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Iran Nuclear Deal Facts Revealed

SOS John Kerry

Was The Iran Nuclear Deal In Writing?

Just as monetary sanctions had all but paralyzed Iran’s financial support of terrorism, John Kerry wrapped up his 2-year meandering quest for an Iran nuclear deal in October of 2015. However, the Iranian regime had signed no deal, but that did not stop the Obama Administration's celebratory syllogism.

Iran was depleted of natural uranium and $150 billion of their money was frozen. They had little money to support their terrorist affiliates, which saved lives. The Obama Administration was hell-bent on making this deal, any deal, at any cost.

Recently, President Obama's Deputy National Security Adviser, Ben Rhodes, scoffed at the media insofar as how easily they were fooled on the Iran nuclear deal. The New York Times took umbrage to his ridicule and fired back with a scathing article. Rhodes, 38, was an aspiring novelist before he landed the job as guru foreign policy adviser.

In the Ben Rhodes profile, his role in the Iran nuclear deal was revealed. But the controversy was his admitting that he created an “echo chamber” to promote fallacies of the deal. He went on to say that the Obama Administration hand-picked experts to talk up the deal and feed it to media outlets and social media.

Rhodes was quoted as saying, “We created an echo-chamber... They were saying things that validated what we had given them to say.”

Congress invited Rhodes to testify and answer to the self-admitted fabrication of facts. He snubbed his nose at them undoubtedly at the request of the President. The most nontransparent administration ever is hiding more than just the machinations with the media.
Flag Of Iran

Iran Rewarded For Bad Behavior

As Benjamin Netanyahu proclaimed, this impetuous Iran nuclear deal not only paves a path to nuclear weapons, it guarantees it. Iran can attain them either by not honoring the deal, and they have never honored any deal, agreement, or U.N. Resolution, or alternatively, they can obtain them by waiting out the expiration of the agreement. At that point, Iran is beholden to no one and will be free to create nuclear weapons at will.

The day it was announced as an agreed-to deal, the Ayatollah was chanting in the streets with his compatriots, “Death to America, death to Israel”. Iran is the number one state sponsor of Radical Islamic terrorism. They are also responsible for approximately 20-percent of all American deaths in Iraq.

They will receive billions of dollars to continue funding Hamas, Syrian terrorists, terrorism in Yemen, and terrorism throughout the globe. Eliminating Israel is scripted in the Zionist country’s constitution. The ultimate goal, of course, is the demise of the United States of America. They deem America as the “Great Satan”.

Russia will provide four S-300 surface-to-air missile systems for the Iranians, which would stop any attack. These missiles are banned to Iranians for eight years – according to the Iran nuclear deal. Yet, the sale of these missiles to Iran is being negotiated today. This would mean that Israel could only stand idle and observe as Iran encroaches closer to a nuclear warhead.

Iranian requirements are next to nothing. In return, they immediately received $150 billion to fund terrorism – which they are not required to end. When Secretary of State (SOS) John Kerry was asked if Iran might use the funds to kill Americans, he said, “It is possible.” It is inevitable. Giving the enemy billions of dollars is aiding the enemy and it will cost lives.

Not surprisingly, then Senator John Kerry contacted Iran in 2010 and told them that they deserve, and have a right to nuclear centrifuges and uranium enrichment. Of course, he and his boss do not have to live just 900 miles from Iran such as Israel does. Iran’s missiles can accurately strike from further distances.
Iran Missiles

Iran Hostages, IAEA, And Inspections

Jason Reznian, Amir Hekmati, Saeed Abedini, and Robert Levinson are the four Americans that were held in barbaric Iranian prisons. When asked if they were mentioned in the negotiations, Kerry’s answer was no. In his inimitable fashion, he used dozens of words to answer ‘no’.

All other sanctions will end. They will purchase and sell ballistic missiles and conventional arms as they please. The White House (WH) stated that this Iran nuclear deal was needed because sanctions were not working. However, they also stated that if Iran cheats, the sanctions would be set back into place. But, why? The WH stated that they were not working.

Americans cannot inspect anything, nor will the International Atomic Energy Agency (IAEA) have access. Iran will perform its own inspections and gather its own samples. Then, they will be sent to the inspectors. This is tantamount to entrusting Beelzebub in the honor system.

If that isn’t unscrupulous enough; if they are suspected of cheating, physical entry of the country must be voted upon and agreed to by all five countries involved in the negotiations. At that time, Iran will have a minimum of 24 days to prepare for the inspection.

Iran has permission to continue enriching uranium, and they can develop new centrifuges. Before the deal, Iran was supposed to eliminate the Arak heavy water reactor – they did not. This Iran nuclear deal violates six United Nation resolutions.

SOS John Kerry acknowledged that there were at least two side-deals between Iran and the IAEA. He also acknowledged that he has no idea what is in the side-deals. It is difficult to believe that he was not informed of the details.

Americans Disapprove The Iran Nuclear Deal

The litany of this unprecedented Iran nuclear deal is falling on deaf ears. Just 30% of Americans agree with this illusory bargain with the enemy, yet President Obama and Kerry vociferously chastise anyone who opposes them. It was no surprise that the American prisoners were released long after the agreement.

This was a pointed ploy to manipulate Congress and the public. Sadly, it also means that it was part of the plan all along. Meanwhile, the four prisoners and their families continued to suffer longer than they should have.

The fact that prominent Democrat Senator Chuck Schumer (NY-D) declared his opposition was telling. It meant that the Democrat senators had enough support to stop any override of the expected VETO. Thus, Schumer’s vote was inconsequential and they cut him loose. Soon thereafter, it was announced that, in fact, the Senate had the 34 votes needed.

Worst Deal Of All Time

Having said all this; the Iran nuclear deal is a done deal – Congress cannot stop it. They foolishly let this go through unlabeled a treaty, and it is a treaty. Treaties can only be created and enacted by Congress. The IAEA will implement the agreement with, or without America’s approval.

Iranian President Hasan Rouhani said this soon after the agreement, “We will buy, sell and develop any weapons we need and we will not ask for permission or abide by any resolution for that. We can negotiate with other countries only when we are powerful. If a country does not have power and independence, it cannot seek real peace.”

The word “deal” is defined as; “an agreement entered into by two or more parties for their mutual benefit, especially in a business or political context”. Iran hit the jackpot, America gets nothing – this is not a deal, it is an imponderable debacle.

No uranium enrichment, no ballistic missiles, anytime/anywhere inspections, no centrifuges, no new facilities, and the reduction of facilities were the talking points of the Iran nuclear deal Americans were fed. Not one of these claims will come to fruition. This is a done deal and the Democrats, especially Kerry and the President, own this – may God help Israel, may God help us all. 

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