Tuesday, September 27, 2016

Lester Holt Helped Hillary

Media Got What They Wanted

The mainstream media held Lester Holt's feet over hot coals and demanded that he fact-check Trump and bring on tough questioning. Well, they got it. Matt Lauer was excoriated for being 'fair' to both Hillary and Trump in his separate interviews with the duo of presidential hopefuls. The stalwart liberal Holt heard the message loud and clear and it was displayed clearly Monday night.

The NBC moderator badgered Trump on the birther issue and hit him with three follow-up questions on the topic. The birther conspiracy was posted all over the internet during the 2008 nominee race between Clinton and Obama. Knowing this, Holt still tried to pin it on The Donald.

Lester Holt helped Hillary by failing to mention any of her biggest scandals. He did not mention her deadly debacle in Benghazi. He did not inquire into her email issue even when he brought up the topic of cyber security. There was no mention of the Clinton Foundation's malfeasance.

Holt was an embarrassment to the world of journalism. He did not question Hillary on any of her 'deplorable' failures – and there are many to choose from. Instead, he placated to the mainstream media darlings and towed the line for the good cause.

Lester Soft On Clinton

Hillary Clinton is the first female candidate from a major party to win the nomination for President of the United States. The word 'nomination' should be taken lightly. She is also the first presidential candidate to be fingerprinted. She also wears the crown for being the first candidate nominated while under FBI investigation.

Clinton did not make many appearances in her battle with Bernie because she knew it was in the bag for her. Just imagine; every rally and every penny raised by team Bernie was all for nothing. Every passionate supporter was bamboozled into thinking Bernie had a shot.

The DNC promised Hillary the nomination back in 2008. She was supposed to be the presidential candidate that year, but along came a clean cut African American named Barack Obama. When she conceded the race to the young Senator Obama, the DNC told her she would be the 2016 candidate, which has come to fruition.

NBC's moderator had the gall to hit Trump with accusation that he supported the Iraq war, which he did not. It was Trump who brought up the fact that Hillary voted for the war, supported the early exit, and along with President Obama, is responsible for the elevation of ISIS.

Lester Holt helped Hillary by slamming Trump on his tax returns claiming that the citizenry should know about any business ties with foreign countries. Then, he had the audacity to not discuss Hillary's pay-to-play shenanigans with countless rogue foreign leaders.

Lester Holt Should Never Moderate Again

Just ponder as to why Saudi Arabia would give Hillary Clinton $25 million. Is it because of their endearing hearts urged them to help the impoverished around the world? Hardly. They bought the next U.S. president (in their mind) so they can freely brutalize and kill gays, treat women like dogs, and continue business as usual.

Lester's biggest slight of hand for Hillary was his silence with her major gaffe. Clinton said, “I think implicit bias is a problem for everyone, not just police.”

This acclimation accused every American of being racist. Lester let this fly without hesitation. If Trump had said anything similar, Holt would have hammered him for it and the headlines nationwide would be peppered with the line.

While Lester wasn't as blatant as Candy Crowly in the 2012 debate when she interjected to back Obama, his silence was deafening. In essence, Lester Holt helped Hillary and is a biased failure as a moderator who has no inclination to be impartial – as expected.

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