Tuesday, January 24, 2017

Socialism Always Fails

The Big Lie 

Socialists promise illustrious prosperity for all citizens. They proclaim that the people will be safer and everyone will be equals. What socialists deliver, however, is equal poverty, equal suffering, equal misery, and a narcissistic totalitarianism dictatorship Socialism always fails and always ends up painted a monochromatic black.

Initially, there will be the illusory that it works, but never for very long. Corruption sets in and the money is gobbled up by the political empire. When this occurs, there is less for the common people and everyone will become dependent on the government. 

Socialism destroys incentive and competition. It purloins the drive and will to succeed because neither is possible. A centrally commanded economy would be in the hands of the dictatorship. Dictators take care of themselves first and foremost, and not the people.  

Democratic Socialism 

2016 presidential hopeful, Bernie Sanders, claims to be a Democratic Socialist. These two words cannot be written or spoken consecutively because they are polar opposites. It would be tantamount to pointing to a bear and claiming it is both a black bear and a white bear. 

Socialism is socialism. and socialism always fails. The Democrat Party has presented a delightful picture of socialism without saying they are against capitalism, but they are. They want big government and big control of you. Their world vision is for everyone to be equal. This is not possible. 

Some individuals have the internal drive to push themselves out the door each day and attempt to better their lives. Some folks want to hang around the house all day, every day. If the two were treated as equals, the hard-working man would lose his drive to work if the government dictates that both are to have the same amount of money. 


Socialism Always Fails 

Where would the poor unemployed people get their money? It would be taken from the hard-working men and women. What happens when the workers become unmotivated to work? Taxes will be increased exponentially. However, sooner or later, the government will exhaust monetary resources and workers. 

France's experiment with socialism has run up their national debt to a staggering $2.15 trillion. This represents 94 percent of their GDP. This may explain why they raised their taxes by $20 million in 2013. It's still not enough. The debt is still going upward and they do not understand why. 

Bernie Sanders would have been okay with a 90% corporate tax rate. That still wouldn't have been enough to pay for his insane plan. France incorporated a “super tax” of 75% for the wealthy. Many of the wealthiest French citizens left the country immediately. So, instead of receiving some of their money via lower taxes, they now receive zero. This is why socialism always fails.


The Cuban Archipelago Of Suffering 

While the mainstream media and most of Hollywood praise the Castro's and their dreamed egalitarian socialist system, the citizenry suffers a life of incomprehensible deprivation. The truth is that Cuba has been run by a totalitarian dictator who adored communism.

Fidel Castro took the leadership after the revolution in 1959. Since then, he has killed over seven thousand Cubans, enslaved tens of thousands of citizens in work camps, and exiled over one hundred thousand. The Castro's live like florid king's as the Cuban people wonder if they will eat on any given day. 

The average apartment is 15' X 20' and it is normal for ten people to live in these confined spaces. The average income for the majority of the country is approximately $20 per month. This wondrous socialist country hands out food cards, which supplies very little. They are used mostly to purchase eggs insofar as meat, cheese, and dairy, are delicacies enjoyed just once per week. This is proof-posative that socialism always fails. 



This is another socialist country run by a tyrannical dictatorship. There is an outbreak of malnutrition with young children. This country often runs out of food, milk, and personal hygiene products. Many children are dying because there is no food for them. 

76 percent of Venezuelans live in poverty. It is commonplace to eat just once or twice per day. It is also common to see the poor rummage through garbage cans for sustenance. Energy is rationed and usually, electricity is only available a few hours per day. 

Hospitals rarely have all the supplies they need. Oftentimes, newborn babies are placed in a cardboard box. Waiting in line to get into the supermarket – which often have empty shelves – is against the law. Over 10,000 citizens were arrested and detained for this heinous crime last year.  

This is the true result of socialism, and socialism always fails. There has never been a successful socialist country, ever. The U.S. seemed to be leaning toward socialism until President Donald J. Trump arrived. Be rest assured that capitalism will thrive and socialism will be dead. 

Things socialism always causes 

  1. Ends economic growth. 
  1. Ends freedom of speech. 
  1. Creates tyrannical government.  
  1. Creates strife and division. 
  1. The end justifies the means” is the consensus of socialist leaders. 
  1. High taxes. 
  1. Victim mentality. 
  1. Subsidies for failure, punishment for success. 
  1. Joblessness. 
  1. Hopelessness. 

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