Wednesday, February 8, 2017

Democrats Are The Party Of Resistance

Democrat Resistance Is Futile 

After the landslide win by Donald Trump, Senator Chuck Schumer (NY-D) said that he was at-the-ready to work with his long-time friend, President Donald Trump. The Left went overtly maniacal and demanded that he resist Trump at all costs. This Democrat resistance will accomplish nothing except vex the folks that voted for Trump. 

Soon thereafter, Schumer amended his strategy and decided to go far-left and obstruct anything and everything presented from Trump's agenda. The Democrat resistance will fail because they have no power and no tools. All they can do is delay the inevitable for a short period of time. 

The feeble Democrat resistance went all-in with an effort to stop Betsy DeVos from becoming the Secretary of Education, but they lost when she was confirmed. The vote was a 50/50 tie and Vice President Mike Pence broke the tie and DeVos got the nod. The lefty loons considered it a win because the VP had to vote. This is pathetic.  

Elizabeth Warren Shut Down 

The hate-filled Senator from Massachusetts apparently did not know the rules of the Senate. As all Liberals, the odium flares and they label all Republicans racistsxenophobichomophobic, and many other negative words that end in phobic. It's the same tactic they have used for decades. 

In her latest attempt of resistance on the floor of the Senate, Warren went off the deep end and framed Senator Jeff Sessions as a racist – this is a no-no in the Senate. Senate Majority leader Mitch McConnell shut her down and ordered Warren to take her seat. She had worked with the fellow Senator Session for four years and she had no problem with him – until now.  

Senator Warren has accomplished little for her state. She has been a miserable person her entire life. She calls Republicans explicit epithets and vociferously screams vitriolic hatred at every opportunity. She placates to microphones but accomplishes nothing. 

This is a woman that has gained her stature by living an extravagant lie. She lied on her application to Harvard University when she checked the box the read "Native American" - she is not a Native American. She knew that being a woman and a minority, she was a double-whammy for political correctness. She was asked to take a blood test to prove her claim, but she has declined. 

She likes to bring up Ted Kennedy and how hard he fought for women - unless, of course, they were drowning. She is completely dumbfounded as to why the Republicans are acting as if they had won the House, Senate, and Presidency. 

 Democrat Resistance Will Fail 

The People have spoken: They are sick and tired of their do-nothing politicians bloviating promises that never come to fruition. They are sick and tired of Washington not working for them. They are sick and tired of the same old, same old. The Democrat resistance is more of the same. 

This is why Donald Trump took the world by surprise and won the presidency. He promised change and he is the antithesis of a politician. Members of the House and Senate enter as moderately wealthy, accomplish little over decades, and leave as millionaires. 

Most politicians are bought and paid for by countless entities. Donald Trump cannot be bought and cannot be swayed. In fact, he intends to crush the lobbyists and limit terms. They are more worried about the next election than what the Middle-Class wants or needs. 

These forgotten people are the same folks that voted Trump into office. These same people are disgusted by the Democrat resistance. The 2018 mid-term elections will launch even more Republicans into Washington until they change. 

If the Left continues to disrupt and resist, they will be less and less of a party. The people will show up in droves and help Trump drain the swamp. As it stands now, the Democrats may be insignificant for a decade. 

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