Monday, February 20, 2017

Trust In Media At All Time Low

Has The Media Always Been Bias? 

Whensoever news has been printed there has been media bias. In the old days, the people knew exactly which news source provider would bring which point of view their news was leaning toward. These entities were not surreptitious it and it was obvious for all to see. In the parlance of the times; they acknowledged the corn. Today, however, things are much different. 

Back in the 1960's, the Liberal media decided to present their news as delivered from right down the center. They would continue to pick which facts to use or not to use and which stories are credible but presented it as 100% factual and unbiased. 

This continues to this day and they are easily spotted. If a story may tend to make a Democrat look bad, the Liberal media simply do not cover it or adjust the facts. Talking points and angles are shared amongst them and their orders are to say it and say it often. 

The New Liberal Era 

This new representation of "real" news caught fire and it was a splendiferous tool for the left. The mindset of Liberal Progressives is that their agenda is higher than God's knowledge. But, most of them do not believe there is a God – a story for another day. 

Their ideals are correct, they know what is best for you, and there is no debate. Liberals want to get their talking point out and shut down any conversation on the matter. Journalism schools, colleges, and professors infiltrated the infrastructure in education establishments. This, of course, was to indoctrinate students into becoming Liberals. Their pursuit is a Liberal state, a Liberal country, and a Liberal world.  

Today it is getting more difficult to weft their spin into their tapestry of lies. With conservative talk radio, Fox News, Conservative blogs, websites, podcasts, and online news sites, they are called out nearly immediately. Then, there is the Trump factor. He points out the corrupt media bias every time he sees it. The Left have no idea how to counter him.

Left Wing Media Gone Wild  

One of Sol Alynsky's tools is that it doesn't matter if something is true or not. Just repeat it over and over and it soon appears as a fact. Look how they cover Cuba. The Castro's are evil dictators who have slaughtered at least 6,000 Cubans. More than 40,000 Cuban citizens are incarcerated in labor camps and the Left media slobber over them. 

In 1995 and still today the 'lamestream' media told the country that convicted Oklahoma City bomber Timothy McVeigh was a "Cristian Terrorist." This was and is a fallacy but they just continued to say it repetitiously.  

The Democrat Party created the KKK. The Democrats fought to keep slavery. The Democrats fought against women's rights in the 1960's. Yet, they call the right misogynists and racists. Again, they called the Tea Party homophobes, racist haters, and even terrorists. The media bias turns its head when it comes to anti-Trump protesters. 

The Duke lacrosse team alleged rape was touted as truthful and that this is how men behave. It was completely fabricated by one journalist, fact-checked by no one, and young men's lives were destroyed. The Fort Hood shooter's Muslim faith was never mentioned. "Workplace violence" was the description journalists reiterated. 

Fast and Furious, John Edwards, the truth behind Occupy Wall Street, "Birther" came from Camp Hillary in 2008, Climate Change, Global Warming, and countless other news went unreported or they simply created wild lies to promote their agenda. Liberalism is a disease that cannot be cured. 

The left-wing media bias has no shame and they will continue their effort to thwart conservatives. Liberals always have a (fake) cause, Conservatives always have a (real) life.

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