Tuesday, June 28, 2016

Benghazi Report Released

Benghazi attack, Libya

56 Days Before The Election

In an explosive Benghazi report released today headed by Representative Trey Gowdy (R-SC) Tuesday, Hillary Clinton's fingerprints were placed all over the Benghazi slaughter. Libya was mishandled and lied about before, during, and after the Islamic terrorist onslaught. Secretary of State Hillary Clinton was warned in January of 2012 that the Americans in Libya were going to die. She had been warned again in June of 2012. Security agent number 10 – according to the report – told her and Stevens that he was on a suicide mission and he will not make it out of Libya alive. Sadly, 10 was correct.

The decedent Ambassador Christopher Stevens, Information officer Sean Smith, Former Navy Seals Glen Doherty and Tyrone Woods, were all doomed from the get-go. There were no American security agents at the annex, consulate, or at the Embassy. They were relying on Libyan militant rebels to protect them and they fled the scene when the attack ensued. Also learned in the released report was that although an order to deploy by the Secretary of Defense was given, no American military boots left the ground. A stand-down was in full effect.

To this day, no one knows why Ambassador Stevens was in the rogue country in the first place. Why were any Americans anywhere when they could not be rescued? There had been 230 terrorist occasions leading up that horrific night. All the other nations were evacuated insofar as the danger level was increasing exponentially each passing day. The reason Stevens and the three dozen or so others were not removed is quite compelling. It was all about politics and the ideology of Hillary Clinton and Barack Hussein Obama.

Muammar Qaddafi

Libya Was Supposed To Be The Model

Libya was supposed to be the Xanadu of all that is foreign policy. They wanted so badly to declare it a success without boots on the ground and snub their noses at conservatives. Of course, under Hillary's advice, America bombed Libya for eight months and blew them to oblivion. Today, Libya is a vast wasteland with little government and ISIS, along with Al Qaeda, have infiltrated the land. Another vacuum left, you say? It seems to be a pattern from which no lessons are learned.

Back to the night of the attack. The Benghazi report released today suggested that they knew it was coming, which would explain Hillary's conciliatory speech just hours before the attack. In the situation room with Hillary and State leaders, there was much discussion – if soldiers were deployed – over whether or not our military should wear plain clothes to avoid offending the Muslim population. By all accounts, President Obama was catching his Z's during the battle. Also, five of the 10 action items discussed was about the video. This exposes the fact that they had researched this previously and had this talking point ready to go.

The video excuse was crafted by the Obama Administration in Washington. No one had ever seen or heard of this video and especially not in Libya. Hillary sent emails to her daughter and to foreign leaders informing them that the attack was a well-constructed terrorist plot. Yet, she and Obama continued to lie to their compatriots for two weeks. Ambassador Susan Rice was sent out to all five major Sunday morning talks shows and spread the word of the video. She was later promoted. Hillary should have been the bearer of this news, but she knew it was a lie that would haunt her in her presidential run.

Obama Hindered Information

It took Trey Gowdy and his associates two years to complete the report because the Obama Administration inhibited them at every opportunity. The old Clinton method of dragging scandals out as long as possible gives the left the chance to declare that it is old news now. In the end, just one terrorist was arrested – after two interviews with CNN. Also, the creator of the video was arrested and jailed, never to be seen again.

Another astounding detail was exposed in the Benghazi report released today. The security force that helped the American personnel evacuate the annex was the Libyan Military Intelligence, which consists of military that served under the Qaddafi evil empire. This was stunning, the very same military that the U.S. had all but destroyed in the bombings came to the rescue. Not surprisingly; the CIA did not know that this group existed. If they had not helped, the body count would have been much higher.

The Democrats also released a report after interviewing zero witnesses. It was over 300 pages of attacks on the Republican Party. Oddly, Donald Trump was mentioned 23 times from an incident that occurred over four years ago. A message to the media was expediently sent.

What difference, at this point, does it make?” – Hillary inquired as she testified to Congress. Husband Bill said that he admired her for taking the fire from Congress for 11 hours that day. He went on to say that not many people could endure that. Well, sir, Americans were under heavy attack in Libya that dreadful night for 13 hours. To them, it makes all the difference in the world. For the first time ever, we left Americans behind so that President Obama could keep his job.

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