Friday, November 11, 2016

Anti-Trump Protesters Are Paid Professionals

Anti-Trump Protesters Funded By One Man

George Soros is the antithesis of all that is great about America. He is currently funding 187 of his own organizations to besiege Donald Trump. His goal is to destroy President-elect Trump and the republican persuasion while contemporaneously destroying all that is right about the USA. 

His rent-a-riot agitators are flown and bussed in -- and paid -- to irritate Trump enthusiasts and the appeasing media will blame it on The Donald. The Liberal Progressives are allegedly the party of acceptance and equal treatment of all. Unless, of course, you are a conservative.  

Hillary Clinton lost and they claim that racism and sexism were culpable. Blasphemy. Hillary is white and her body parts were never an agenda for the right. Only the left incited sexism. It would be a resplendent day if a female was elected president someday. As long as that female is not Hillary Clinton.

George Soros: A Man All Americans Should Know

The multi-billionaire and self-proclaimed socialist funded the movement called Black Lives Matter. They want white people -- especially police officers -- punished, and some want them assassinated. This vitriolic movement is the epitome of racism and hatred.

Their consensus is; dare not make the mistake of saying, “All lives matter”, that is considered racist. This political faction is, for the most part, hired professionals that lead desperate Americans down their wayward path.

When the Tea Party was formed, the media lambasted them with unwavering scrutiny. They were denounced with acclimation that they lack civility and that they are precariously dangerous. Black Lives Matter is rarely covered, but coddled when they are.

At a Minnesota protest, the vernacular vociferated was, “Pigs in a blanket, fry ‘em like bacon.” At another protest, there were chants of, “Oink oink, bang bang.” These are slogans that obviously encouraged the murder of white officers -- not a word from the literary geniuses of media.

The truth is, however, that only some black lives matter. Segregation ended in 1954, but necessitous black folks are still corralled in designated areas. They are called projects or low-income housing, but they are separated from the rest of the world.

These Black Lives Don't Matter

Chicago has the most stringent gun control laws in the nation. However, since 2002, more inner city black men have been murdered in the streets of Chicago than American military personnel killed in the Afghanistan war. These African Americans are never discussed by the mainstream media.

African-American Chicagoan men age 18 to 25 suffer a 92% unemployment rate. Similar scenarios exist in St. Louis, Detroit, Los Angeles, Philadelphia and uncountable other deplorable cities. They all have one crucial common denominator -- they are all run by radical Liberal Progressive politicians, and they have been for decades. Mr. Soros influences all of these cities.

The lyricists of media know it, but they write nothing at all. They just stand back and let it all be without a hint of a whisper. There is no one to help these folks. Decades and generations pass and they are dependent on less than adequate government support from cradle to grave.

This need for government aid translates to votes for the Democrats that feed them. Opportunity is nonexistent and self-respect is stolen. They are kept down because these politicians need them to stay down.

Run Silent, Run Deep

Mr, Soros also funded the Wall Street Protesters -- who accomplished nothing but to desecrate the streets. Just like the Wall Street movement took shape a little over one year before the 2012 election, so does the Black Lives Matter movement for the 2016 election.

This is a political movement and nothing more. These groups need money to eat, sleep, pay for the signs they hoist, bullhorns, and the buses that cart them around. Soros is at-the-ready with his $23 billion checkbook.

Mr. Soros spent $32 million on the ruination of Ferguson, Missouri, after the justified shooting of the decedent Michael Brown. His goal is to follow the Neo-socialist guidelines of Saul Alinsky by causing chaos, destruction, and tyranny in hopes to divide and conquer. Before a country can be fundamentally changed, it must be collapsed.

In just two years from 2001 to 2003, he spent $50 million on funding media properties. Some of the benefactors were NBC, ABC, The New York Times, The Washington Post, the Columbia Journalism Review, ProPublica, the Center for Public Integrity, the Center of Investigative Reporting, National Public Radio, and dozens more. All of which are far left Liberal Progressive enthusiasts.

Soros Infiltrates All Of America

Look at any destructive movement in this country and you will find the filthy fingerprints of George Soros. From the condemnation of Catholicism to the hostile $15.00 minimum wage protests, to the legalization of recreational drugs, amnesty for aliens, metastasizing of the nanny state, illusory that condemns the validity of the Constitution, and most recently, the college protests. Mr. Soros is a monetary contributor for all of these socially destructive activities.

He was an intricate reason why an unknown African American city planner, turned senator, became president of the United States in 2008. With George Soros backing Barack Obama, America’s 44th President and 2012 candidate did not worry one iota that he owned the worst economic and foreign policies since the Carter Administration. Between the Soros machine and help from the IRS, the election was in the bag.

Because of this one man and his spin-off groups, it would be a Herculean task for a Republican to sit in the White House again. It would take a monumental collapse of someone like Hillary Clinton for the Democrats to lose. This may sound splendiferous to Democrats, but a corrupt country corrupts everyone and freedom would be in peril. Donald Trump ended it all.

If a movement makes you cringe, you can bet George Soros is tightly woven into its unsavory tapestry. Yes, even the grievance ingratiating Reverend Al Sharpton and his rent-a-riot militants are on the payroll of Soros. Be sure to learn about Mr. Soros and how he considers America an anathema before it is too late.

Here are some the Hungarian native’s Liberal Progressive accomplishments that are paving the path to socialism and the loss of freedom for all American compatriots.

  • Project Vote: This is the “Get out the vote” branch of the corrupt ACORN group.

  • Catalist: They help organize electoral success by collecting a national voter database for potential Democrat targeting.

  • The Brennan Center for Justice: Their job is to reinstate the right for felonious criminals to vote.
  • Progressive States Network: These folks thrive to pass progressive legislation nationwide by providing coordinated research and strategic advocacy tools to forward-thinking Liberal legislators.

  • The Progressive Change Campaign Committee: This group has the assignment to help elect bold progressive candidates to federal office.

In Closing

Presented were just a handful of hundreds of entities funded by one man for the Liberal Progressive Socialists cause and few Americans know about him. The Koch brother’s political donation efforts are infinitesimal when juxtaposed to the Soros machine.

In addition, he is responsible for the desolation -- by funding, manipulation, and corruption – of deadly revolutions in Serbia, Georgia, Turkey, and Egypt, just to name a few. Coming soon to a country near you; the United States of America. That is, until Donald J. Trump squashed his dream.

Soros had a prodigious hand in the European monetary collapse while pocketing $1 billion doing so. His efforts in America are well established, and now he is focusing on more unstable Islamic countries.

In his diabolical mind, America will be a socialist country sooner than later. At age 85, however, he has compiled far more yesterdays than he will be afforded tomorrows. He will not live long enough to see his beloved dream of a 'coup de gras' come to fruition. And, he did not foresee President Donald J. Trump in his pathway. God bless the USA.

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