Wednesday, April 12, 2017

Tony Perez Is A Radical Liberal

Who Is Tom Perez 

Slithering under the blanket of progressivism, DNC Chairman Tom Perez is a radical liberal that makes Bernie Sanders seem like a centrist. He was born and raised in Buffalo, New York, to be a  far-left ideologue. He framed his life around the claim that Public service was the family business. 

One of his greatest acclamations is a blatant lie. He has always boasted that his grandfather stood up to the Dominican Dictator Rafael Trujillo when he slaughtered 20,000 Haitians. He stated that his granddad was kicked out of the country for this reason.  

The fact is, however, that Perez's grandfather stood side-by-side with the evil dictator for at least five years. Then, two years before the onslaught of the Haitians, he left the country voluntarily and set sail for the United Stated. 

Perez Wants Big Government 

Tom Perez has promised to use his position – wherever he sits – as a bully pulpit to push his radical liberal views. When Perez was with the Civil Rights Division, it became bigger, more powerful, richer, and more aggressive than ever before. 

He has accused people and entities of racism and bigotry in cases where evidence of neither existed. It is the results that irritated him, not racism. Many cases had to do with "unfair" school testing and lending racism that only existed in his one-directional brain. 

Perez became precipitously more aggressive as The Labor Departments top dog. His first target: big corporations and big business. He went after those who offered an opt-out as pertaining to state-regulated workers' compensation. 

Perez Will Lead To More Democrat Losses 

The 2016 presidential election carried a powerful message: enough! The common folk watches a movement to the far left over the previous eight years and it failed miserably. They have had enough of open borders.  

With 95 million Americans not working, the citizenry has had enough of joblessness. They have had it with higher taxes, which were given to people that do not work. They are tired politicians promises that were never kept. 

Sickened are the people who watched the greatest health care system ever known to mankind destroyed. They are angry after witnessing the slowest economic recovery since WWII. But, most of all, that stated loudly that business as usual in Washington is coming to an end. All these scenarios created President Donald Trump. 

Fun Facts 

  • Tom Perez supports Sharia Law in America. 
  • He used his private email to conduct official government business. 
  • Perez supports amnesty and open borders. 
  • Tom is a racist who believes blacks commit more crimes because of white racism. 
  • Perez believes blacks scoring lower on firefighter and police tests is discriminatory.  
  • He said non-white applicants should get preference over whites. 
  • Perez believes foreign non-citizens should receive tuition subsidies.  
  • Tom has/had deep ties to George Soros and Hugo Chavez. 
  • Tom Perez is a Marxist enthusiast.

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