Wednesday, December 21, 2016

Russia Did Not Hack The Election

Why Democrats Blame Russia

After weeks of exploring tenable excuses for Hillary's landslide loss, the left has settled on blaming Russia for the defeat. More precisely, Vladimir Putin and the Kremlin. Though it is impossible to hack an election, this notion fits their narrative of de-legitimizing Donald J. Trump's presidency.

Strap on your boots, folks, the left will be attacking him every day for at least the next four years and possibly eight. Americans will be reminded that Russia won the election for him and he doesn't really deserve to be the Commander in Chief. Thus, he is Putin's puppet.

This will be voiced throughout the mainstream media in hopes of a Democrat win in 2020. Everything he does will be under relentless scrutiny. He could walk on water and the media would report that he doesn't know how to swim.

Luckily, for Republicans, the Democrats do not plan on changing their agenda or their policies. The re-election of Nancy Pelosi guarantees that the party will move even further left than they are now. They just don't get it. This consensus is what catapulted Donald Trump into the White House.

Wikileaks Emails

President Obama gave his final press conference of the year last Friday. Before he headed off to his yearly Hawaiian vacation, he addressed the Russian issue. He said, "The intelligence that I've seen gives me great confidence in their assessment that the Russians carried out this hack..."

The American citizens will have to take his word for it, insofar as no evidence of this claim will be released. The Russian government addressed this accusation by saying, in layman's terms, President Obama, put up or shut up. He did neither. 

Julian Assange's renowned Wikileaks has never been proven wrong in its 11-year existence. Julian rarely reveals his sources, but in the alleged Russian hacking of the U.S. presidential election he has spoken out. He publicly stated on Fox News' Hannity show that he did not receive any hacked emails from Russia. It is a sad state of affairs when Wikileaks is more credulous than U.S. politicians. 

FBI Director James Comey had a phone conversation with President-Elect Donald Trump. He assured the President-Elect that there is no evidence that Russia had any part of influencing the election. He went on to say that the Russians were not culpable for the hacking of the Democrat National Convention.

National Intelligence Director James Clapper corroborated Comey's claim that there is no evidence that Russia had any influence on the presidential election. The only evidence that exists is the rumor that the CIA said so. Press Secretary Josh Earnest propelled President Obama's claim that the Russians “hacked the election.”

Hillary Clinton Lost

In sheer desperation, the Democrats are clinging on to any plausible excuse for the colossal loss. In their mind, it is not possible that Hillary lost because she is the most corrupt politician to ever walk on planet Earth. It is not possible that she lost because of the numerous crimes she has committed. It couldn't be that she is more unlikable than Donald Trump.

Money was no factor in Hillary's failure. Camp Clinton spent approximately $500 million more than camp Trump spent. Between the Clinton campaign fund-raising, the Democrat fund-raising committees, and her super PAC's, Clinton raised over a billion dollars.

Here are the numbers.

Clinton campaign: $623.1 million
Democrat party: $595.4 million
Super PAC's: $204.3 million

Clinton Total: $1.4 billion

Trump campaign: $329.4 million
Republican party: $524 million
Super PAC's: $79 million

Trump Total: $932.3 million

Hillary lost because she was a lousy candidate. She lost because she was outworked by her opponent. She lost because she didn't bother campaigning in Michigan or Wisconsin. She lost because she hid from the media.

Hillary Clinton felt the presidency was owed to her and she assumed she was going to win no matter what she did, or didn't do. Her team wanted Donald Trump for her opponent in the race for the presidency. This was a miscalculation that led to her demise. The irony is bliss – they got what they wished for.

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