Sunday, November 6, 2016

WikiLeaks Exposed Hillary

WikiLeaks Has Never Been Wrong

Julian Assange's world-renowned WikiLeaks exposed Hillary Clinton's corruption and her 'pay-to-play' scheme. In its 11-year existence, WikiLeaks has never been discredited for any of their releases. The 2016 election cycle has been their most active period of time to date. The exposure of the felonious liberal progressives has been a basket of duplicitous malfeasance.

WikiLeaks exposed Hillary and for good reason. She is all that is Washington and she has been perched under the beacon of hierarchy politics for 30 years. In her book that no one read, she claimed that when she and her husband left the White House they were dead broke. The duo is now worth $350 million – how did this happen?

Their corrupt collusion runs far and runs deep. 'Pay-to-play' is a simplified way of describing their practice, but it is much more complicated than a catch phrase. How they coerced Muslim countries to pay them millions of dollars is stunning and deadly. 

Julian Assange Interview

Hillary Armed ISIS

WikiLeaks exposed that while she was Secretary of State, Hillary's Clinton Foundation accepted $25 million from Saudi Arabia. The Saudi's wanted to run an oil pipeline through Syria and into Europe for grandiose profits. Syria's Assad refused to allow this to happen because it would cut Syrian oil sales.

So, what did the Saudi's do? They went to Hillary Clinton. After she was paid the $25 million, she authorized American Special Forces to infiltrate Syria and round up Assad oppositionists. Subsequently, the Syrian civil war began. This is a perfect example of pay-to-play.

This was enough distraction for the Saudi's to build and protect their pipeline unfettered. Soon thereafter, Hillary signed off on a deal to sell $80 million worth of weaponry to Saudi Arabia. Much of this cache was handed to ISIS. So, SOS Clinton had everything to do with the 200,000 dead Syrians and the ISIS killing spree, which ultimately cost Americans their lives.

Hillary Clinton Is For Sale

The presidential hopeful has been for sale and rogue countries know it. Why would countries that hate America give millions of dollars to an American charity such as The Clinton Foundation? One can presume that is not the goodness of their hearts that simply want to help the unfortunate.

Hillary has accepted big money from countries that treat women like dogs and push gays off of tall buildings plummeting to their death. Women cannot vote, they cannot drive, and a rape charge can only be filed if there were five male witnesses to the crime. Below is a list of countries WikiLeaks exposed that paid off Hillary.

Saudi Arabia - $25 million
Kuwait - $10 million
Qatar - $5 million
Oman - $5 million
Arab Emirates - $5 million
Brunei Darussalam - $5 million
Russia - $2.5 million for 1/5 of America's uranium supply.
Russia - $500K for a Bill Clinton speech in Moscow.
Algeria - $500K

What do they expect in return from a President Hillary Clinton?

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