Monday, March 28, 2016

ISIS VS ISIL: Is There A Difference?

ISIS VS ISIL: Facts And Fallacies

ISIS, or as President Obama refers to them, ISIL, was established in 1998 during the Clinton Administration. These now infamous terrorists were insignificant from that time through the Bush Administration and remained insignificant until 2012.
When America cut and run from Iraq, the vacuum left was soon filled by a growing ISIS. The left-wing pundits will tell you that a Status of Forces Agreement could not be reached with the Iraqi government and the U.S. was kicked out. This notion is not only false, but it is uniquely ridiculous.
The U.S. Invaded Iraq without permission, removed a dictator without permission, and defeated Al Qeada without permission. President Obama declared the war was over and that the 40,000 soldiers were leaving the country by New Years Eve 2011 – and so they left.
The Islamic State of Iraq and Syria (ISIS) changed their name to Islamic State (IS) over one year ago. At no time were they ever called ISIL, which stands for the Islamic State of Iraq and Levant. The Obama Administration created the term ISIL for two reasons.
One, the Levant is the entire region, which includes Israel. The phrase ISIL is a surreptitious poke in the eye to the Jewish state, to which Obama is no great fan. He believes Israel should return to its 1967 borders. That would equate to Israel being just nine miles wide and would render the nation indefensible.
Two, calling them ISIL removes the S, which stands for Syria. After Obama's “red lines” debacle, he wants the world, and history books to forget about Syria. To date, 500,000 lives have been lost in the Syrian civil war and America could have stopped the killing – but did not.
No one else on Earth calls them ISIL, yet most Americans accept the controversy. One must ask the question; why does America's 44th president carry such disdain for Israel while conterminously ingratiating Muslim terrorist states. There are many theorems, but the fact is disconcerting whatsoever the reasoning.
The term ISIL is spoken to address the Middle East leaders – mostly Iran. Iran is the number one supporter of terrorism on Earth. President Obama has befriended Iran despite their culpability for numerous American deaths – including well over 1,000 soldiers.
In the last 30 days, how many terrorist attacks do you think there were? How does 147 grab you? The attacks were in 25 different countries and 1,165 people have perished. 3,221 were injured. This happened in the U.S., Canada, Belgium, Scotland, the Philippines, Thailand, and Russia, just to name a few. Since 9/11/01, there has been over 28,000 attacks globally.
If the “coalition” of 63 countries actually existed, that would mean that 63 nations are losing the war on terror. The fact is, America is the one of just a few that is doing anything militaristic. The world will not follow unless the U.S. Leads – and that will not happen under the Obama administration.
The New York times has been studying the profiles of terrorist and released this finding. “Their backgrounds are so diverse that they defy a single profile.” The NYT cannot think of one thing in common with all of the terrorists.
There are at least three. They are almost always men, almost always between the age of 18 and 35, and they are always Muslims. The aforementioned description is exactly the description of the Syrian refugees that the Obama Administration is pumping into America today.

With a disconnected president and a corrupt media protecting him, ISIS will continue to grow no matter how many Americans are killed. Principals and ideology are more important to our 44th president than it is to protect you.
In the last five years, terrorist killings are up 800%, what in God's name are we waiting for. 
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