Saturday, March 4, 2017

DOJ Slush Fund Gave Billions To Left-Wing Groups


Obama Paid Liberal Supporters 

After witnessing all the outlandish shenanigans over the previous eight years, there isn't much that would shock the average American. However, to learn that a sitting president was sending billions of dollars to groups that support his liberal causes is outrageous. President Obama surreptitiously funded his liberal agenda via a DOJ slush fund.

There were countless recipients, but three of the largest groups to receive monetary support were the National Council of La Raza, The National Community Reinvestment Coalition, and the National Urban League. All have liberal agendas. 

"Advocates for big government and progressive power are using the Justice Department to extort money from corporations,.. The protests are as organic as a plastic cup." - Tom Fitton, Judicial Watch 

"Findings spearheaded by the House Judiciary Committee point to a process shrouded in secrecy whereby monies were distributed to a labyrinth of nonprofit organizations involved with grass-roots activism," - Fox News 

 The Big Scam 

Obama had Attorney General Eric Holder sue big banks and corporations for alleged malpractice and/or prejudice. Instead of spending billions of dollars defending their practices, they were afforded the opportunity to settle their case for less than it would have cost to fight the erroneous charges. 

Instead of paying the supposed victims of the fraudulent crimes, the corporations would have the option to pay the settlement to non-profit organizations – as long as they were left-leaning groups. There were no limitations insofar as how these groups would use the monies. This DOJ slush fund is stealing from the rich to support the liberal agenda. 

"The underlying problem with the slush funds is we don’t know exactly where the money is going,.. Using enforcement authority to go after corporate defendants, DOJ bureaucrats are taking billions away from taxpayers to fund their pet projects overriding congressional preferences." - Competitive Enterprise Institute Center for Class Action Fairness Director Ted Frank. 

 Show Me The Money 

Whereas Congress gave HUD Housing Counseling $47 million for the fiscal year 2016, Bank of America and Citibank settled their case and the DOJ slush fund paid HUD $30 million more. Legal Services Corporation received $385 million taxpayer dollars and were the recipients of another $412 million in settlements.  

The recently settled Volkswagen settlement allotted $1.2 billion to "zero emission technology" groups. Congress had twice rejected the funding for this technology and now it will receive more than four times the amount requested. Congress wouldn't give them cash so Obama routed the money from yet another corporation. 

The feeble House of Representatives is attempting to end this abuse of power far too late. They have this crazy notion that lawsuit or settlement monies should go to the victims of the illicit actions by big corporations instead of funneling the money the partisan groups. Imagine that.

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