Tuesday, June 6, 2017

Al Gore Lied – Again

The Broken Hockey Stick 

As many of you know, nine years ago big Al – who was much smaller back then – predicted that the entire north polar ice caps would melt and submerge Manhattan by 2013 due to global warmingConversely, the polar caps are at its thickest that it has been in the last 75 years. 

In his newest video, An Inconvenient Sequel, Truth To PowerAl has claimed that his prediction came true. To prove it, he showed video of Hurricane Sandy when the land was flooded and had bled over to Manhattan – which is an island. 

Al also predicted that the most extreme storms ever seen by mankind would increase exponentially. He was exactly wrong. Back in May of 2015, Live Science reported that America was experiencing the fewest hurricanes on record. 

"I Invented The Internet" - Al Gore 

Al likes to show video and photos of stranded polar bears floating on a small piece of ice. He uses this as evidentiary proof that the North Pole is melting, which proves his global warming theory What he doesn't tell you is that polar bears like to stand on the ice to cool them off. And, that polar bears can swim up to 60 miles. 

Last weekend when asked to respond to Trump mocking him for riding around the globe on a private jet he responded, "I live a carbon-free life." 

Does Al believe that his jet does not spew CO2 and pollution like all the others? No. He claims that he spends money in his own carbon offset scam. To him, planting a tree means that you can pollute all you want to and all is good in the world. 

Al's Most Famous Lies 

A British court declared that his Inconvenient Truth film was "alarmism" and "Exaggerations" a few years ago. He claimed that melting in Greenland and Antarctica would elevate the sea level 20 feet by 2015. 

He claimed that Hurricane Katrina was caused by global warming. Just like the popular Russia scam, there is zero evidence that the globe is warming or that it was culpable. Gore claimed that the rising temperature is directly tied to CO2 emissions. 

The fact is that the global temperature had not elevated this century and CO2 emissions have risen. 

"The snow on Mount Kilimanjaro is melting because of global warming." 

Wrong, Al. The snow has been melting for over 100 years. 

The biggest whopper of all was dished up by Al in an interview with Chris Wallace a few days ago. He suggested that the ocean had risen because of global warming as he predicted and now there are fish floating in the streets of Hawaii. 

Well, there are fish in one street, but that has been happening for decades. The 'king tide' comes to Hawaii nearly every year and has been occurring  They built a draining system because of this but it fails periodically. That is the inconvenient truth.

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