Thursday, November 10, 2016

Why Did Hillary Clinton Lose

Why Did Hillary Clinton Lose

Demonetization Helped Trump

As everyone knows, Donald Trump won the 2016 election with ease. Whatever vitriolic rhetoric was cast upon him by the mainstream only made him stronger. Every single poll and political talking head were exactly wrong. So, why did Hillary Clinton lose?

There isn't much she could do about this first mistake – she is Hillary Clinton. Her name has been kicked around Washington for nearly 30 years with a never-ending slew of scandals. She said that “every woman should be believed” when it comes to rape accusations. Unless, of course, Bill Clinton is involved. Back in the 1990's, she attacked every one of Bill's accusers.

Donald Trump was on television nearly every day and appeared on talk shows constantly. He held dozens and dozens of rallies and gave countless interviews. In the last two weeks, he was going to five states a day for rallies. Hillary held one or two a week for the most part and was not available to the media.

Where Was Hillary

When you ask why did Hillary Clinton lose, you must look at the fact that decided to hide from the media and her supporters. She held just one news conference in 2016 and she didn't want any part of questions submitted to her. She was over-confident and she thought that she had this election in the bag.

She lost many Catholics and Evangelical Americans when she boasted of her late-term abortion policy. She said that even if a mom was about to deliver a nine-month-old fetus just minutes before birth, that child could be aborted. And, if the abortion failed, the doctor could finish it off.

WikiLeaks had a role in her demise. Every day for approximately two months a new leak of emails were released. The DNC was exposed for 'fixing' the primary and help Hillary. Most of the Bernie Sanders supporters did not morph into Clinton voters.

Reaction To Hillary's Loss

Sexism And Racism

Whenever a Liberal Progressive loses an election, the mainstream media claim that it was racism and/or sexism. They label all groups of people, which is racism in and of itself. The party of acceptance and fairness for all has gone on full attack mode since Trump won.

The George Soros machine immediately got his band of misfits together and they were told to cause aggression. They are paid for their destruction and charges are rarely brought against any of them. These folks have gone as far as calling for Trump's assassination.

To the left, anyone who disagrees with their policies are attacked and labeled into a negative category. The right disagreed with Michelle Obama's school lunch child-starvation program and they were tarnished as racist and prejudice against the impoverished Americans

Barack Hussein Obama

Hillary gave America's 44th president the nod to hit the campaign trail and stump for her. This was a mistake. Not only did she tell the country that she will carry on his failed policies, but his personality overshadowed hers. He is terrific behind a microphone and she is not.

So, why did Hillary Clinton lose? She lost because she was a lousy candidate and she simply coasted through the process. Meanwhile, Trump worked 18 hours a day to earn the presidency. She may have taken 24 states and the popular vote (200,000 more than Trump), but she didn't win the states that Obama did in 2012.

Americans have seen Barack Obama on the stump and he was one of the greatest communicators ever to swim in the murky waters of politics. Mrs. Clinton, you are no Barack Obama.

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