Friday, April 29, 2016

Ridiculous Government Wasted Money

The U.S. government has an incredible zest to create innovative ways and means to spend taxpayer dollars – your dollars. Today we will wade through the murky waters of the monumental wasteful machinations our political leaders devise for our supposed betterment. The number of ridiculous government wasted dollars examples are uncountable, but below are some doozies.
Bird Watching, Paid Administrative Leave, Paying The NFL
Your taxpayer dollars went to an inspirational cause – bird watching. The Department of Defense (DOD) received $283,500 to monitor the daily life of the Gnatcatcher. This Californian bird is on the endangered species list and they take on enemy fire from the Cowbird. The DOD staunchly observes the assaults and reports back to headquarters.
In a two-year period, $3.1 billion was allotted to Federal employees who were placed on administrative leave. When several employees of the Drug Enforcement Agency were exposed for soliciting prostitutes, they were suspended. Not only were they paid in their absence, they all received a scheduled pay increase.
The government has paid the NFL and other professional sports organizations $10 million to boost recruitment and honor Veterans. On the payroll were NASCAR, the NBA, NHL, MLS, MLB, and several colleges. So far, no professional athletes have given up their career to fight for their country. Need more ridiculous government wasted money examples? Certainly, there are plenty.

Welfare For The Rich, Exercising Monkeys
Welfare for the wealthy sounds uncommonly ridiculous, but yes, it is happening. Federal, state and local government agencies dolled out over $100 million to at least 48 corporations. GM nailed Americans for $1.7 billion. Boeing, Amazon, Prudential, and Coloradan casino owners were awarded over $200 million each.
Still not shocked? Well, how about $1 million to put monkeys on a NordicTrak treadmill. Then there is the program that spent $5 million on the ultimate tailgate parties. $1.2 million went to the a study of the effect of microgravity on sheep. $448 taxpayer dollars went to pay the rent for squatters.
Want To Vacation In Lebanon?
The Federal Government issued this warning to Americans, “Avoid all travel to Lebanon because of ongoing safety and security concerns.” Yet, the United States for International Development spent $2 million promoting American tourism in Lebanon.

$1.3 million was awarded to the University of Washington (UW) from the National Science Foundation. Their dream was to unveil the mystery that haunts us all; how exactly does a “Koozie” keep a can of beer cold. The discovery was spellbinding. UW professor Dale Durran revealed amazing findings, “Probably the most important thing a beer Koozie does is not simply insulate the can, but keep condensation from forming on the outside of the can.”
Hold your breath, he also issued a warning to the non-Koozie folks, “Do NOT just wipe off the drops (of condensation) off the can, that will only make your drink even warmer."
Sadly, there are hundreds if not thousands of more examples of ridiculous government wasted tax dollars.

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