Thursday, March 2, 2017

Trump Campaign Links To Russia Is Fake News

Jeff Sessions Exonerated 

Back in December of 2016, Barack Obama stated that there was no culpable evidence that Russia had anything to do with the presidential election. Three months later, the hogs in the mud pit on the left continue the fallacy of the Russia-Trump relationship. 

This latest attack on team Trump has nothing to do with A.G. Jeff Sessions. It has everything to do with delegitimizing Donald Trump's presidential win. They cannot let people think that Hillary lost because of the Democrat agenda. 

To admit that the American people have rejected the liberal progressive push from the left would be political suicide. The way they are handling now is even worse. The people are sick to death of the Washington insiders and this is why the left has lost 1,200 seats nationwide over the last eight years. 


Obama Is Organizing Again 

Barack Obama heads up the Organization For Action just two miles away from the Oval Office. This group was founded in 2013 – under a different name – and its only goal is to destroy Republicans and destroy President Donald Trump. To make things worse, you are paying for it. They are a tax-exempt entity and they are eligible for monetary subsidies. 

America's 44th president has operatives woven into the tapestry of State Department and they are following the anointed one's orders. They are leaking top secret information to diminish Trump and tarnish his Administration. These people do not care if any of their actions work, they simply want to bog him down and be on defense for the next four years.  

The subject matter does not need to be true, nor does it need to be backed with any evidentiary facts. They have nothing. They do not have one piece of evidence to collaborate their accusations. They just repeat it over and over and the ill-informed begin to believe it. 

 Trump Needs To Go On Offense, Not Defense 

The left should be called out as the filthy liars they are. If the right goes on defense, the left will be vindicated. Republicans won the election in all three facets – the House, the Senate, and the presidency.  

They have the power and the means to attack Pelosi and Schumer, but they usually crawl into a corner and take their beating. President Trump cannot allow this to happen. He needs to toughen his position and demand that his people follow in line 

You can see their plan playing out. They are going after all his closest advisors and Trump himself. To make the Administration appear as a circus is what they desire. They do not care about improving the country. They do not care about the people. They only care about protecting the liberal progressive "achievements" that Obama put into place. 

The Media Will Not Seek The Truth 

It does not matter what the Republicans come up with, the media will disavow it. They will ignore any and all pesky facts that may make the right look good. That is not their job. Their job is to tow the liberal line. If the left calls a Republican a liar, the media will print it without hesitation.  

Donald Trump's speech Tuesday night scared the daylights out of Democrats. The envisioned him to be obnoxious, out of control, and pompous. He was none of that, which spurred the newest attack. These things don't just happen. They are well thought out and schemed up behind closed doors. 

Democrats have zero power, so this methodology is all they have. Following the Saul Alinsky playbook, they can only attack and destroy those they have lost to. It will be a political bloodbath for at least the next four years. One can only hope the right fights back,

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