Thursday, April 27, 2017

Yale University Hunger Strike - Sort Of

A Storm Of Snowflakes - LOL

Yale University assistants have been attempting to unionize ever since last year's National Labor Relations Board ruling that those assisting in teaching and/or research have the right to unionize. The Yale faculty has been slow-walking the negotiating process, which frustrated eight graduate students. 

"I've been waiting for Yale to negotiate for four years. That doesn't seem to matter to them, -- union chairman Aaron Greenberg, who is a participant of the hunger strikers. 

Eight New Haven, Connecticut department assistants at the Yale Ivy League University voted back in February to unionize. So far, the University have not catered to the protester's schedule. Well, the union wanna-bees have had enough. The proclaimed that they must fight the good fight and sacrifice themselves for the greater good – NOT! 

A Noble Cause 

Their answer: to go on a hunger strike in front of Yale's President, Peter Salovey's, home. Well, it is sort of a hunger strike. You see, the students posted that when one of them cannot continue, they asked for people to show up and take their place. 

So, the very first notion of hunger means that he or she can leave and someone will sit in for them. In other words, they go home to eat, rest up, and return some time in the future. Boy, they are really putting themselves in great peril for their quixotic cause, aren't they. 

"Yeah that’s not really how hunger strikes work,” -- Politico Editor in Chief Blake Hounshell.

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