Wednesday, November 30, 2016

Life In Cuba - Oppression Continues

The Cuban Archipelago Of Suffering

While the mainstream media and most of Hollywood praise the Castro's and their dreamed egalitarian socialist system, the citizenry's suffer a life of incomprehensible deprivation. The truth is that Cuba has been run by narcissistic totalitarian dictators who adored communism – the Castro's.

Fidel Castro took the leadership after the revolution in 1959. Since then, he has killed over seven thousand Cubans, enslaved tens of thousands of citizens in work camps, and exiled over one hundred thousand. The Castro's live like lavish king's as the Cuban people wonder if they will eat on any given day.
Life in Cuba features the average apartment at 15' X 20' and it is normal for ten people to live in these confined spaces. The median income for the majority of the country is approximately $20 per month. This wondrous socialist country hands out food cards, which supplies very little. They are used mostly to purchase eggs insofar as meat, cheese, and dairy are delicacies enjoyed just once per week.

Hot Water Is A Privilege

Most homes do not have hot water and some have no water supply at all. The folks that do have a working water supply do not cook with or drink the water – most consider it filthy and toxic. Some Cubans will use the water after a long boil.

Life in Cuba is absent washing machines, dishwashers, and microwaves. Few can afford the internet and fewer own a car. They have no idea what YouTube or Facebook is. In fact, the homeless people in the U.S. usually have more money in their pocket than a Cuban citizen does.

Juxtaposed to other Latin countries, Cubans have fewer televisions, fewer phones, and cell phones, and they endure an inconsistent supply of electricity. The country of Cuba ran out of bathroom tissue. The shelves often run dry of rice, household cleaning products, and even aspirin.

The Firing Squad

One of Castro's favorite disciplinary tools has always been death by firing squad. At least 7,000 are known to have been shot for misbehavior – usually opposition to Castro. It is probable that this number is exponentially higher. Another 1,253 were found guilty of a crime in pre-determined trials and executed by firing squad.

He banned religion and Christmas. Anyone caught practicing either may pay for it with their life. His compatriots are fully dependent on government subsidies to pay for electricity and water. This country has not advanced in over five decades under Castro's regime and life in Cuba is a daily struggle.

The American Democrats are just fine with destroying unborn children that are nine months old, but executing a rapist or murderer is considered reprehensible. Knowing that Castro executes civilians, you would think that they would condemn him. But no, they praise his communist ways.

Free Healthcare – For Some

The Democrats in America praise Castro for his free healthcare system. The problem is, the system is remarkably awful – unless you are on Castro's team. For the working class, there are few doctors left to see them. They get their education and are not paid much more than any other citizen so they flee the country.

There are three classes of people when it comes to the Cuban populous; Poor peasants, the rich, and Castro's government. Castro's closest people are allowed to go to top notch hospitals and doctors. There are few rich Cubans, but they too have access to the best healthcare. The majority of the country are horribly poor and they are sent to run-down hospitals.

These hospitals provide a small room with several beds, that's it. The citizens have to provide everything else, including pillows, blankets, bathroom tissue, food, and anything else they need. Again, many of the good doctors left the country to make a better living elsewhere.

Life in Cuba is a living nightmare. The poor stay poor while the Castro's lived like multi-millionaires because they were. Colin Kapperneck revealed his intelligence when he praised Castro. He takes a knee to the National Anthem to fight oppression yet adores the worst repressor on Earth. This is the antithesis of what America is all about. 

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