Sunday, April 3, 2016

Donald Trump Trumps The Establishment

The career republican politicians have dropped the gauntlet – get Trump out. The republican establishment elites cannot see the blatantly obvious; they aggrandize Donald Trump when they attack him. Marco Rubio and Ted Cruz waded in the murky swamp of dirty politics and The Donald has gained as a result.
The party is an abysmal embarrassment and the Washington machine gave Mitt Romney the nod. Mitt went against his Mormon beliefs and vehemently attacked Mr. Trump in attempt to hurt his soaring momentum. He wouldn't attack Barack Obama in 2012, but now a fellow republican is on his scope.
Romney praised Trump publicly when he endorsed him in the 2012 presidential campaign. He went on to say that Trump “Understands the economy and creates jobs.” Today, Mitt said that Trump is not a good business man and would destroy the economy. Mitt is worth 1/40th of what Trump has compiled in the business world.
Until he decided to run for president, Mitt was a pro-choice moderate that created Romney-Care as governor in MA. He also embraces the Global Warming lexicon spewed by the far-left Progressive Liberals. Yet, today he claimed that Trump is not a conservative.
Mitt's ignominious comments on Trump was a pathetic display of misinformation. One of Romney's most cheered comments was, “He is very, very, not smart” - high intellectual discourse indeed. The esoteric rhetoric and invective fallacies Romney uttered was bewildering to say the least. Unknowingly, he elevates Trump and further disjoints the GOP.
The Democrats are watching the GOP destroy itself while sipping on the sweet nectar of the coup de gras they wish for. Another presidential election cycle, another example of the GOP's propensity to shoot themselves in the foot.
The Washington Praetorian guard has reared its ugly head from the tabernacle of business as usual. The bought and paid for politicians cast ad homonyms at the new kid in town out of fear that the political money chain will come to an end.
Donald cannot be controlled by big oil or Green Energy companies, nor can the perfunctory lobbyists of Wall Street influence him. Just as Greek mythology's Sisyphus, the GOP rolls the establishment stone up the hill of Washington's elite, only to watch it tumble back upon them down to its lowest point.

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