Monday, January 16, 2017

Russian Hack Is Fake News

Excuses, Excuses

In the beginning, the excuse for Hillary's balked attempt at invading the White House lied at the footstep of FBI Director James Comey. Subsequently, it was a sudden spur of white supremacy that tipped the scales for the Trump landslide win. 

Soon thereafter, acclimations of Anthony Weiner's possession of classified information was the culprit. Next, the blame shifted to Fox News and the alt-right (whatever that is) as culpable for the defeat. 

Then, 'fake news' and Russian hacking were scapegoats for the vanquish of camp Clinton. Nowadays, Vladimir Putin – whom Clinton and Obama had pretended to be friends with – stole the election via hacking.

What does 'hacking' mean? Did Putin find a way to cast votes on machines that were not online? No, that is impossible. Sure, Russia probably hacked the DNC, but that has not been proven to anyone. The CIA based its assessment on circumstantial evidence, which means they think it happened.

Liberal writer Bob Woodward said this about the CIA document on Russia hacking, “That it is a garbage document... it never should have been presented... Trump's right to be upset (angry)...”

Government Corruption

If there was proof-positive evidence of this scenario, the mainstream media would release it at every venue possible. Until this occurs, Americans will simply have no choice but to trust the word of its government. A government that is corrupt at every glimpse.

The American citizenry is supposed to accept what government tells them. Like, there were weapons of mass destruction, the videotape that spurred the Benghazi attack, that the IRS did not do anything wrong during the 2012 election, and that the economy is better than ever.

The same government, along with the mainstream media, is now selling snake oil from Russia. It is impossible for them to acknowledge Hillary's campaign effort was less than vigorous. Simply put; she hid from the media and made little effort to win the vote of working-class Americans.

Fake News Reports Fake News

ABC, CBS, NBC, MSNBC, and CNN, are just a few of the many fake news providers. Whatever glorifies the left is what they will report. All of them were certain that Hillary would break the glass ceiling and become the first female American president.

They all got it wrong. How could they miss the tens of thousands of voters showing up to see Trump on the campaign trail? The didn't miss it. They simply downplayed his insurgency to depress Republicans into staying home on election day. They failed.

Trump won more counties than Ronald Reagan did. He broke down the 'blue wall' and won Pennsylvania, Wisconsin, Maine, Illinois, and Michigan. Hillary didn't bother to campaign in these states because she thought they were automatic Democrat supporters. She was wrong.

If Clinton had won, the Supreme Court would turn left and it would remain that way for decades. She would make college free. Nothing is free, taxpayers would pay for it. A college degree earned is worth something. A college degree given for free would be worthless.

There would be increases in Food Stamp and Welfare recipients. Corporations would have continued to flee the country. Unemployment would continue to hurt the middle-class. Obama is the first president to never have one single quarter reach three percent GDP. Under Clinton, it would remain at an abysmal rate or worsen.

America has bigger issues than which bathroom people can enter. President Donald J. Trump will put an end to all of this malfeasance and make America great once again. 

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