Wednesday, April 6, 2016

Mississippi Passes Religious Freedom Bill

Governor Phil Bryant (MI-R) passed a controversial Religious Freedom Act. The left and LGBT community exploded into an uproarious outrage. Cries of discrimination have been vociferously touted before any incident has occurred.
This is an act that protects the religious beliefs of Christians that love their God and hate no one. The vitriolic hatred is coming from the left. The party of acceptance for all are hypocrites when folks don't fall in line with their way of life.
Government is forbidden to regulate or infringe on the religion of individuals. The left wants Christians to perform acts that conflict with their God's wishes. They feel they know what is right and wrong and if you don't conform, you will suffer their wrath.
It didn't take long for the George Soros paid rent-a-riot professional protesters to show up. They hoisted their provided signs and chanted catchy slogans. Some of them have no idea why they are there, nevertheless, they will be paid in full.
The goal is not the fight for LBGT rights, it is to strip the rights of Christians and embrace government control. This is sought through many venues and they pounce at every opportunity. To break down traditional American values is the coup de gras for liberal progressives.
The LBGT community and supporters feel that Christians need to stop being Christians. That, they deserve a grandiose parting of the sea and a paved path with rose petals shall be provided. That, this road is only for them to travel and dictate how you should behave and how you should think.
They believe that it takes a village to raise a child. That village should be governed by their values, or lack thereof. Christians; be careful what you think, do, and say – they are out to get you. To “fundamentally change” a nation, it must first be destroyed.

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