Sunday, August 21, 2016

Hillary Clinton Has Parkinson's Disease

Reuters Captured  This Telling Photo

Something Is Wrong With Hillary

This notion has been suspected by doctors across the nation. While they agree that it is difficult to be certain without running tests, it walks like a duck. Hillary Clinton has sustained several health issues over the past half-fortnight. Little information has been released and the media is disinterested in reporting the story. She has rebuffed all calls to release her health records and again, the bias of the media ignore this, while conterminously demanding Trump's tax return. Her physician released a statement saying that she is in “excellent physical condition”, but clearly, something is wrong.

When pharmaceutical executive Martin Shkrell was asked, "does Hillary Clinton has Parkinson's Disease", he said that the Democrat hopeful has all the “pretty unmistakable signs of Parkinson's Disease.” Shkrell has the credentials of 15-years experience in drug discovery and pharmaceuticals. He also ruled out repercussions of a stroke or concussion. He had a big hand in developing a drug for the symptoms of Parkinson's disease. He went on to say that her outre' episodes are a result of experiencing dopamine depletion, which distorts her movement.

Hillary Needed Help

Timeline of incidents Hillary experienced

2009: Hillary fell and broke her elbow. No details were released and the media let it go.

2012: Secretary of State (SOS) fell again and sustained a concussion. Shortly thereafter, she was diagnosed with a transverse sinus and she underwent chronic anti-coagulation therapy.

2013: Huma Abedin, Hillary's longtime chief adviser, sent an email that included her saying “Hillary is often confused.”

2016: Hillary showed classic signs of PD at a rally. She pressed her right hand over her heart and made odd gestures with the same hand. This is common with folks suffering from the disease.

2016: A few months later she appeared in front of close-up reporters. When several of them shouted out questions, she was startled and froze, then she proceeded with her infamous head bobbing.

2016: A few weeks later, during the DNC balloon drop, Hillary appeared mesmerized with her eyes and mouth stuck wide open.

2016: One month after that bizarre incident, She experienced a self-proclaimed “short circuit” when she lied about the lies she told the country regarding the email scandal.

2016: The very next day, Hillary froze like a deer in the headlights when protesters started shouting at her. Her bodyguard dashed over to her and said, “It's okay, we're not going anywhere, keep talking. A few seconds elapsed and she snapped out of it. This man was reportedly wielding a dose of diazepam that he injected into Hillary to snap her out of her "off" condition.


Hillary's Diagnosis

She is often seen with one or two men helping her up any set of stairs she meets. A stool is nearby her at all times. She does not allow the media to see her get off her plane. She laughs inappropriately and suffers unexplained cough attacks. These are all signs of Parkinson's Disease.

It is clear for any reasonable person to see that something is wrong. She struggles to walk up stairs or walk in general. Her mind seems to take odd turns and she has quirky episodes. This is most likely why Hillary is the hidden candidate in the 2016 presidential election. This would also explain why she has not held a news conference this year.

If Hillary Clinton has Parkinson's disease, she will probably not have one throughout the remainder of the cycle. The fear from camp Hillary is that she may undergo an episode that the entire country would see. That water-cooler scenario would undoubtedly end her aspirations of becoming America's first female president. 

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