Monday, March 13, 2017

Liberalism Always Fails

What Is Liberalism 

Modern day liberalism is incomparable to liberalism just 100 years ago. In fact, it is exactly the opposite.Today's liberals believe that diminution of the citizenry's liberty and freedom will lead to a better way of life. They want the government to control private property, the economy, and society. 

Liberalism always fails because they believe the fallacy that the government should mandate involuntary redistribution and the governance should oversee it. It is common for liberals to think that mobs or groups can better manage the people rather than them be guided by individual core values. They yearn for more and more social safety nets to be provided instead of allowing the people to fail or succeed by their own efforts. 

Political correctness is a handy tool they use to surreptitiously control actions and language without proclaiming so. Their dream is one great government making everyone equal. In their minds, globalization would make the entire world a sanctuary. Of course, everything they want would create a world of totalitarianism where freedom and liberty would necessarily have to be surrendered. 

Why Does Liberalism Always Fail 

Liberals from the Jeffersonian era believed that individual liberty would give the people the best chance to succeed. Americans should have to right to protect themselves from bad people and government. They also believed ardently that folks have a right to protect their property, people should have equal rights under the blanket of law, and that government should be limited

Political correctness is used by liberals to raise fear and force one culture to hate another culture. They structure cultural lexicon to keep cultures separate, which will stop any sense of togetherness. They use this hatred to control positive groups of people and place negative groups in the column of victims. 

P.C. creates a world of intolerance between cultures to ensure that they never blend together. Forgiveness and understanding are not tolerated by any liberal. There must be separation and hatred in order to push their agenda forward. 

Redistribution Destroys Will 

Redistribution has never been successful for any lengthy period of time. Liberals do not want rich people to exist insofar as they are difficult to control. Their dream of globalism would mean a man picking cotton in a third world country would receive the same pay rate as a man picking cotton in America. 

Liberalism destroys ambition and productivity. Why work hard when you can receive the same money – along with other benefits – for doing nothing. These people that receive these benefits will vote for the liberals that give it to them. This vicious cycle steals self-esteem and kills the natural instinct of wanting to work.  

In essence, the successful people are punished for being successful. This drives companies to foreign shores and there is less will to better one's self. Liberalism always fails because this creates a need for government and a need for handouts. People today live cradle to grave on the government dole and again, they vote for the party that feeds and houses them. 

Liberal Economies Fail Quickly 

Liberal bureaucracies are inefficient, too large, and outlandishly mishandle money.They feel a government is needed to run a nation's economy. But, big government is far too slow to react to economic traits and changes, which leads to an economic breakdown.  

Look at Cuba or Venezuela. These countries have a centralized economy run by the government ruled by a dictator. In Cuba, the average income is $30.00 per month. Nearly all citizens are on some sort of insufficient government handout and they live in squalor. In both countries, food is difficult to come by and the citizens eat meat just once per week. 

Venezuela runs out of necessities and the people suffer. Oftentimes, toothpaste, paper towels, soap, and other everyday items cannot be found. They actually ran out of bathroom tissue and it took weeks to restock the shelves. Liberalism always fails when a country is run by an unelected regime.

The Liberal War On Poverty 

 In January of 1964, President Lyndon Baines Johnson (LBJ) conjured a quixotic notion of rescuing impoverished American citizens. The Texas Democrat declared an "unconditional war on poverty in America." Since that day, the United States has spent $22 trillion on the poor - and it has failed miserably. This amount is greater than three times the cost of every war combined since the birth of this nation. 

Not including Medicare and Social Security, today over $1 trillion is spent each year on the impecunious citizens for cash, housing, food stamps, medical care, and countless other government giveaways. One-half of the country received some sort of assistance last year -- that is over 100 million people. The poverty level today stands tall at over 15%, which is the same as the rate in 1967 -- three years after LBJ declared his Utopian war on poverty. 

It has been a half-century of failure if you look at what LBJ's goals were. He said, ...not only to relieve the symptoms of poverty, but to cure it, and, above all, to prevent it." 

He also said that he wanted to "break the cycle of poverty" and "make taxpayers out of tax eaters." 

Nearly 50 million Americans live below the poverty level today. 15.6 million single mothers live in squalor. But, the group most devastated by the alleged war on poverty is African Americans. 

Liberals Are African American's Worst Nightmare 

LBJ's plan was the beginning of the end for poor black neighborhoods. The plan was simple; make them dependent on government handouts and that will turn into votes - he was correct. Since then, Liberal Democrats have done everything they can to stop blacks from breaking away from dependency. 

Segregation may have theoretically ended, but blacks are still corralled in small areas that offer no jobs, no hope, and no way out. They are robbed of their dignity and self-respect. They live day-to-day barely surviving from cradle to grave and it is Liberal Progressives that hold them down. 

When you look at some of the worst cities in the country, they are ruled by Progressive Liberals. The poverty in the inner cities has suppressed blacks for 52 years and the Democrat leaders remain in power. If they intended to have the war on poverty fail on purpose, they got it exactly right. 

Liberal cities like Milwaukee, Baltimore, Philadelphia, Chicago, Detroit, Buffalo, Cincinnati, Cleveland, Miami, Saint Louis, El Paso, Newark, and countless others have been decimated for decades. This list of cities are the 10 poorest cities in the nation – all run by Democrats. 

1990's Deputy Assistant to the President for Domestic Affairs, William Galston, estimated that the welfare system, which is designed to discourage marriage, is responsible for up to 20% of the demolition of marriage and family.  

If a single mother marries, her welfare eligibility disappears. Not getting married and having more children means more cash and benefits. Those children raised under such necessitous conditions are likely to live out the same lifestyle and vote for Democrats. 

Liberals Support Illegal Immigrants 

Democrats claim that illegal immigrants simply want to come here to work and raise their family. If that is true, this would mean that they are okay with illegals stealing American jobs. The truth is, however, that illegals collect over $105 billion from the government each year. 

50% of legal immigrants are on the government dole. 62% of illegal immigrant homes collect government benefits. They hold the illegals down just as the war on poverty holds blacks down. They will vote someday – many already do – and they will vote for the hand that fed them. 

Liberals fight for criminals and their victims are disdained. They keep them poor, keep them dependent, and keep them quiet. The left has been “helping” these folks with the war on poverty for over 50 years and life has worsened for the poor, which is great news for Democrats. 

They all claim that they are fighting for the poor when they are contemporaneously hurting them. Their pride and self-worth are stolen and the Liberals laugh all the way to the voting booth. Wherever Liberals are in charge, you can find death, destruction, and the suffering of the poor. The war on poverty is the antithesis of what its name declares. Yet, the poor flock like sheep to vote Democrat so they can get what's coming to them.

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