Thursday, June 1, 2017

Hillary Clinton: Macedonia Nuts

Hillary Blames Everything But Herself 

Hillary Clinton may be the only American, or earthling, that doesn't know why she lost – it was because of her. Her latest scapegoat is Macedonia. Those evil little Macedonians flew into America and pulled the level for The Donald without anyone noticing. 

Macedonia is a small country bordering the northern part of Greece. Yes, that makes sense, doesn't it. Actually, she believes that there are "content farms" that filled the internet with lies about her deleted emails, her secret server, her infidel husband, selling uranium to Russia, and a long litany of other misdeeds. 

Hillary lost because she was the worst candidate in modern history who ran the worst campaign in American history. She did not campaign, she did not give many interviews, she did not hold many rallies. Trump had seven in one day. 

Below is a list of the outlandish 24 excuses SOS Clinton has used – so far. 

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