Thursday, January 26, 2017

Trump's First Week In Office

Shock And Awe 

It is President Trump's first week in Office and he has accomplished more than the media can follow. Before they finish strafing one story, there are two more floating out there. He is implementing everything he promised he would out on the campaign trail and in record time. 

It is an anomaly to see a politician do what they promised. It's unheard of. Usually, there are momentous promises and then the explanations of why they could not keep their promise are regurgitated. No more.   

While the left-wings loons go through Kleenex after Kleenex, Trump just keeps fixing the country that had been so badly broken by President Obama and many before him. He has already "saved or created" over two million jobs and cut billions from spending.  

Company after company will come back to the U.S. because America will be a tax haven. The thinking is simple: Trump would rather get 15% in taxes from companies that stay instead of receiving zero dollars from a company that has fled the nation. 

Biggest Accomplishments So Far 

In Trump's first week in office, he cut ties with the Transcontinental Pacific Partnership (TPP) trade deal. This poorly designed agreement heavily favors all of the 11 countries involved – but not the United States. 

The wall will be built. He didn't have to work too hard to get this done. His team found a bill that was passed that gave the go ahead to build the wall. All he needs now is for the House to okay the funding of the construction and it will be built. 

He reinstated the 'Mexico City' policy. This policy restricts any federal funding going to foreign nonprofit entities that promote or perform abortions. This policy was introduced in 1984 and it was banned in 2009. It also restricts monies to foreign lobbyists that promote, try to legalize or provide information on how to get an abortion. 

Still More Policies 

He has instituted a ban on federal hiring, except for the military, public safety hires, and public health employees. He ended a planned cut on mortgage insurance for most first-time home purchasers. It's Trump's first week in office, and shock and awe are on display.

He signed an executive order to begin and outline to repeal and replace the unaffordable Affordable Care Act. He gave the okay for the Keystone XL pipeline, which Obama thought about for six years and disapproved it. Also, the Dakota Access pipeline got the nod. 

He put an end to "catch and release" of criminal illegal aliens – all illegal aliens are illegally here. He put an end to federal funding for over 300 Sanctuary Cities. He has named a net neutrality critic Ajit Pai to head up the FCC. 

He told Benjamin Netanyahu that he will move the American Embassy in Israel to the heartland of Jerusalem. He spoke to the CIA and received a five-minute standing ovation. He also reassured Bibi that America is their friend again. 

All this was accomplished in Trump's first week in office. One can only imagine what the next four – probably eight – years of action will bring. Finally, the President of the United States is looking out for the forgotten people again. Put your seatbelt on folks, it will be a fast and furious pace.

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