Tuesday, September 27, 2016

Lester Holt Helped Hillary

Media Got What They Wanted

The mainstream media held Lester Holt's feet over hot coals and demanded that he fact-check Trump and bring on tough questioning. Well, they got it. Matt Lauer was excoriated for being 'fair' to both Hillary and Trump in his separate interviews with the duo of presidential hopefuls. The stalwart liberal Holt heard the message loud and clear and it was displayed clearly Monday night.

The NBC moderator badgered Trump on the birther issue and hit him with three follow-up questions on the topic. The birther conspiracy was posted all over the internet during the 2008 nominee race between Clinton and Obama. Knowing this, Holt still tried to pin it on The Donald.

Lester Holt helped Hillary by failing to mention any of her biggest scandals. He did not mention her deadly debacle in Benghazi. He did not inquire into her email issue even when he brought up the topic of cyber security. There was no mention of the Clinton Foundation's malfeasance.

Holt was an embarrassment to the world of journalism. He did not question Hillary on any of her 'deplorable' failures – and there are many to choose from. Instead, he placated to the mainstream media darlings and towed the line for the good cause.

Lester Soft On Clinton

Hillary Clinton is the first female candidate from a major party to win the nomination for President of the United States. The word 'nomination' should be taken lightly. She is also the first presidential candidate to be fingerprinted. She also wears the crown for being the first candidate nominated while under FBI investigation.

Clinton did not make many appearances in her battle with Bernie because she knew it was in the bag for her. Just imagine; every rally and every penny raised by team Bernie was all for nothing. Every passionate supporter was bamboozled into thinking Bernie had a shot.

The DNC promised Hillary the nomination back in 2008. She was supposed to be the presidential candidate that year, but along came a clean cut African American named Barack Obama. When she conceded the race to the young Senator Obama, the DNC told her she would be the 2016 candidate, which has come to fruition.

NBC's moderator had the gall to hit Trump with accusation that he supported the Iraq war, which he did not. It was Trump who brought up the fact that Hillary voted for the war, supported the early exit, and along with President Obama, is responsible for the elevation of ISIS.

Lester Holt helped Hillary by slamming Trump on his tax returns claiming that the citizenry should know about any business ties with foreign countries. Then, he had the audacity to not discuss Hillary's pay-to-play shenanigans with countless rogue foreign leaders.

Lester Holt Should Never Moderate Again

Just ponder as to why Saudi Arabia would give Hillary Clinton $25 million. Is it because of their endearing hearts urged them to help the impoverished around the world? Hardly. They bought the next U.S. president (in their mind) so they can freely brutalize and kill gays, treat women like dogs, and continue business as usual.

Lester's biggest slight of hand for Hillary was his silence with her major gaffe. Clinton said, “I think implicit bias is a problem for everyone, not just police.”

This acclimation accused every American of being racist. Lester let this fly without hesitation. If Trump had said anything similar, Holt would have hammered him for it and the headlines nationwide would be peppered with the line.

While Lester wasn't as blatant as Candy Crowly in the 2012 debate when she interjected to back Obama, his silence was deafening. In essence, Lester Holt helped Hillary and is a biased failure as a moderator who has no inclination to be impartial – as expected.

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Monday, September 19, 2016

Hillary Clinton Started The Birther Movement

Did Hillary Clinton Start The Birther Movement?

Back in 2011 in an interview, Trump questioned President Obama's place of birth and citizenship. No one had ever seen his birth certificate and his whereabouts at birth were not documented. To be fair, no other president was pressured to produce their birth certificate. Trump was subsequently labeled a bigot and a racist for his request of proof of birth place. When Ted Cruz's citizenship was questioned, however, the media said nothing.

Team Clinton has blamed Trump for creating the birther movement in recent rallies. Her problem is the fact that the birther rumors were running rampant in 2007 and 2008. At that time, Hillary Clinton Started the birther movement. Politico and The Guardian have recently traced the birther movement to the 2008 Clinton presidential campaign. Hillary's chief strategist, Mark Penn, wrote an astonishing memo as to how they should focus on Obama's “lack of roots” to win the election. They also questioned his Christianity.

Penn wrote, His roots to basic American values and culture are at best limited. I cannot imagine America electing a president during a time of war who is not at his center fundamentally American in his thinking and his values.”

He went on to tell Clinton to mention she was 'born in the middle of America' in every speech, which subliminally meant that her opponent is not American. The key here was to never say it, but feed the fire in other ways. Her campaign also took on the theme of 'American' and slipped it into her speeches at every opportunity.

Obama Blamed Hillary For Birther Movement In 2008

Soon thereafter, the birther believers began to pound the internet and state that President Obama was born in Kenya. That, immediately after his birth his mother brought him to Hawaii. Clinton supporters also spread this wild rumor on the web. It got downright filthy and the Clinton team was basking in the glory. They never uttered a word of this and they did not denounce it.

On their way to a debate in Iowa, Clinton and Obama crossed paths at the airport tarmac. Obama's former aide witnessed the rendezvous and below is what she said about it.

Obama very respectfully told her the apology was kind, but largely meaningless, given the emails it was rumored her camp had been sending out labeling him as a Muslim. Before he could finish his sentence, she exploded on Obama. In a matter of seconds, she went from composed to furious. It had not been Obama’s intention to upset her, but he wasn’t going to play the fool either.”

Clinton's Machiavellian Scheme 

A Clinton campaign worker, Judy Rose, emailed another staffer asking if Obama was surreptitiously a Muslim and if he is attempting to destroy the country from within. She wasn't fired immediately, she was cut loose when the media got a hold of the scandal. One month later, a photo of Obama wearing a headdress and a Muslim robe was released to the internet. Obama accused the Clinton team for the release.

Hillary's campaign manager, David Plouffe, said that this was “the most shameful, offensive fear-mongering we’ve seen from either party in this election”.

President Obama had to spend time on the fact that he is a Christian and not a Muslim for the rest of his campaign. Obama blamed Hillary's staff and supporters for the internet smears, yet today he blames Trump for the birther movement. To this day, Obama has never produced an authentic birth certificate. Folks have seen a notification of birth in a Hawaiian newspaper's archived and that quelled the controversy.

If it wasn't for double standards, this Democrat duo of Obama and Clinton would have no standards at all.

Judge Jeanine Goes Off On Hillary Video

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Monday, September 12, 2016

Why Didn't Hillary Go To The Hospital

Hillary Passes Out

Nearly everyone who wades in the murky waters of politics has viewed the video of Hillary collapsing as she was shuffled out of the 9/11 event Sunday. Unlike the previous week when an unseasonable heat wave had struck the apple city, Sunday was a picturesque day.

It was breezy and in the upper 70's. Yet, camp Clinton said that she had dehydrated and overheated. If this was true, why didn't Hillary go to the hospital? In the footage below, you can see her wobbling like a bowl of Jell-O on a freight train until her legs gave out. Later, they changed their mind and claimed that Clinton was diagnosed with pneumonia the previous Friday.

The protocol for the Secret Service is to never let their target stop moving. The former Secretary of State stood curbside for at least one minute. This gave a potential sniper plenty of time to focus on their target. Her car was not there because she exited the event long before she was scheduled to leave.

They are not supposed to move toward the exit without a vehicle already there and waiting. They were in a hurry to get her out of there and risked her safety in doing so. If you watch closely, not one of her security team was alarmed by her collapse, which can only mean that they have witnessed this scenario time and time again. Then, again, the question is; why didn't Hillary go to the hospital?

The Doctor Is In

It would be simple to understand if she was on Obama Care, but she is not. Imagine any other presidential candidate collapsing and then go to their daughter's house. This is beyond odd. Unless, of course, everyone around her knew exactly what happened to her.

Her condition has morphed from allergies to dehydration to pneumonia. However, it is starting to look like there is a much deeper ailment that she needs to keep secret – like everything else.

Her doctor, Dr. Lisa R. Baradack stated this, “Secretary Clinton has been experiencing a cough related to allergies... On Friday, during follow up evaluation of her prolonged cough, she was diagnosed with pneumonia. She was put on antibiotics, and advised rest and modify her schedule. While at this morning's event, she became overheated and dehydrated. I have just examined her and recovering nicely.”

She did not answer the salient question – why didn't Hillary go to the hospital like everyone else would have. Dr. Baradack has been Hillary's doctor for decades and has been exposed to the corrupt Clinton's ways and means. For this reason, whatever health records Hillary releases will not be worth the paper it is printed on.

Hillary's Concussion

She had fallen at least twice in 2012 and the second one inflicted a concussion. When she fell the first time, she broke her arm. This means that her reflexes were functioning properly and she put her hands out to soften the fall.

The second fall showed no signs of trying to protect herself. She fell and her head went straight to the flooring, thus the concussion. On both occasions, she went to the hospital for examination. But, not this time.

President Obama's doctor, Dr. David Scheiner, chimed in on CNN with this, “I think she should have had a neurological examination, a thorough neurological examination in 2016... We know what happens to football players who have had concussions, how they begin to lose some of their cognitive ability. I think both of them should release their records.”

So, why didn't Hillary go to the hospital? It is obvious that she suffers from recurring episodes that cannot be controlled by her doctor. All her staff and family know about it, or they would have dragged her to the nearest hospital.

Some doctors have said that Hillary has all the tell-tale signs of Parkinson's disease, while others have said she is suffering from neurological repercussions caused by her concussion. The truth is, because she is a Clinton, we may never know the truth. 

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Tuesday, September 6, 2016

Hillary Clinton's Cough Attack History

Hillary's Coughing: A Different Kind Of Hacking Scandal

Hillary Clinton has an eccentric coughing issue that flares up when she is publicly speaking – or is it all the time. It was first noticed back on February 15, 2008, when she was in the midst of a live interview for KTVU-TV in San Francisco. She had just stated how salient good health is and the importance of universal health care. Then, the debilitating cough attack ensued and she could not speak for nearly 30 seconds.

10 days later on February 25, it happened again. She was delivering a speech on foreign policy at George Washington University when she succumbed to another nettlesome attack. She struggled through nearly three minutes of hacking and coughing. Everyone who witnessed this display was dismayed, to say the least.

Continuing with her million mile trek across the globe accomplishing nothing, SOS Clinton landed in Hanoi, Vietnam in July of 2010. What she thought was a substantive issue here is anyone's guess. As she addressed the American Chamber of Commerce, she once again had to stop speaking because of her uncontrollable cough.

To excuse herself, she said, “So this scholarship program is exactly what we need. And I've been talking all day, so excuse me.” She gulped a half-glass of water and recomposed herself.

Hillary Clinton Cough Montage

2016 Presidential Campaign

Fast-forward to 2015 when she reappeared in the public. On the stump in Iowa, the cough-a-holic broke out into a hacking fit to near asphyxiation. Two months later on October 22, in the Benghazi hearing, the coughing came back to haunt her. On a side note; later we learned that the Democrat senators were spoon-fed which questions to ask Hillary long before the questioning.

Back on January 25, 2016, Hillary hacked out 37 coughs and 7 throat-clearings during an embarrassing 3-minute ordeal. She was attempting to speak to foreign policy, which she knows nothing about. Hillary has made more foreign policy mistakes than any Secretary of State (SOS) ever. The only person in Washington who has gotten more foreign assessments exactly wrong is Joe Biden.

Flashback: The footage of SOS Clinton in the situation room during the capture of Osama Bin Ladin, Hillary is seen with her hand covering her mouth. Originally, everyone wrote that off as she was shocked to see the operation unfold. Sources say, however, that she was attempting to silence her coughing.

Hillary Clinton Chokes

She suffered through more public attacks on February 15, 2016. February 16, 2016. February 20, 2016. April 5, 2016.

Most recently, she had two cough attacks on the same day on September 5, 2016. She was speaking to the reporters that were aboard her new plane when her choking cough occurred. She attempted to speak through it but her words were inhibited to the point where she could not be interpreted.

Then, at a Labor Day stump speech in Ohio, Hillary gasped and gagged through her coughing for the first few minutes. Later, as she hammered Trump on his trip to Mexico – which Hillary declined her invite – the cough returned.

There is no wondering on why she has been the absentee nominee. There is something wrong with Hillary's health and she refuses to release her health records. Hillary Diane Rodham Clinton has given new meaning to what a 'choke artist' is.

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Thursday, September 1, 2016

Black Lives Matter Blast Democrats

Democrats Caught Manipulating BLM

Guccifer 2.0 released sensitive documents hacked from Democrat House Minority leader Nancy Pelosi's personal computer. In the content, there were guidelines and suggestions on how to manipulate the “radical activist” group Black Lives Matter (BLM).

It is unclear where Guccifer 2.0 resides or how he obtained the damning documents. Democrats immediately deflected the information by claiming that Russia is trying to interfere with the 2016 presidential race. This is ludicrous. Putin would choose Hillary over Trump because she would be as weak as Obama on foreign policy.

Within the hacked emails are demonstrably ignominious tactics to tame the BLM supporters. One memo from last November said, “Do not offer support or concrete policy positions” to BLM. Another read, “Stick to small meetings” and to “Lead from behind” -- which is a presidential approach today. It also stated to “Never mention 'black-on-black crimes' or 'All lives matter.'”

BLM Respond On Facebook

On BLM Facebook page, an angered response was written; “We are disappointed at the DCCC’s (Democratic Congressional Campaign Committee) placating response to our demand to value all Black life. Black communities deserve to be heard, not handled. People are dying.”

In full damage-control mode, A Pelosi spokesperson, Drew Hammill, responded, Pelosi “does not support the content or attitude of this memo. On many occasions, Leader Pelosi has publicly supported the ideals embraced by the Black Lives Matter movement and continues to do so.”

A memo sent to Democratic Congressional Campaign Committee (DCCC) staff from Troy Perry, the DCCC director of diversity at the time, suggested the “best practices” for handling the rogue protesters.

If approached by BLM activists, campaign staff should offer to meet with local activists. Invited BLM attendees should be limited... Please aim for personal or small group meetings. Listen to their concerns, don’t offer support for concrete policy positions... "This response will garner additional media scrutiny and only anger BLM activists.”

Democrats Are The Party Of Racism

The hacked emails/memos are just another example of how the sanctimonious Democrats use the African American community just to turn out votes. Before the Civil War, the Republican Party was formed strictly to oppose slavery. It was the abhorrent Democrat party that fought to their death to keep slavery.

Slavery was finally abolished in 1865. 100% of the Republicans voted for it. Just 23% of the Democrats voted for it. The Republicans were labeled “Radicals” because they also wanted African Americans to be free and become citizens, give them equality, and give them rights.

President Lincoln's Vice President was Andrew Johnson, a Democrat. He was chosen to win over some Democrat voters. After Lincoln's assassination, John and the Democrat party fought against ex-slaves obtaining civil rights. The Democrat party fought against this for nearly 100 years after Lincoln's demise.

In 1868, however, the 14th amendment was passed. This gave African Americans citizenship. 94% of the Republicans voted for it, and 0% Democrats voted for it. The KKK was an affiliate of the Southern Democrat Party. The Left referred to the Republicans as “N-word lovers.”

It is the paradigm of Democrats that turn their heads at black inner-city murders and crime. They continue to claim that they will fight for them, but all they want is their vote. The top 10 worst cities in America are ruled by Democrats, dominated by blacks, and they live in hell.

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