition will become a paradigm.

Rubio, Cruz and John Kasich sealed the deal on their presidential demise by blaming the victims – Trump and his pundits – for the unrest. They blame The Donald for the violence in the most violent city in the country. To conjure this conclusion takes an intense amount of non-thinking and they nailed it.

To say that Trump's commentary is the cause for the violence and protests is farcical at best. Americans watch movies with vulgar language, racism, and murders and they don't leave the theater in an uproar. You can hear this vulgar rhetoric at any construction site. If words caused violence, nearly everything would be protested.

The trio of obsequious presidential hopefuls have received their GOP orders and followed them with no hesitation. Constitutionalism enthusiast Ted Cruz no longer believes the the law of the land applies to everyone. The Trump followers encouraged no violence. It is the paid-in-full professional protesters that are violent. These thugs represent Liberal Progressiveness in its puritanical form.

They are bused, and sometimes flown in when the call of duty is requested. They are trained antagonists and they are supplied with signs, bull horns and catchy slogans to chant. When ever they arrive, violence is inevitable.

The Progressive Liberal site moveon.org incited the mob to cause the unrest. Their view is; if anyone disagrees with their way of thinking, shut them down by any means. They believe that incorrect thinking must be destroyed.

George Soros proudly funds this group and hundreds, if not thousands of others. He also funded the Ferguson riots to the tune of $33 million. He currently funds the Black Lives Matter movement and he funded the Wall Street protesters during the 2012 presidential race.

Moveon.org has promised more unrest at future Trump rallies. To the surprise of no one, they support Bernie Sanders. Will anyone hold their breath until the Bern disavows these actions? If so, an outbreak of collapsed lungs would overwhelm the first respondents.

Imagine the Tea Party shutting down a Hillary Clinton or Bernie Sanders event. Imagine Tea Party thugs physically abusing their followers and robbing the candidates of their right to speak. The shameless, feckless left-wing media would explode into a 24/7 tendentious lambasting crusade. The literary poets of media excoriate Trump and coddle the incendiary protesters.

It is apparent that these folks cannot see the blatantly obvious; whensoever 
Trump is attacked, his following only grows. After the chaos subsided in Chicago, he was afforded hours of free airtime throughout the weekend. In fact, he has spent the least on his campaign than any other candidate.

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