Monday, May 9, 2016

North Carolina Bathroom Bill Controversy

Loretta Lynch With Barack Obama

A New Kind Of Bathroom Issue

President Obama and District Attorney (DA) Loretta Lynch have illegally created their own law – again. Only the U.S. Congress can create laws. On a whim, they pick one state, North Carolina (NC) out of 22 states that have the same exact “bathroom” etiquette for years.

NC Governor Pat McCrory (R-NC) was notified that the North Carolina Bathroom Bill that was recently passed in the Tar Heel State was a violation of Civil Rights. She went on to order him to respond to the DA within three business days.

NC Governor Pat McCrory

She threatened Governor McCrory by stating that millions of federal dollars would no longer be awarded to his state if he did not redact the Bathroom Bill. The threat would detrimentally affect hundreds of thousands of NC citizens. This sort of blackmail is tantamount the tactics of Chicagoan mobster, Al Capone.

The Bathroom Bill, in a nutshell, orders that cities and counties cannot pass their own anti-discrimination laws or by-laws. The McCrory-backed bill states that men must use the men's room, and women must use the women's room. This is exactly how it has been for decades, but now it is frowned upon. The 99.5 percent must change to accommodate the .05 percent or you are considered a hateful bigot.

The Controversial Bathroom Door Sign
The Sign On The Door

McCrory said this in a speech today, “Respect for privacy have – especially our youth have when they go into a locker room to shower or restroom, they expect only people of their gender to be in that shower, locker room or restroom.”

What an uproariously untoward concept. That, men must use the men's room? This is crazy talk, is it not? Appropriately so, the Governor is fighting back and will sue the Justice Department for overreaching and unlawfully creating law. Expect an all-out savaged attack on McCrory.

It has already begun. The far-left Liberal Progressives have already put the choke hold on the state. Bruce Springsteen, New York City, and Seattle are among the many that have cut travel and commerce in the state. The Bathroom Bill is all about the sign on the door and nothing more, right?
The Target

Target Targeted

Target stores adopted their own kind of bathroom bill for changing rooms and restrooms. The country's citizenry has rejected this policy and nearly a half-million people have sworn to never shop at Target stores again. For once, the left is the 'targeted' victim.

What if man X felt like a Martian toady? Suppose yesterday he felt like a Pterodactyl. The day before that, he thought he was a polar bear. Three days ago, he felt as if he was a ghost. Four days ago, he knew he was a warlock.

Bearing this in mind, picture this synopsis in the not so distant future: District Attorney Letter: Dear, McDonald's, you must now build an additional five bathrooms in every restaurant to accommodate what Man X may or may not identify with on any given day.

Note to pedophiles; your dream has come true. Simply declare that you feel like a woman and you can follow a little girl into the women's room. Actually, if the DA had her way, you don't have to say a word to anyone. There is no bathroom police, so you can simply walk right in unfettered.

The Donald Versus Hillary Clinton

It's The Election, Stupid

Some cities harbor illegal aliens that have committed crimes and they are released. This is okay with America's Commander in Chief and his DA. Americans are raped, assaulted and killed by criminal illegal immigrants and they roam the streets freely. A vote for the D is more important than American safety.

This is blasphamy over a bathroom is clearly an anti-business political maneuver meant to be kicked around conveniently just before an election cycle. The left always creates an emotionally issue just prior to elections. In  it was the false narrative of a war on women.

Mitt Romney and the Republicans practice a war on women but not Bill Clinton? He is a one-man war on women. What has this country come to? Bathrooms are now a political issue? This is the ultimate smh...

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