Friday, April 15, 2016

U.S. Pays $300,000 Per Day Removing Illegals

President Obama irrefutably spurns to protect Americans by allowing nearly anyone who chooses to cross the American/Mexican border to enter the country unfettered. Approximately half of the illegals crossing are of Mexican origin and the remainder are from over 190 other nations. Unknown Syrians refugees are welcomed with open arms. 
Border patrol has been ordered to stand down for the most part. However, some of them have said that they have stopped people from Iran, Syria, India, Somalia, Yemen, and a wide array of wayward countries.
The U.S. is deporting approximately 50% less illegal aliens than in 2008. It is stunning to learn just how much America coddles these law-breakers. Some of them have intentions of killing U.S. citizens and some want to poison the children with drugs.

The few that are deported are often flown back to their home countries in private jets. Some illegals are forced to fly in commercial airliners that seat over 250 people, but it is filled by just one deportee. They are gracefully returned to their home country instead of tossing them out at the point of entry.
The average cost to cordially remove these invaders is $300,000 per day, every day. Many are flown overseas on hired private jets and they enjoy the ride in the lap of luxury. Most will find their way back into the U.S. and that will not be held against them.

In 2015, Immigration and Customs Enforcement (ICE) gobbled up $116 million returning illegal invaders to their homeland. At least 40% of people that had overstayed their visa were convicted criminals. Apparently, this is insignificant to the Obama Administration.
1,000 of that 40% were known be involved in organized crime or gang members. Insignificant. ICE paid for a 767-300 airliner to fly one man back to Nigeria. Insignificant. ICE hired Gulfstream IV executive jets for what are referred to as “high-risk” detainee's on at least 34 occasions.
The average cost to coddle these criminals and safely return them to their part of the planet is $12,213. Insignificant. This expenditure for each offender involves the cost of identifying the illegal – when possible – the arrest, the cost of detaining them, and the eventual exportation.
As the national debt encroaches $20 TRILLION, this wasteful spending of taxpayer dollars is insignificant not only to this illegal immigrant-loving Administration, but also republican congressman and senators. We The People will simply have to accept their esoteric way of business as usual.

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