Thursday, April 6, 2017

Funny Nancy Pelosi Quotes

Fake The Nation: Nancy Pelosi Interview

Reporter: Representative Pelosi, when you enter the Capitol Building, what kind of security do you go through?

Pelosi: They search us with a metal detecting probe. I think it is a Russian probe.

Reporter: How do you feel about Russia taking Crimea?

Pelosi: Fake news, they didn't take Crimea. They just wanted to pass the border to see what's in it.

Reporter: Donald Trump pins his daily agenda on his wall with tacks, your reaction.

Pelosi: The more tax the better.

Reporter: In light of your recent injury, how is your back feeling today?

Pelosi: I saw my doctor today. He gave me a misogyny and he rubbed the pain right out of me.

Reporter: President Trump is friends with race car driver Jeff Gordon, what do you make of Mr. Gordon?

Pelosi: He is a race-ist.

Reporter: Trump said he would buy you tickets to the next NASCAR race, your take.

Pelosi: That is race baiting.

Reporter: Why to you think Trump's repeal and replace Obamacare plan failed?

Pelosi: I think he was Russian through it.

Reporter: Donald Trump owns dozens of houses, what's up with that?

Pelosi: He is home-a-phobic.

Reporter: Is that your real hair?

Pelosi: That is fake news! I mean, yes.

Reporter: What are your feelings about Casper the Ghost?

Pelosi: He is a white supremacist -- and probably Russian.

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