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Hillary Clinton's Email Scandal

Hillary Clinton's Email Scandal: Will She Be Indicted? 

Why are Hillary's emails Important
In March of 2015, it was discovered that Secretary of State (SOS) Clinton used a private email and a private server to conduct official business. This unforced error in judgment is what sparked Hillary Clinton's email scandal.
Any and all official business communication conducted on email or text is government property. It was her duty to preserve and protect her emails on high-security government email addresses and servers.
All Federal employees know this and they must sign an official document that states that they understand the law and that they will abide by it. This document specifically states that all official business must be via federally protected State Department venues.
These communications belong to the American people under the Freedom of Information Act. Excluded, of course, is classified information. Do not be confused; there is never a document that states “Classified” at the header.
There are three different levels of classified information – Confidential, Secret, and Top Secret. Whether or not a document is categorized or not, the SOS must have the ability to recognize what is and what is not classified information.
Because all or most of her emails and communications were transferred via her Blackberry cell phone, every email was subject to hackers. And, those hackers could infiltrate everyone in her department and possibly the Pentagon. China or Russia had an easy path to collect classified data was at their fingertips.
The Most Transparent Administration Ever”
Hillary Clinton's email scandal was in direct defiance of Obama's new transparency requirements. President Obama put an exclamation point on that when he was touting that his Administration would be 'the most transparent administration ever.' Conversely, this Administration refuses to release more requested documentation than any other President.
They were extremely slow moving or they completely denied releasing information that may not be favorable to them. The Freedom of Information Act (FOIA) was all but ignored on several occasions. There was the Fast and Furious scandal, the IRS shutting down Conservative PAC's, and files from the Benghazi slaughter of four Americans is still being withheld – just to name three.
Oh, yes, there was the Clinton Benghazi email scandal that is still unfolding and documents are still being withheld. Obama's cohorts have denied over 500,000 requests under the FOIA. They have spent over $30 million in lawyer fees to conduct this corrupt practice.
The Mainstream Media On Clinton's Email Scandal
The mainstream media cheerleaders for Obama and Hillary. They help them out in times of trouble by simply not investigating or reporting potentially harmful matters. They go as far as flat out lying about the existing scandals.
The New York Times David Brooks recently wrote this, “I have my disagreements, say, with President Obama, but President Obama has run an amazingly scandal-free administration, not only himself but the people around him.”
Writer Steven King would have difficulty coming up with a more uproariously ridiculous scenario. Hillary Clinton is dead-center in the middle of these scandals. But the focus here is the emails and its importance.
If a reporter were to ask Hillary Clinton if she would be okay, as president, if every White House employee, cabinet member, congressman, and senator used a private email and a private server. There is no way for her to answer this question without raising eyebrows.
Hillary deleted 32,000 of her over 60,000 emails on the honor system. She claims that there were a lot of emails from her husband and daughter that were personal. Bill Clinton has stated that he has used email one time in his life.
This would mean that Hillary sent or received over 20 personal emails per day, every single day, for four years. The youngsters nowadays may text that often, but 20 emails per day would take up at least a half-day to tend to them – laughable at best.

General Patraeus Railroaded To Keep Him Quiet

General Patraeus
Soon before General Patraeus was scheduled to testify for the Benghazi debacle, he was charged with treason – sort of. His crime was exposing his calendar to a writer, whom he was having an affair with. He faced prison time and the removal of one of his five stars. He eventually was sentenced to probation, but he was probably warned not to speak out on the subject of Benghazi.
The General knew exactly what had transpired on the night of the Benghazi attack. He knew there was no video, and he knew that the attack was a well planned out terrorist assault. He needed to be gagged, so they drummed up the ridiculous charge of espionage.
Patraeus went under relentless bashing from the media and that same media did not compare his scandal with Hillary Clinton's email scandal, which was far more egregious. Clinton's email trouble gets little to no coverage. A woman saw the General's calendar, Hillary exposed the country's secrets and put lives at risk. Where is the outrage?
Some of Hillary's emails contained information as to where the no-fly zone would be in Libya and the location of the decedent Ambassador Stevens. This alone would be enough to jail a Republican, but not a Democrat – especially this one.
Classified Emails
Of the remaining 30,000 emails, at least 2,100 were retroactively considered classified material. Legally, it does not matter whether or not they were labeled with a classification, the SOS must differentiate between non-classified and classified. She signed a non-disclosure agreement dictating so. Some of Clinton's emails were “Top Secret”, FBI agents had to get special clearance to open them.
Of the 2,100 classified emails, there were 65 that were “Secret” and 22 that were considered “Top Secret.” A recent report by Fox News' Catherine Herridge, who is investigating Hillary Clinton's email scandal, revealed that a Romanian prisoner who is soon to be extradited to the U.S. hacked Hillary's email with ease.
The man's name is Marcel Lehel Lazar, but he goes by the nickname of Guccifer. There is no wonder why he is suddenly being flown to America, but the likelihood of any reporter speaking to him is absolutely zero percent.

Russia Has 20,000 Clinton Emails

Back in 2011, The Kremlin was monitoring and recording Guccifer's computer hacking skills as he attempted to infiltrate a Russian TV station's computer system. While watching his activities, they noticed that he had successfully hacked into Hillary's email account.

Not only did he get in, but he was also able to physically and digitally record all of its contents without disturbing the emails. Russia pounced on this and used the same path to break in and do the very same thing.

They released a portion of the stolen Benghazi-related emails on their RT TV station and they published it in an article for all to see. NBC news knew that this chain of events occurred but chose to not cover this gripping news,

The Associated Press reported that Clinton's email and server setup was shoddy and that it was hacked by Russia. Guccifer stated that while he was in Hillary's server, he saw evidence that showed at least 10 other entities had also hacked in.

Clinton Staffer's Emails Disappear

Clinton Staffer's Missing Emails
On May 9 this year, The State Department released a statement that said it had found no emails from technology staffer Bryan Pagliano. Zero emails from the time he was hired to the time he left. During congressional testimony, Pagliano pleaded the Fifth Amendment – how convenient. 
A former Department of Justice official, Dan Metcalfe, said, “The whole thing stinks to the high heavens... If it is true that Federal records directly documenting his work no longer exist, then that is awfully coincidental, to put it most charitably.”
There are 147 FBI agents investigating Hillary Clinton's email scandal and their conclusions should be released by mid-summer. If they conclude that she has broken the law – which she clearly has – will Obama's Attorney General press charges. The answer to that question and Hillary's fate would be up to one man; President Barack Obama.
Despite cover up after scandal after cover-up, Democrats still love Hillary Clinton as their next presidential hopeful. She feels that she deserves the position and because she is a woman, she feels it is owed to her.

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