Tuesday, October 11, 2016

Is Obama Running The Clinton Campaign?

Obama's Legacy Concerns

With President Obama's tenure coming to an end next January, he has morphed into
full legacy mode. He needs the next president to keep his accomplishments (in his mind) in effect. That president would be Hillary Clinton. But, the Clinton's and Obama's loath each other, right? The fact is; they need each other.

We now know that Hillary Clinton was awarded the 2016 presidential nomination way back in 2008. She was supposed to be the nominee that same year, but along came a smooth-talking African American. After a bitter mud-slinging 2008 campaign, Hillary gave up her fight and set her sights on the 2016 presidential bid.

Bernie Sanders put up a terrific fight in the 2016 primary. The self-admitted socialist promised to give the American citizenry sack loads of goodies for free. Nothing is 'free', and taxpayers would have paid for it all. Little did Bernie know that he had zero chance of becoming the nominee. WikiLeaks proved that when they released hacked emails from the DNC.

Former DNC Chairperson Debbie Wasserman Schultz was caught red-handed when the emails revealed that the Floridian Representative shared machinations of how they can stop Sanders from winning. Bernie had been claiming that the system was rigged and he was right. Imagine; every effort he made was for nothing. Every penny given to him was for nothing. Then, he endorsed Hillary – go figure.

Hillary's Email Problem

Former Secretary of State (SOS) Hillary Clinton found herself in hot water when it was discovered that she hid her emails on a private server in her basement. A subpoena was issued to Clinton forcing her to protect and preserve these emails. Then, she deleted approximately 33,000 emails that she claims were about her daughter's wedding, yoga, and some to her husband. The problem; Bill said that he has sent just one email in his life.

This would mean that Hillary sent more than 22 emails per day – every day – for four years. That is a lot of yoga talk. The FBI dedicated 150 agents and it took over a year to investigate her email scandal. Upon conclusion, FBI director James Comey read off a litany of crimes she committed and then recommended that there should be no charges filed.

Here is the deal; Barack Obama told Clinton that he will get her off in exchange for Hillary supporting and protecting his major works as president. They agreed and Comey was "convinced" into letting Clinton off the hook. We learned in the 2012 presidential election that the IRS is corrupt and now we know the FBI is corrupt.

Obama Stumps For Hillary

Most Americans have known Hillary for 30 years. They know her husband Bill has the morals of an alley cat. They also know the Mrs. Clinton is boring and predictable. For these reasons – and many more – Hillary cannot reach a 50 percent approval rating. She has been around 43 percent for most of the time.

The fears among the Democrat machine are growing and Barack Obama was asked to put on his cape and save the day. Hillary has performed so poorly that Michelle Obama has to give speeches to pump up support. The desperation is so great, they had to drag out good ole Al Gore to sway voters.

While the Democrat has a much easier path to attain the 270 delegates needed to be elected, Hillary has been Donald Trump's best tool. The more she speaks, the less she is liked. This would explain why she refused to hold a news conference for over 270 days. The winner of the final debate will probably be America's 45th president. So, keep talking Hillary, the nation needs a President Donald Trump. 

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