Monday, January 30, 2017

Democrats Still Don't Get It

Democrats: You Lost, Get Over It 

The recalcitrant mental misfits on the left didn't get their way in the 2016 presidential election and they are now in official hissy-fit mode. They chose the worst possible candidate to face off with real change and they're shocked that Hillary lost. Democrats still don't get it. The plan to change nothing and push forward with the same leftist agenda will weaken their party even more.

On November 7, 2016, the "experts" predicted a Republican civil war, a disgrace for a presidential candidate, a colossal loss in the House and Senate, and a liberal Supreme court for the next three decades. Quite contrarily, their world has imploded and the snowflake cry baby's are throwing a tantrum. 

Fox News talk show host Sean Hannity had this to say, "Apparently, this is how the PC culture - where everybody's a winner, everybody gets a participation trophy - and these liberals operate... We're supposed to roll out the red carpet for sore loser liberals because their sub-par, crooked, corrupt candidate lost an election?" 

The American people have had enough of Democrats destroying the country and are tired of electing Republicans without any results. When it comes to re-election time, the politicians explain why they accomplished nothing and ask for the people's vote. This created Donald Trump and the Democrats still don't get it. 

The right maintained the majority in both the House and Senate, massive gains in state legislators, now have 34 governors, and three or possibly four Supreme Court justices will get the nod. The Republican Party hasn't been in better position for nearly 100 years. 

Dishonest Mainstream Media 

A new Rasmussen poll revealed a different scenario than the mainstream media portrayed. The former real estate legend has hit the 59 percent approval rating by his American citizenry. The media had been floating a 35 percent rating. 

The American people clearly see what is going on but the Democrats still don't get it. They blame the loss on everything except Hillary. She didn't campaign, she didn't hold news conferences, she didn't go to crucial swing states, and she is incredibly boring. 

The photo of Trump's inauguration crowd was taken hours before he was on the property, The photo of Obama's inauguration was taken while he was speaking. The left-wing media will attack Trump every day for the next four years, probably 8 years. 

If they cannot dig up a juicy story to degrade the president, they will simply create it. Truth has no place in their agenda. They vociferously claim that water-boarding is torture and inhumane, yet, the U.S. military routinely water boards Navy Seals as part of their training. 

The left Spews Evil 

The party of acceptance only accepts thought that they approve. If anyone dares to think differently, hells fire is on the way. Just look at the Hollywood fruitcakes spouting off. Before Trump took office and they claimed that American's lives are in eminent danger. 

The left-leaning media has their back on all of this madness. They invented the term "alt-right" and no one knows what it means. If there is an alt-right, there must be alt-left Democrats and an alt-left media. 

The left has pushed further left than any time in history. Extremism and radicalism are the new normalcy and Democrats of just 10 years ago are extinct. This is exactly why their party keeps losing. The Democrats still don't get it and until they do, we will have a conservative-run country. So, keep it up snowflakes, and God bless the USA.

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