Wednesday, May 24, 2017

Government Wasted Money - Ridiculous

Spending The U.S. Into Debt 

The U.S. Government has grown at an exponential rate in the 21st century. Regardless of the looming $20 trillion debt, Washington continues to find fascinating new ways to waste money that was taken from taxpayers. 

Bush 43 doubled the national debt from five trillion to nearly ten during his tenure. Barack Obama doubled that in his eight years. In fact, the Obama administration added more debt than all 43 previous presidents combined. 

In 2015, the outrageous waste continued despite the debt piling up. There were shrimps on treadmills, money spent on a study of the drinking habits of Russian prostitutes, to building tunnels under highways for turtles safe passageway. Of course, the turtle carnage continued insofar as the turtles were not told about the tunnels. 

Crazy Wild Waste 

Northeastern University in Boston MA received $3.4 million to study the aggression and anxiety of hamsters. They placed the hamsters in a cage and irked them to fight. The fighting was rare, so they pumped steroids into the rodents and that made them vicious and violent -- the dirty rats. 

Another outrageous example of government wasted money is when The National Science Foundation was granted $3 million to study why the shark music from the movie Jaws scares people. They have concluded that the music slowly getting louder and more rapid is why humans are afraid of sharks today. They're going to need a bigger boat. 

The U.S. government spent $21.8 million purchasing surplus cheese while coterminously incentivising companies to enter the cheese industry. Government wasted money, smile, and say cheese. 

More Outlandish Spending 

$80 billion is allotted to the technology budget each year. Nearly 70-percent is spent on outdated equipment repairs. Much of the Fed still uses floppy disks – even the computers that control America's nuclear arsenal. A big bang scenario indeed.

The government wasted money when The National Institute of Health granted Brown University $5 million to study fraternities and sororities. They were stunned to learn that they like to party. In fact – hold on to your hats – they concluded that these folks drink more than people that are not a member. And, people that visit them tend to drink in excess. They must be like an Animal House.  

The DOD went $106 million over budget – and five years late – for a military base that was never used in Afghanistan. Not only is that a swift kick in the shorts, but the military paid Afghani companies to tear it down.  

The list of government wasted money is endless. What's the good news? President Trump has already slashed two dozen federal departments. He also plans on cutting billions more of wasted taxpayer dollars. This notion has not been embraced by a president since Ronald Reagan

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