Wednesday, June 15, 2016

Obama's Speech On The Orlando Shooting

Obama Attacks The GOP

Obama's Speech On The Orlando Shooting

Just 12 hours after the worst terrorist massacre since 9/11/01 in Orlando, Florida, the jackanapes Barack Hussein Obama addressed the nation allegedly to unite his countrymen and women and tend to the healing process. Instead, he uncorked an atrabilious excoriation of Republicans, especially Donald Trump.

And, just as the aftermath of any mass shooting, he never lets a perfectly good tragedy go to waste. He served up a tall glass of 'shame on you' to lawful gun owners. He was embarrassed by Trump into using the term “Radical Islamic” as he conterminously mocked the importance of labeling America's enemy correctly.

Obama Slams Trump, Appeases To Muslims

Obama Lashes Out At Republicans

The furious anger in Obama's speech on the Orlando shooting was aimed directly at the GOP and greatly outweighed the anger toward the Islamic killer – if there was any anger at all. He was so heated, you could almost see flames flare from his nostrils and the combustion smoke blasting from his ears. 

This was a painful sight to see. He went on to proclaim that calling these terrorists 'Radical Islamic' does not help the strategy to contain ISIL. What strategy? What is ISIL? ISIS has never referred to themselves as ISIL. Just as the video tape was invented in Washington in the Benghazi slaughtering, so was the term ISIL.

In his diatribe, the 44th U.S. President said, “What exactly would using this label accomplish? What exactly would it change?... Calling a threat by a different name does not make it go away.”

This is true, but doing practically nothing is not a strategy. He didn't actually use the phrase in context, he merely pointed out the label in question. 

Obama's speech did not strengthen the solidarity of the nation, nor did it lay out any plans to stop these crazed Muslims from killing his innocent compatriots. However, he does not believe his country is innocent. He believes that the world's problems are America's fault.

What appears to be simple is rarely simple. It sounds like a no-brainer when folks say, “If you are on the terrorist watch list, you shouldn't have a gun.” Again, this sounds like common sense, except the government is involved. They could say that anyone, or everyone, is a terrorist and take everyone's gun. Government always asks for an inch and they take a mile.

America Set The World On Fire

The World Is On Fire

He is partly correct. Over the last half-fortnight, his administration has set the globe on fire. Look at Egypt, Syria, Yemen, Libya, Russia, Iran, Iraq, Afghanistan, and countless other feckless failures. They imploded and President Obama was the gasoline that ignited the inferno. 

America needs to learn that attempting to change rogue countries into a democracy is impossible. 
The mindsets of these world leaders are decades behind the Western way of thinking. While they use cell phones and computers, their barbaric mannerisms have not, and will not change.

They all hate the U.S. because it is a free country. They want to slaughter anyone that does not live by the Caliphate. Americans have the audacity to allow women to drive automobiles and vote. Lesbians and gays are accepted. Freedom of speech is enjoyed by all that live inside the U.S. borders.

Obama's speech on the Orlando shooting appeased Radical Muslims. To date, tens of thousands of human beings have been killed as America watches. Our Observer in Chief has no intention of stopping ISIS. Another six months of killings will pass until President Donald Trump wipes ISIS of the face of the Earth. If for some God forsaken reason, Hillary Clinton is elected, you can expect more of the same as the last seven years.

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