Monday, May 9, 2016

Race Relations In America

After the monumental debacle of District Attorney Marcia Clark and her team, O.J. Simpson was found innocent of all charges. Do you remember all the white folks in the streets rioting? No, because they didn't. Even though a prominent black man murdered two white people, cooler heads prevailed.

Today, just 34 percent believe race relations are good. This is the lowest rate since 1995. Soon after Obama's reelection, his war on cops began and the numbers plummeted. None of this should be surprising to any conservative that own eyeballs.

Nowadays, if there is one mistake made by a white police officer, which is a rarity, the George Soros machine burns the town to the ground. In Ferguson, the white cop that killed Michael Brown was tried and convicted by the left before any evidentiary facts were released.

28-year-old officer Darren Wilson was cleared of any wrong doing by then District Attorney Eric Holder. It was too late for the town and too late for Mr. Wilson. Millions of dollars in damage could not be erased and the young officers career was ended. It will take decades to rebuild this already impecunious town.

America's 44th President was dead wrong with the 2009 Boston Police incident when he said they 'acted stupidly' before any facts were known. The mainstream media invented a new race when they called George Zimmerman a 'White-Hispanic'.

Using the media's methodology, Barack Obama is a White-African American – silly, isn't it. Obama was dead wrong in that case when he immediately came out and issued a 'shame on you' to all whites. George was found not guilty, but his life was destroyed.

Every economic category shows that African Americans are far worse off today than they were in 2009. On Barack Obama's first day in office, the black poverty level was 25 percent. Today, that number has risen to 28 percent.

One in four black homes do not have enough food. One in three black children do not have enough food. The unemployment rate for blacks is more than double for whites at 13 percent. Black median income is down to 35,000 per year.

It is no wonder that blacks feel poorly of race relations. Surviving has become far more difficult for them as compared to whites. They are held down by the left because they need them to stay down. The ones that receive government assistance vote for the ones that give it to them – Democrats.

Successful black families would not need government handouts and they would probably see politics with clearer eyes. If Hillary Clinton is elected this November, that would only mean that black families will suffer for at least four more years. 

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