Tuesday, August 30, 2016

Illegal Immigrant Crime In America

There Are No Jobs

 Although legal immigration is generally accepted by most Americans, it should be discontinued until there are job opportunities for them. 95 million Americans do not have a job today, yet the legal and  illegal immigrants are flooding the U.S. today. They will consume, but most cannot earn or contribute. Illegal immigration also needs to end, but it will explode under a President Hillary Clinton. 
Immigration was stringently restricted in 1924. The Johnson-Reed Act -- or Immigration Act of 1924 -- banned Asians, Africans, and Arabs. Much of southern Europe and eastern Europe were also banned. The ban was lifted in 1965 when LBJ realized that the Democrats were running low on  voters.  
Since George Washington, no American president has secured the borders. In the past seven years,  however, the border patrol has been ordered to stand down for the most part. The few illegals that were apprehended were set free to roam the country. There is no way to vet them, they do not  exist electronically or officially.  
That wasn’t enough for this president. He went as far as sending American officials overseas to pick up 10,000 Muslim Syrians and ship them to the U.S.A. No one can know the cost of the  transportation that taxpayers rendered for this move, but you can be certain it was double-digit millions. 

Illegals Commit 30% Of Murders In Cities

In addition to the absence of jobs, many illegal immigrants are committing crimes against Americans. In many major cities, illegal immigrants are responsible for 30 percent of murders. The actual number cannot be learned from the government. This means that the number is probably outrageously high.

At least 120 illegal immigrants that President Obama had released from prison went on to kill an American. Between 2008 and 2014, 40% of all murder convictions in Florida were criminal aliens. In  New York, it was 34% and Arizona 17.8%.

During those seven years, illegal immigrants accounted for 38% of all murders in the five states of California, Texas, Arizona, Florida and New York, while illegal aliens constitute just 5.6% of the population in those states. That 38% equates to 7,085 murders of the total 18,643.

ISIS Warned The World Of Infiltration

ISIS told the world that they will infiltrate the Syrian refugees in Europe and America.  CIA Director John Brennan, Air Forge General Phillip Breedlove, General John Allen, FBI Director James Comey, US Director of National Intelligence John Clapper, State Department Spokesman John Kirby, Deputy Director of the National Counterintelligence Center Nicholas Rasmussen, Assistant Director of the FBI Michael Steinbeck, and House Homeland Security Committee Chairman Rep. Michael McCaul have all warned the country that ISIS will be among the Syrian refugees

President Obama does not care. He doesn’t care how many American lives are lost. He doesn’t care about the parents that will see their children die. He doesn’t care that moms will not see their daughter get married. None of this is as important as importing future Democrat voters.

Refugees Will Receive Government Benefits

Immediately. Any person landing on the soil of America and is labeled a refugee, they are immediately qualified to receive welfare, food stamps, housing, education, health care, Medicine, and countless other government giveaways. 

This, of course, will only add to the uproariously out of control National Debt - which stands tall at nearly $20 trillion. No officials are told whether or not a Syrian family is going their towns and cities. The budgets for schools are already on the books, so any newcomers will create a deficit. 

Special Arabic-speaking teachers will necessarily be hired insofar as the refugees do not speak 
English. Special needs teachers will certainly be overwhelmed with the children that need help. But, 
never mind all this nonsense, the Democrats will get their voters.

Hillary Clinton Wants 100,000 Refugees

Hillary Clinton wants to increase the number of Syrian refugees in America by 550 percent. The country is in debt nearly $20 TRILLION and the democrats want to give away billions of dollars to people that hate the American way of life. What's worse is the fact that Barack Obama made certain that once they are here, the Feds cannot follow them, nor can they know where they live. They are on the honor system.

Hillary said this, “Look, we’re facing the worst refugee crisis since the end of World War II, and I think the United States has to do more, and I would like to see us move from what is a good start with 10,000 to 65,000 and begin immediately to put into place the mechanisms for vetting the people that we would take in.”

There is absolutely no way to tell if any of the Syrian Refugees in America have communicable diseases before they land here. Syria does not have free immunization like the U.S. practices. Once here, it is too late. An outbreak of measles, mumps, polio, pertussis, and many others are at a 20-year high. 22 percent of Syrians sent to Minnesota have Tuberculosis. Just 4 percent of Americans tested positive for TB.

Hillary And Obama Created The Crisis

While Hillary Clinton blames the Syrian Civil War on Climate Change and joblessness, the truth tells a vastly different tale. Back in 2012, President Obama, Hillary Clinton and John Kerry all heralded Syrian President Bashir Assad as the key to peace in the Middle East. As Secretary of State, Hillary said that Assad was a “reformer” and “the road to peace ends in Damascus.”

There’s a different leader in Syria now. Many of the members of Congress of both parties who have gone to Syria in recent months have said he’s a reformer.” -- Hillary Clinton. All the while Assad was aligning himself with Iran and Hamas.

For over a week, when it became apparent that Assad used chemical weapons on his own people, President Obama vociferously declared that the U.S. must act urgently to avenge the heinous attack on its own people — and then he retreated. In a Saturday speech in the Rose Garden, our 44th president changed his brazen march to imminent attack to whispers of retaining a permission slip from Congress first. 

To date, 500,000 Syrians have been killed and millions are fleeing. All this because Obama and Hillary got it exactly wrong in Syria and refused to intervene to stop the madman Assad. Those red lines are Clinton and Obama's legacy, and so are the Syrian Refugees in America.

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