Monday, January 23, 2017

The Democrat Party Is In Trouble

Democrats Keep Losing 
Under the guidance of Barack Obama, Harry Reid, and Nancy Pelosi, the Democrat Party has lost over 1,200 seats in government. There are only 16 Democrat governors left in America. The left saw the collapse coming, but they didn't think it would be the 2017 presidential election.  Now, it is probable the Democrat Partry is in trouble.
24 hours before they knew that Trump had won, they were discussing what to do about the 2018 mid-terms. Republicans are poised to capture even more seats as – in their eyes – President Clinton's polling numbers would be dropping. 
Her camp knew she was going to win, but they thought she may be a one-term president and they had to prepare. The problem; they have no one to carry the torch. Joe Biden? He will be 78 years old in 2020 and he represents more Obama. 

Hillary Clinton? No, the Democrat Party is done with her. Chuck Schumer? Elizabeth Warren? Bernie Sanders? These folks are Washington establishment Democrats. Bernie has been politicking in Washington for 26 years and he claims he is an outsider. 

Democrats Need Young Candidates 
As the desperation grows stronger each day, some of the left have discussed a Trump-like candidate. They are considering a high-status Hollywood representative. This would pin their future on a gimmick. The American people would see right through this. 
Some of them comfort themselves by reciting that Hillary won the popular vote. This means nothing. The U.S. presidential race is based on 50 individual state battles and it is not a popularity contest. They blame Russia for the loss to ease the pain. CIA director James Comey is also culpable for the loss.  
It cannot be Democrat policies that led to their demise. They repudiate the fact that their ideas have failed. Until they realize that Americans have rejected the body of work that Obama, Pelosi, and Reid, which was shoved down their throats, regurgitation will be the result – the Democrat Party is in trouble.  

The Song Remains The Same  
Democrats doubt that they have the wherewithal for party change. They had been executing the same machinations for decades. They attack the person and not the policy. They do not discuss their own policies because the only policy they have is free stuff. 
In the heat of the 2008 presidential race, Barack Obama said that George Bush raised the national debt by four trillion dollars. He said that this was “un-American.” Obama adopted a 9 trillion dollar debt and more than doubled it. He added more than $11 trillion of debt that America's children will have to pay. 
The re-election of Nancy Pelosi as Minority Leader tells a different tale. Pelosi and her cohorts plan on pushing harder to the left. If they succeed, they will collapse under their own doing. Republicans will be in control for years to come and the Supreme Court will be conservative for decades. 

Mainstream Media Vows To Stop Trump 

Republicans need to know that the Democrats and the mainstream media will attack Trump at every opportunity. They plan to obstruct everything he attempts to accomplish. Expect this every day for the next four years, probably eight years. 

The left has not learned its lesson. When Romney lost, the right had discussions over where they went wrong and what they need to change. More so, how they can better connect with the American people. 

Not the left. Their veins are filled with vitriolic hatred ready to spew at anyone that doesn't think the way they think. Imagine; they want to control how people think and punish them when they think freely.  This is why the Democrats are in trouble for the foreseeable future. 

This is the antithesis of the United States of America and what she stands for. They are the party of acceptance? No, they are the party of hate. This is not your father's Democrats any longer. Until they change, the Democrat Party is in trouble with the American people.

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