Wednesday, May 4, 2016

Can Donald Trump Be President

Anti-Trump Establishment

Former Apprentice star and multi-billionaire Donald Trump, or “The Donald” as he is referred to, has disrupted the entire political process. He thumbed his nose at the establishment and his compatriots loved it. Not only is he hated by Democrats, but Republicans plotted to eliminate him from the race.

Republican leaders such as William Kristol – leading editor of The Daily Caller – plotted a conspiracy that had fiendishly attacked him in TV and radio ads. President of the Conservative Club for Growth, David McIntosh, joined the fight to oust The Donald. Loathsome writer George Will also joined the 'down The Donald' cause.

Many other conservatives joined the bandwagon, but Trump wasn't cooperating. They kept fighting to destroy him and that only fueled the Trump supporters. The most intelligent men in the Republican Party have yet to realize that they are helping The Donald win, “bigly”. But, can Donald Trump be president?

The Donald To The Rescue

Americans are sick and tired of the silver-tongued establishment Republicans lying to them. They promise one thing and do another. The Republicans have lost to the Democrats in every battle they entered. On many issues, Republicans simply gave in and the Left went uncontested.

It is almost as if Harry Reid and Nancy Pelosi are still in power. The Democrats have won more issues than when they were the predominate leaders of the house and senate. With Republicans like these, who needs Democrats?

Then, Donald Trump appeared. No one took his presidential bid seriously, as he had flirted with the notion of running several times before. After about thirty days in, however, he was on top and there he stayed. So, can Donald Trump be president? 

How Can The Donald Win

Donald didn't accumulate $10 billion by losing. He hates losing. He is all about winning and Americans know it. Sure, there have been a few losses, but the best hitters in Major League Baseball fail 60-percent of the time at the plate.

The Donald has broken every standardized rule of the esoteric establishment politicians and that hoisted him to the top. Every time he said something eccentric, his numbers went up. Any other politician would have been shamed out of the race.

Sometimes, a one-word error can end a presidential campaign. In 2012, Texan Governor and presidential hopeful Rick Perry had forgotten one of his major campaign talking points. On stage in a debate, he said, “Oops”. That was it, he was done.

Don't forget Howard Dean's primal scream. There was also the “No new taxes” promise by Bush 41. He created new taxes, he was not reelected.

Ted Cruz

Senator Cruz is loathed by just about everyone he meets. The politicians he works with cannot stand his presence. If you asked Ted what his favorite color is, a speech that resembled the Gettysburg Address would ensue.

During his campaign, it seemed as if he could not get through three sentences without mentioning The Donald. Then, his backroom chicanery in Colorado turned voters off. He did nothing felonious, but it mirrored the antithesis of what the voters want.

Tuesday night, he lost to Trump and he hung up his cleats. He mathematically had no path to the nomination and he did the right thing. John Kasich had won one battle – his home state – and lost 42. One day after Cruz exited, Kasich did the same, finally.

Hillary VS Bernie

Bernie never had a chance at any time of becoming the Democrat nominee. The Democrat establishment had Hillary penned in for half a fortnight. Bernie entered the race to give the illusory image that Hillary had to fight for the nomination.

Senator Sanders is a self-proclaimed socialist and Hillary still struggles to beat him. Oftentimes, Bernie would get more votes and win the state, but, Hillary would be awarded more delegates and more importantly, more super-delegates.

Hillary VS The Donald

Now that a clearer path has been paved for Trump, he will begin to gear his sights on Hillary Clinton, or “Crooked-Hillary”. However, can Donald Trump be president by beating Hillary? This election looks to be the most vitriolic presidential race the USA has ever encountered.

For the first time, a Rasmussen Poll showed Trump 3-percent higher than Clinton in a head-to-head matchup. Donald has negatives, but Hillary has at least as many. So, folks maybe pulling the lever for the 2016 President while holding their collective noses.

President Donald Trump

Yes, the Donald will be the 45th President of the United States of America. Hillary's turn out is 33-percent lower than the 2012 primary turnout. She will not pick up much of the Bernie Sanders voters when he finally ends his futile effort

The turnout for Republicans is up over 60-percent when juxtaposed to 2012. Trump has six months to unite the party and the consensus will be; “It's either me, or it's Hillary”. That notion will send Republican voters sprinting to the voting booths.

If it wasn't for the internet, there wouldn't be a President Barack Obama. Trump has a larger following on social media than any politician, ever. He speaks like an average American. He says what he feels and the citizenry gobbles it up.

Donald Trump is a movement. When groups attempt to end a movement, you can bet on the movement. When a movement hears 'Can't', you can bet on the movement. When you hear, “Can Donald Trump be the president - No”, you can bet that Donald Trump will be the 2016 President of the United States of America. 

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