Wednesday, April 27, 2016

Convicted Illegal Immigrants In America

According to the U.S. Immigration and Customs Enforcement (ICE), in 2015 they released over 36,000 convicted illegal immigrant criminals. Since 2010, at least 124 illegal felons have gone on to commit 138 murders.
The Center for Immigration (CIS) Studies nabbed this information from ICE. ICE had reported this to the Senate Judiciary Committee, but the names of these murderers will not be released at this time.
CIS director, Jessica M. Vaughn, said this, “The criminal aliens released by ICE in these years – who had already been convicted of thousands of crimes – are responsible for a significant crime spree in American communities, including 124 new homicides. Inexplicable, ICE is choosing to release some criminal aliens multiple times.”
In fact, 75% of illegal aliens that commit a crime are released. Many of them have committed dozens of crimes knowing that they probably will not be held in custody or deported. In 2014 alone, 30,558 illegal immigrants that had committed a staggering 92,347 crimes were set free.
The uproariously senseless Californian murder of Kathryne Steinle was all over the news for a day or two, but then it just faded away. An illegal that had been arrested seven times shot her down. A law that would have prevented these murders was voted down by the Democrats. To them, future voters are more important than Americans lives.

Just a month ago, a 60-year-old Ohio woman was slain by an illegal alien after an attempted rape of a 14-year-old girl. Juan Razo was also charged with kidnapping and burglary. He plea bargained to a life in prison ruling.
Last December, 40-year-old illegal alien Michael Rodriguez Garcia was convicted to four life sentences in an Alabama prison for the rape and sodomy of two children.
On October of 2015, 34-year-old Marco Hernandez Ramirez – an illegal alien from Guatemala – was sent to prison for 40 years after killing a couple along with their 5-year-old daughter in a car accident. Blood alcohol content was not released.

Last summer, an illegal alien that had overstayed his visa was convicted of murder in a drunk driving accident. This was the 4th DUI since 2000. He was in U.S. custody several times and then released.
In that same summer, Mauricio Hernandez was sentenced to 50 years for the rape and murder of a baby.
Back in May of 2015, a Mexican illegal alien, Bernabe Flores, was convicted of rape and sentence eight years.

This is just a few of the tens of thousands of vicious crimes committed on Americans by illegal aliens. They all could have been prevented if the law as it is written was followed. The CIA stated that ISIS plans to cross the Mexican border. They also know that approximately 10% of the Syrian refugees will be an ISIS supporter.

The Obama Administration and his Democrat troglodytes will never pass a law, or follow a law that may make illegals leave feel uncomfortable at the cost of American lives.

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