Wednesday, July 13, 2016

Clinton Foundation Pays Women Less Than Men

Gender Bender

In her book titled “Tough Choices”, Hillary Clinton claimed that Bill and Hillary Clinton left the White House flat broke. This acclimation was a blatant lie. Except for Hillary's plane ride around the globe as Secretary of State (SOS) and her tenure as a Senator, neither one of the Clinton's have had a job. Since President Bush's inauguration they have accumulated $200 million. So, she was paid handsomely for speaking into a microphone. She made $21 million from 2014 and 2015 alone.

According to The Daily Caller and public tax returns, the Clinton Foundation pays women less than men. In 2013, the Clinton Foundation collected approximately $140 million. An infinitesimal $9 million, or 6%, actually went to charity. $8 million was spent on fund-raising, $8.5 million for hotels and travel accommodations, and $9 million was spent on conferences, and $30 was spent on payroll.

Payroll presents a problem for the presumptive Democrat nominee. Executive male employees at the Clinton Foundation earn a confounding 38% more than female executives. Yes, the Clinton Foundation pays women less than men. They do the same work, women are paid less. This is hypocrisy in its puritanical form.

Foundation Consternation

This is the antithesis of her campaign cries for equal pay for women. Men also outnumber female employees by a staggering 3 to 1 ratio. Of the 11 executives, just three of them are females. The average male employee at the philanthropic foundation earns a whopping $109,000 per year more than the female employees. So yes, the Clinton Foundation pays women less than men.

Fox Business Network's Gerri Willis had this to say about the shenanigans at the Clinton Foundation, “Coming from Charity Navigator (a charity watchdog) they said, 'the Clinton Foundation does not meet their criteria. Does not meet their criteria as an organization that does charitable work.'”

On the stump, Hillary Clinton has quixotically embraced the 'war on women' and said it is “way past time” that women are compensated the same as men. She vociferously placated to microphones that she is fighting for equal pay for women and it turns out that she is part of the problem.

Senator, SOS Hillary Clinton

When Hillary Clinton was a New York Senator, her staffers were payed 72cents on the dollar juxtaposed to male staffers. Her male staffers made an average of $56,500 compared to just $40,800 for females. She would have to think that women are worth $15,700 less per year than men. Her equal pay for women efforts has not paid off.

There was at least one woman that she took extravagant care of – her decades-long personal assistant. In 2008, Huma Abedin earned $20,000 as Hillary Clinton's senior adviser. However, in that same year, she earned $150,000 working for Hillary's failed presidential campaign.

Although Hillary was not in charge of how much her male and female employees as SOS were paid, female staffers during her tenure made vastly less than men. The White House paid women 15.8% less than men earn. Women earned $65,650 per year on average, whereas men earned $78,000 per year.

Female staffers are paid less than men earn. There is a 15.8% gender gap, which is down from the previous 17,9%, but it is still an egregious number. The non-government gender gap in Washington D.C. Is 9%. If it was Donald Trump's history, he would be labeled as a misogynist by all the media. Women; aren't you glad that Barack Obama and Hillary Clinton are 'fighting' for your equal pay?

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