Thursday, December 15, 2016

Did America Cause The Syrian Civil War?

Red Lines, Red Lines
President Obama, Hillary Clinton, and John Kerry all heralded Syrian President Bashir Assad as the “key to peace” in the Middle East. As Secretary of State, Hillary said that Assad was a “reformer” and “the road to peace ends in Damascus.”
There’s a different leader in Syria now. Many of the members of Congress of both parties who have gone to Syria in recent months have said he’s a reformer,” said Clinton. All the while Assad was aligning himself with Iran, Russia, Hamas.
The consensus of these three astute American leaders were exactly the same — and exactly wrong. Our 44th President painted himself into a corner with his infamous 'red lines' threat. These ever-moving red lines were crossed and the U.S. did nothing but placate to microphones. This decision cost thousands of lives.
Barack Obama is pressured into doing something, anything, or his presidency, and legacy, is doomed. Boots on the ground here is not an option with this president. Moreover, lofting a few bombs at a few locations will do nothing except tell Iran and Al Qaeda that America is weaker than they thought.
Bombing known chemical weapon storage sites is also off the table. This would put civilian lives in eminent danger. Oftentimes, immediately after chemical weapons are used, the stockpile of the remaining is surreptitiously placed into the basements and backyards of civilians homes.

Unforeseen Circumstances
Unintended consequences are always the result of war and retaliatory attacks. Civilian casualties are often inevitable. Any strikes would be done without actual proof to Americans that chemical weapons were used. The only evidentiary proof is Secretary of State John Kerry’s word. The White House has stated that the U.S. is not taking action with the goal of regime change – that means it is about regime change.
Many questions have arisen in regards to this issue; what is the message America is sending? It is okay for Assad to kill his own people with guns, bombs, and conventional weapons, but not with chemical weapons. Will there be a no-fly zone? It is far too late for that, Russia is already bombing civilians.
Nevertheless, the President of the United States is in an unenviable position as the world watches with baited breath. There will be plenty of time for answers and debate whether or not the right or wrong decisions were made – history will be written.

America Armed Terrorists

Hillary Clinton and Barack Obama are equally culpable for the escalation of death in the Syrian Civil War. Bombing Libya into decimation wasn't enough for the duo. In Libya and Syria, they armed ISIS, Daesh, Al Nursa Front, Arar, Aham, Al Qaeda, Jaish al-Fatah, and many other terrorist groups. Barack and Hillary like to call them rebels, but they are terrorists.
In the dark of night, Obama and Clinton oversaw several billions of dollars of weaponry shipped through Turkey into Syria. As a result, the citizenry of Syria are being slaughter and left in the streets by their president's military and by terrorists that the U.S. armed. This act was absolutely illegal internationally and in the U.S. unless the intent is to oust leadership, which Kerry has denied. What happens after the war? These same terrorists will use the arms against someone and it will be America's fault.
This all could have been stopped in 2012 by intervening. At that time, Russia and Iran were not big players and Assad's soldiers could have been decimated from the sky. Instead, Obama and Clinton decided to grab a bucket of popcorn and watch the carnage. Red lines and Libya will be Obama's and Hillary's legacy. 

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