Monday, June 26, 2017

$15 Minimum Wage Kills Jobs

Seattle Income Falls 

As conservative pundits and economics 101 dictated, the minimum wage hike killed jobs and income for poor folks. The average minimum wage earner in Seattle dropped by $124 per month in 2016. The quixotic liberals failed to understand that labor cost percentages for businesses cannot and do not rise. The only way to survive is to eliminate employees and/or replace them with machines. 

McDonald's did both. Over 2,500 of their restaurants now greet customers with a touch screen ordering device. Customers can also order via an app. Machines do not need healthcare, they never call in sick, and they do not receive a paycheck. Since 2015, the number of minimum wage earners in Seattle has dropped by 10 percent. 

The political elites were warned of these repercussions but they chose to ignore the pleas. They crossed their fingers and attempted to wish them away. They expected these hated companies to take the loss and get over it. That is not how businesses operate.  

Their biggest claim was that they were going to end poverty. In the end, they have worsened it. People have to decide if they are going to pay the light bill or eat that night. Children get less nutrition than before and unemployment has risen. Nice job, Seattle. 

Minimum Wage Is For Entry Level Employees 

If you work at McDonald's and you are raising a family, you are doing it exactly wrong. Minimum wage is for kids in school or extra income for senior citizens. These low-paying jobs are supposed to motivate younger folks to get a better job. The managers do earn a decent living, but all the others do not and will not. 

Of course, this will only worsen when the minimum wage rises from $13  to $15 per hour next year. 10-percent of minimum wage jobs have already been eliminated. One would think that the political leaders would take notice – but they did not. 

Machinations of raising the minimum wage to $25 are already in the works. This idea has hurt the poor and minorities the most – the group they love so much. Restaurants and small business all over Seattle have shut down and left town. This means less money and less work for their most beloved voters. 

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